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Who is your favorite Stage 6 boss, and why?

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kaguya cuz she a NEET like me XD

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HELL yea bro! Okuu is the best
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Okuu thread?
Okuu thread!

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Yuyuko or Okuu...

I liek yuyuko because the battle was so epic

in other hand Okuu is just too much for me

i just cant..

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can't choose between Yuyuko, Miko and Eiki.

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Ooku for sure.

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Another picture of all of them reunited.

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I refuse to choose a favorite.

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Kanako is my favorite mainly because of her personality. Now for my favorite battle, it would be Eiki, because she's ridiculously hard for me.

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fugg Okuu Miko is the best

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Kazami, because USC.

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Windows Yuuka is pretty cool, but I still prefer lazy Yuuka.

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Yuyuko or Yamaxanadu

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Okuu. She isn't the hardest stage 6 boss by any means but she is the most fun to fight. Remilia being a very damn close second in terms of fun.

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Kanako, she has been the most intimidating 6th boss for me because of her personality + theme. She makes for a perfect final boss.

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Kanako, she has the best theme. Okuu comes close though.

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Her snake eyes and her rather oportunistic personality allied with the fact that she's a god that's apparently trying to take over the Hakurei shrine makes her look very very frightening.

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Hey Okuufag, stop shitting up the thread with your samefaggotry.

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n...no one likes me?

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Sorry but the snake goddess and Taoist saint are better.
Don't be sad.

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What about Shinki then?

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Fuck her. Hard.

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Kanako is my favorite touhou and therefore my favorite stage 6, but Utusho is also awesome.
In terms of bosses i've actually fought/beaten in the game, Yuyuko is top, but if Shikieiki qualified as stage 6 (i dont think she does) i would include her isntead

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Kanako's theme is pretty awesome, I agree.

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Byakuren is not my favorite, but I'm posting her out of pity since it saddens me to see her ignored like that

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Eiki because I found her the most challenging.

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Yeah, pretty sad. She's not a bad youkai.

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All of this Okuu pleases me.

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Yuyuko is a Stage 1 boss

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My wish is for ZUN to make a book or at least a manga focused on the past of some characters. I really wonder how was the war between Kanako and Suwako.

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ur a stage 1 boss

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When I got to Okuu for the first time ever, it was almost a fluke. I practiced only the first two stages, and started a new game to try and unlock more stages for practice. I didn't care about 1cc'ing the game, I just wanted to at least beat it on normal, so I kept continuing. But with a very big streak of luck I managed to get by Satori and Orin with very few attempts, and with stage 6 staring me right in the face for the first time, I was determined to defeat Okuu so I could unlock it for practice, even if it meant trying to beat her with 2 lives after continues. Normally, if I get my ass handed to me over and over again in any game, I just give up and quit. But fighting Okuu was so much fun and I was burning with so much determination to beat her that I continued a total of 202 times over the course of two full days till I finally won. Another reason why I kept continuing though was also because I wanted to challenge myself to beat her with limited lives and bombs, because I always hear that people recommend facing her with like 8 lives.

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I have a very similar story concerning Shinki. She's definately the boss I have both the most practice and the most fun/drive with, as crazy as she gets with her spell cards, and Byakuren borrowing from her (as well as adding a timeout-challenge tweak to it) was a great nod to that nostalgic thrill.

Mima is also pretty fun to fight against, though I don't have much experience with her no-continues-used second form. PC-98 Yuuka was always a treat to fight against as well, especially the very first time I did, which I'm sure is the same for anyone else.

Pic related: Where's the love for the PC-98 Stage 6 Bosses?

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Play TH7 you newfag

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I've had a lot of fun against Mima and Yuuka.

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Shinki, followed closely by Okuu. Miko is growing on me, though.

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Okuu, then Byakuren.

Dat Music.
Dem Giant Bullets.

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I like her theme and her character.

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Eiki > Miko > Utsuho > Yuuka > Tenshi > Yumemi > Eirin > Suika > Alice > Suwako > Namazu > Sunny Milk > Kaguya > Shinki > Konngara > Yuyuko > Star Sapphire > Byakuren > Luna Child > Sariel

Kanako can fuck off.

Remilia can fuck off, fuck back on, and fuck off again.

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Your my favorite!
Favorite theme and one of my favorite chracters. When i first heard the theme, i loved it!

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All of them are so good though!!

I can only narrow it down to Remilia and Byakuren