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Why is she so perfect?

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because she's aryan

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Why is Alice the only one Zun was able to draw nicely in PCB?

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meiling was pretty intimidating

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She's the only character he cares about.

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romanian traitors go home

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Meiling represents everything that is wrong with ZUN art. I'll agree it has its charm, but when I fight her in EoSD I cringe every time.

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Christ. Not this shit again.

Just because you, one person in millions, doesn't like ZUNart doesn't mean its shit.

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haha hi

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That's not ZUN art you dumb fuck. I am fucking sick and tired of you people posting images of people doing things in ZUN style and attempting to pass it of ass ZUN art. If it's not drawn by ZUN it's not ZUN art.

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Oh shit a wild yukkuri appeared

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ZUN art is shit. It's low quality art. Any art critic would look at it and say it's bad.

It's okay to like it.
It's fine to think it's charming.
I do both.

But to say it's good art is just lying. You're cheapening the things ZUN *is* good at if you think his art is good.

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I think of him as "giftedly bad" at art.

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KamS =/= ZUN

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I can't believe Im wasting my time posting but what the fuck do faggots complaint about ZUN's art style when they probably can't even draw themselves? Who are they to even say what's what in the first place?

Art is so widely done, that its' hard to see something original. At the very least, ZUN's art is one of a kind and I personally like it. Just for that though it should get praise.

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Who are you to praise his games when you've never made one yourself?

That argument works both ways, you know.

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everyone knows ZUN's art is impeccable; anything not drawn by him is merely tribute. that also goes for "artists" whom mutate these beautiful characters into factory-driven dulldozers

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ZUN's art looks like badly drawn 80s anime and it's most apparent in the PC98 games
Not very original if you ask me

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Fuck off with your appeal to accomplishment.

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How the hell does she even hit anything with the blade?

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it's for harvesting grains

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The question still stands

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How silly, scythes are for harvesting souls, not grain.

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She's in a temper!! girl

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Is that supposed to be Alice?

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Do you... do you not know what sarcasm is?

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Why aren't we talking about Alice, who is perfect?

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I never implied it wasn't, Keine-sensei.

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welcome to /jp/

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Is there anywhere I can buy grains?

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>But to say it's good art is just lying.
This is what's called an opinion. Since you don't understand what it means, I'll spell it out for you. People like different things. You saying it's good or bad is very subjective, and doesn't apply like its some universal truth. This goes especially for wild fields such as music and art.

And no, I don't think that the factory spewed mainstream shit we see everyday is any better than what ZUN makes. In fact I'd argue it's far worse, because it's unoriginal and overdone like fuck. At least he started a trend in Pixiv. The fact it got this recognition proves that it's not shit regardless of whether your critics like it or not. The fact is people like it, and that's all that it needs to be good.

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>Any art critic would look at it and say it's bad.

If you need someone to tell if you enjoy a picture or not I have some bad news for you.

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Medicine is fucking cute

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I also think that music and art cannot be judged objectively because enjoyment is subjective. This makes sense to me as enjoyment is clearly the same as critical analysis.

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Kills and eats people. Every day.

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All right, guys, you are misunderstanding something here.

When we're talking about ZUN art, the ZUN part is not ZUN the proper noun, the person, it's ZUN the adjective, the style, the aesthetic.

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Even Bad Apple tertiaries know who that is.

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he said he liked it, have you missed his point altogether?

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