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Can you imagine a situation in which you would commit murder, barring self-defense?

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Yes, in a /jp/ meetup

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>>9093775 is banned from all future /jp/ sleepovers

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The right amount of money or power, guarantees it wouldn't come back to haunt me.

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You don't know me, you will never be sure who I am in the sleepover, until I bust your head open, that is.

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honestly, no.

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Almost anyone is capable of murder given the right circumstances.

Just use your imagination /jp/.

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I'd kill someone who talks shit about my waifu.

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If someone in position of power would fuck me over, and I mean really fuck me over so well that all I cared for would be gone, and got away scot-free because of his connections, I'd murder him to make a point.

Not all small people are too afraid of the consequences to fight back.

Actually, I'm surprised it doesn't happen more often.

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nope, they would take my black belt and kick me out.

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Yes, easily.

I no longer have normal human emotions, and no real empathy. I'm confident I could kill easily, and feel nothing.

So given a reason, I could do it. And for the record, we don't have a badass here. I'm not proud of my lack of emotions.

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I would commit murder in any way possible without being punished.

Though the first priority would be to see if I could get myself killed in the situation.

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Looks like we got a fucking badass in the house here.

And a humble one, to boot.

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Nah. I'm too wimpy

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If it could save the lives of many, and there was no other option. Then yes. But not to be some damned hero, but because the same situation could happen to others if the aggressor were to escape and cause more havoc.

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Yes, accidental.

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Only if some guy slaps my waifu ass

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What does this have to do with Yuka?

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That's involuntary manslaughter, faglord.

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come to think, revenge for the death of direct family.

i couldnt handle that.

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nooo.. not even in self defense... id rather die

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It's there to make the thread /jp/ related, obviously.

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u have to stand up for urself

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I can imagine doing it out of self defense but not for any other reason. I'd like to think I'm pretty in control of my emotions so I can't imagine I would just lash out and kill someone in a blind rage without a lot (and I mean a lot) of provoking.

Blind rage is one thing but I can't imagine I would sneak into someone's house and murder them either no matter how much I hate them.

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too scary

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I'm scared of people, fear turns to hate, etc etc.

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I want to kill myself

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I'm devoid of sympathy and human emotion