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Hey NEET and shut-in losers; are there any items that you need that you do not have due to lack of funds?

What are they? I'm curious.

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a big screen television

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a gf

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I would like: PS3, 360, arcade stick, a fan, a wig, denim shorts, pantyhose, a cute sweater

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Figs, lolita dresses, dolls.

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It's interesting to note that /jp/ers react more positively and politely towards posts where they are called losers or faggots than ones where they addressed kindly.

Is this because /jp/ is largely a bunch of submissive bitchboys that want to be controlled by a big man or futa ?

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A recording studio.

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autism bux pays for internet, food, and water

if I had a choice, I'd like the money to put together a new machine. I'm running a amd 5800 and a 8800gts from 07' that are getting kinda dated

I'd also like the money to afford ps3 games, as cfw on that is dead and I get jealous everytime I see more recent ateliers

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I would like a gauntlet that grants me power over reality.

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A ticket to the moon.

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I have everything I want. A new monitor would be nice though.

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Bleach for my toilet.

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a better camera

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Wait, my list is incomplete, I'd also like: a guitar, a midi controller, a LCD TV, 3DS and Vita (when you can pirate games on them)

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Money to hire a bedbug exterminator.

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Not having to worry about monetary needs.
I don't really need more items, I'm fine as is, I just want to not have to worry about not being able to make it because of no money.
Maybe some books, I could actually do something productive with my life because I wouldn't have to resort to escapism because of the everyday life pressure, like finally getting serious about meditation, maybe some sport for my back pain and to be healthier, but that's about it.

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Speaking of toilets, during the summer I get algae in mine. First it starts off kind of yellow and then gets darker until it's greyish. Anyone else?

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They aren't going away.

Burn your house down.

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I've been eating week old bread for the past month.

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No we're all little girls who want to be dominated by a big strong man.

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New computer and figures.

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I live with my parents, they pay for the internet, food, and amenities.

That's it.

My shoes are falling apart, but I can't afford new ones. I tried to repair one pair with duct tape, but it didn't work so well.

Most of my decent clothes are too big, because last time I had any money I weighted 40+ pounds more.

I really need to see a dentist and an optometrist, but I can't afford it.

Well, I could afford the optometrist, I just couldn't afford glasses later.

I also could use a new desk, current one is too small and it's slowly fucking up my legs.

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>I've been eating week old bread for the past month.

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Perhaps he doesn't eat much, or bought a lot of bread ?
Also, months are comosed of weeks.

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Bread goes bad before a month is up, dingdong.

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how did it stay a week old for a month

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He wasn't obviously eating the same piece of week-old bread all month.

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Maybe he only eats the bread that's been thrown out for being old, or was put on sale for being old.

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/jp/ - bread theorists

I love you.

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id like more pyjamas and games and stuff
i need to get a new mother board and cpu

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what kind of MB and CPU do you have, faggot-chan?

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dont call me that... anyway..
the problem is that i have ddr3 ram but an old 8300 cpu so the motherboard is sort of experiemental and doesnt work that well meaning it crashes sometimes

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Not if you buy the proper bread.

Soft white toast isn't everything.

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I also need food, there should be a trust-fund for poor NEETs.

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A MIDI controller to make SIIICK BEATz

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Custom made Idoun doll.

Want to huuuuuug.

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I want it, I need it, need it to make me feel heated

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you've sucked enough dicks for a proper camera, then, I assume?

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What's wrong with the non-is or the f4? What are you shooting?

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Good furniture, good food, a good computer, figures, and new games.

Yes I need all of those, fuck you.

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I've always been in awe at those people who just stop places and eat whenever they're hungry. Almost makes me want to get a job, it sounds amazing. If I had a free food card I'd probably be fat as fuck.

As for wants, most of that would be car stuff, my own house far from society, a boat, etc.

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Yeah, but then this shit came out.

The IS versions are optically superior I believe. f/2.8 is also faster of course, which is nice to have. Of course I shoot during the daylight, so it's not absolutely necessary. And of course, dick waving and all that. I just want more glass

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I don't know why but your post cracked me up.

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what kind of lens do you currently have?

also, you can use the larger aperture for some SIICK background blur.

and it's generally useful with a telephoto due to the light dropoff

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Or I could get a walk around lens

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Might be better, but really any of the 70-200 L lenses are great and I think you'll really be splitting hairs trying to find a difference between any of them at anything other than 100%. Whatever you want though.

Also keep in mind that the 2.8 IS is a little over 3lbs...

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Just the kit lens and a 50mm 1.8
The 50mm gives me some nice BOKEH though, so I don't really need it on the telephoto, unless I planned on doing some sort of event like a football game. I'm poor, so it's a distant dream, even if I wouldn't get as much use from it as I would say a wide angle.

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Yeah, I'm not one for pixel peeping anyways. I've also seen the size comparison between them all, and it's pretty damn big. I think the IS gives 4 extra stops of speed, which you'd need if you're handholding that monster.

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i need this figure

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>gay nerds buying camera lenses

lol fucking fags

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You do not "need" that figure. You want it. It is not necessary for your continued survival on a physical level. I added the last part because you could claim "But I can't eat or go on living without it!" That may be the case, but it does not make it literally impossible for you to continue living.

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I liked this thread better when we were talking about bread.

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Nope. I'm quite certain I need that figure.

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i liked ur mom better when she was suckin my dick nerd

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How do you know he's not an alien lifeform that subsists on pvc?

If anyone on /jp/ had anything they truly "Needed" and weren't getting, they'd be dead. As one can't survive without food, water, etc.

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I liked you better when you were not mocking me about my dead mom.

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My 2.5TB desktop died.
It just wont boot even with CD, so I have no idea what went wrong. Probably a dead mobo.

I still have my laptop so it is all ok but I really cant stand using it and I dont have access to all my stuff on the hdd. On the other hand I want to get a camera, looking at Nex5N.
What would you guys do? buy a new mobo+processor or a camera?

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I liked you better when you didn't reveal I'm a closet necropheliac.

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Why not just pick up a cheap HDD enclosure?

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They still cost money.
And my lap only has 3usb port. I can buy a new mobo for the price of a network storage drive holder anyway,

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they cost like 20 bux

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Probably more money so I can roll a virtual lottery so I can obtain virtual items.

also money to buy new games. and money for classy expensive hard liquors.