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Why is she called the "black cat" if she isn't black or a cat?

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Because of her ears.

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But she is a cat.

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Because her ears and tails are black and cat-like.

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Because ZUN can't into consistency
>Black cat
>only ears black hair is brown

it's the same with Orin too

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She is a cat

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Those look like human hands and feet to me.

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Too lewd.

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Some black cats bring ill omen, it's very otherworldly behaviour. It's obvious she is related to Ran and Yukari.

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``What I like about Touhou is the wide variety of original characters that separate it from the generic moe fare we get these days.''

*loli catgirl who goes into nyaa mode over catnip*

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Canon as HELL xD

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no honking

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I've fapped to that doujin 3 times.

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Chen is French for dog.

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Why there's a cyclope in the 4th panel?

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Chen is 80% of a dog.

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No that's Chien

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like in a row?

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In a boat?

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>fapping to worst touhou
Shiggy diggy scooby dooby doo doop woop

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i fapped to this dj like 20 times

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Have you ever shaved a black cat? They still have white skin underneath.

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Fucking cliffhanger ending.

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Can't say I have

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Sauce kindly anon. This looks cumpletely delicious.

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yuna a la mode 4

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Are you implying that Chen shaves her entire body every day?

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ur HELLa dumb man

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aw fuck the memories.
back then doujins were tasteful AND erotic.
now everything is faceless men gangrape

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Because she is a black cat.

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Do all cats in Gensokyou have two tails?

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Reimu's has one, so no.

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Reimu's a cow.

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not him, but it's an "acceptable" way to say dog in 1850's rural french and probably in some dialect nobody remembers.
So if you go by Grimm's law, it's correct to say that chen means dog, However, eventhough it's written the same way, we shouldn't forget that romaji are naught but simple transliterations without meaning.

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Sanae is a bitch.

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She's a dog?

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The fan art of chen is horrible/

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mind posting a link to the .rar?

and by rar i dont mean that damn panda

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