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I'm the only one who doesn't have friends?

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am I the only one-


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you're on /jp/

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Everyone on /jp/ is my friend.

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Only a few fortunate persons can say to have friends.

The vast majority only has a bunch of people they hang out with.

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Post the "do you even lift" one.

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here you go.

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at least you're not a loser like those people.jpg

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Yes, my friends are here

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>le lift

go back to ebaumsworld, you dog

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lel he thinks john randall invendted french

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>The vast majority only has a bunch of people they hang out with.
This. I don't even like them, but it's better than spending the whole day alone at uni.
I saw some guy browsing /a/ or /jp/ (couldn't see it very well) in software engineering class this morning. He looked very nice. I bet we could easily become friends. ;_;

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he wants your dick

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>He looked very nice.
u wot m8

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He looked like a nice person. Someone who you could easily get along with.

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It was probably /cgl/ anyway.

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I have one friend

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I don't even see the point of friends. Plenty of animals lead lifelong solitary lives, why do I need them? Talking to people online is enough.

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