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Will I ever be able to find out what touhou I like the most?

I have went through about 5 or 6 phases of "this is my favorite as of right now" but I don't think I'm ever going to find the one that is the best.

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Was this supposed to be posted on your blog?

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That is pretty much the reason most of people come to /jp/. We discuss the possibilities of situations in which we would do things with certain touhous in hopes of finding out which is our favorite but there are so many that we can never get to a conclusion.

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how would you feel if your favourite 2hu had no canon ?

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Play all the games.
Ignore fanon.
Read the manga.
Ignore fanon.
Listen to the albums.
Ignore fanon.
Read the artbooks and miscellaneous stories.
Ignore fanon.

Only then will you know your favorite Touhou.

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Just decide which Touhou is your favorite based on what everyone else thinks. Like we all do.

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when Yuuka is your favorite

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I don't read the Touhou threads here. If I decide I require a favourite, I can do so off my own bat.

That being said, it would currently be down to Marissa, Flandre, Cirno or the mouse one if I was forced to choose right now.

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Open your heart

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It took me years to decide who my favorite is, but I eventually realized I knew the answer the entire time.

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secondaries pls go.

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Its the flying sperm right?

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Eh, people will fall for it.

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tirien targarion best 2hu

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No, actually it's Remilia.

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In terms of gameplay, my favorite touhou is probably Orin. I've went through so much to defeat her, and it was surely worth it. Now, in terms of actually liking a character, I don't know at all ;_; . I really like so many of them, It's hard to decide. I really like Kanako, Koishi, Satori,Byakuren, Miko and Futo. But if I really, really had to choose, it would be probably Kanako. I like how she only focuses on reaching her objectives. How she will do anything to gather faith. This amazes me greatly.

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Never thought I would get to post this again.

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I have a top 5 that usually stay pretty solid, while the second half of the top 10 is more fluid. recently I've been really into the Oni and Yuugi might even break the top 5. sorry Aya.

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>It took me years to decide who my favorite is
>I knew the answer the entire time

Are you retarded?

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I used to be absolutely sure that Sakuya was my favourite Touhou.

Then I noticed Koishi. She's definitely my favourite Touhou now, in both canon and fanon. I can't see myself ever getting tired of her.

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listen, it's like that story about the blue bird of happiness.

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Same as this guy. I usually don't have an absolute favorite but I do have a solid top 5 that I would pick over others.

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I liked marisa at first, now its a tossup between her and murasa.

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I'm still new to Touhou, only played 3 games and am currently reading Curiosities of Lotus Asia. I'd have to say my favorite is Marisa, though. There have been occasions where I start to like some more than I used to, or I start to dislike another, but Marisa is always at the top.

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You can always try that. I got that from another thread which turned into a "I hate Sanae's theme" shitfest

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Find a good figurine of one of the Touhous you like, and buy it. The investment will convince you that she is your favorite Touhou.

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But what if there isn't one of my favorite?

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Jewish method. I like.

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No well-made Hatate or Parsee figs exist.

Find me one and I will suck your dick

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What you posted seems good enough.

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oh god who made that monstrosity? they should be hanged. And I don't even like Parsee that much

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>my favorite
There, now you have one favorite.

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then stop liking bottom of the barrel touhous

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It's a matter of commitment. You don't suddenly realize that one of the touhous is your favorite.

You latch onto one you sort of like a bit more than others, and rabidly devote yourself to them.

Support them in threads, read every scrap of canon information, fanon doujins, listen to their theme constantly, remix after remix, search pixiv relentlessly for new pictures day after day.

And then one day, you'll have convinced yourself so hard that you can't force yourself to not like them.

At least, that's how it worked out for me <3.

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You'll figure it out eventually. Started out liking Sakuya because lolitsamaid! Hooray maids!

I still have a soft spot for Letty and Yuyuko, but my love for Aya is eternal. Futo is quite adorable though, and good for those who stick with her.

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sakuya is my least favorite, but opinions.

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But Parsee is basically /jp/ little elf girl edition.

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Wow, results are as expected. I guess I know myself as good as an algorithm can.

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Yeah, my tastes have been changing through time, curiously my top 1 has never been disputed by anyone other than Kanako.

>Started out liking Sakuya because lolitsamaid! Hooray maids!
I felt the same.

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I fucking hate how made up touhous get treated as if they were real, like daiyousei and koakuma. momiji to some extent too, but she was retconned, so it's ok now.

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Personally I've never gotten the appeal of Aya.

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There is no Touhou I can actually dislike. Not even Parsee.

In my Gensokyo, they all are charming, even if potentially deadly.

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Color scheme and design.

Her personality is pretty bland but her looks are nice.

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>Not even Parsee
Why does everyone shit on Parsee

Oh wait that's why I like her so much

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Fuck off with your spoilers.

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I want to hate on people with her

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Well, it is implied she did something particularly heinous, was turned into a monster, and eventually ended up in Hell. Her profile in Symposium of Post-mysticism doesn't help either.

Not exactly a good record, but I am sure she is a lonely girl who just needs a long, nice hug.

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This presents some interesting conundrums. Does driving people to self-destruction make you worse than those that see to the destruction of others by their own devices?

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I'd say it's just about the same. It's just that driving people to destroy themselves takes longer than destroying them yourself.

But I guess it can be argued that driving people to destroy themselves is worse since it requires more cunning.

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>made up
Wow, that's some sick trolling, /b/ro.

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frigg off with spoilers

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OP here, I'd like to post my chain of what touhou I liked to the one I like right now just for anyone who may be interested.

First one I liked was Aya → Youmu → Mokou → Kogasa → Yoshika → Minamitsu → Satori → and right now I'm starting to like Meiling a little bit.

I can't really find a reason to stay with her though.

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You gotta find a reason other than just their design to like them.

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I will do my best and learn to appreciate them more.

I do judge books by their cover, but touhou is a library of pretty books so I need to think with my heart more.

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Is this for real? Are you serious? I think this is the very first time I've read a single post and immediately known without a shadow of a doubt that it's author was autistic.

Saved so I can show it to other people and we can laugh at you. You made my day.

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Trying to find out which touhou is your favorite is really not that wierd.

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Being indecisive is suffering

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ur fav 2hou a slut

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>Majoring in Engineering

Any other "favorites" are just purely design/power/story, I stick with Nitori for similarities

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That's pretty cool actually.

I guess I'm out of luck as a sociology major, since there are presumably no french fries to be served in Gensokyo.

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You'll never be able to love one Touhou the most if you can't love them all equally first.

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I like when I have similarities with a touhou as well, even if its fanon.

I really liked Mokou for a while because I smoke.

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MC Hammer's favorite 2hu

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After going through many different phases of having different favorite touhous, two finally stand out to me for being on my mind often and consistently: Sakuya and Reimu.

The problem that remains is that I mainly think about Sakuya sexually and Reimu non-sexually. I want someone I can both love and sexualize freely.

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With me I can't fap to my favorites because I like them too much.

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I constantly have lewd thoughts and am a pervert, so if I can't find her sexually attractive I don't think I can truly love her.

Funny though, the thought of me finding something I find very arousing and the imminent masturbation turns me on more than anything else. I guess the only person I love is me.

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Hey, I'd pick narcissism over self loathing any day too.

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rabbit, I see what you did there, also good taste Tewi isn't mai waifu but she came close at a time i'm still pretty devoted to her and I glad you like her other than Reisen, who seems to pull in more seconodaires for some reason, make sure to tell people Tewi isn't completely a troublemaker and is actually a good girl that wants people happy, I hate the secondary "TEWI IS EVIL HUURRR DURR TROUBLMAKER ALWAYS PLAYS PRANKS"

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How can not want to sex best armpits?

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Then pick that slut Sanae she's a miko like Reimu and you're expected to sexualize her, either that or Suwako who has canonoly spread her legs to another man.

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Pretty much spot-on, I'm impressed

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4. Kimo-Keine ( Hakutaku )

okay I guess...
something like that.

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Alice when I was a secondary and loved Rozen Maiden.

Then Kogasa as I 1cc'd my first touhou game.

Now that I've beaten every ex stage my favorite is Koishi.

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I'm pleased with this. I'm surprised I ended up ranking Murasa so highly though.

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I have absolutely no idea how did Koishi get so high. I consider Keine my #2 favorite.

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Where can I find/steal the script from that page, I need it for something.

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script worked flawlessly for me

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Sure, I sexualize her armpits, but that's just one thing. Sakuya has like a million things I can sexualize.

I found both of them very erotic, but I don't have much non-sexual interest in them.

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Worked perfectly.

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Komeiji Family United, like it should be.

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Actually got my top 5 spot on

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>Wriggle Nightbug

I must commend your taste.

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I honestly feel like I'm one of the only Yamame fans on /jp/ sometimes.

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>goliath doll
that's not even a 2hu.

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Isn't it sad?

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I went through the same phases until Mountain of Faith, then it was no longer a problem.

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Yeah, I guess this is more or less accurate.

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yea i know, do you have a problem with that?
apparently i prefer it over frandle

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I liked this Touhou ranking generator. Glad it was posted.

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>moonslut at number one
I don't like you.

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Noone cares LOL.