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Which Touhou is the biggest yuri slut, /jp/

I vote Marissa, she gets with everyone.

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Those are some freakishly small hands.

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fuck off back to >>>/u/

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When I was a teenager, lesbians were the hottest thing in the world. Now my dick refuses to move whenever I read a yuri doujin, no matter how hot the art is.

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Question: how do you feel about futa yuri?

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You are forgetting to take magic into account.

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That's even worse! I just can't accept it.

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Strange person.

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If strapon is yuri then futa is yuri too I say.

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girl with dick is futa.

strap on is plastic

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They're both dicks (and so are you)

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Theres nothing sluttish about Yuri.
Its the prettiest thing on the planet.

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i am telling you, despite having a phallus in common they are very different things.

and no YOU are a dick. take that.

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>>>/y/ is that way

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Yuri is the purest form of love

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hey anon remember that time you linked a yurifag to yaoi?

boy that was pretty dumb right! good times.

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you must be new here

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oh i see, that guy was just being a fag.

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just three girls i dont think that can be considered slutty

reimoo in the other hand does get qith everyone

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Touhous are pure girls who blush and become uncomfortable from the subject of sex.

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This thread again. Yayifications.

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fanon shit

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still better than canon shit

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Oh Lawdy sauce on this /A/non?

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They aren't you.

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I looked that up and didn't find anything, I don't believe that's the actual name.

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man i love snakereimu

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Not hard to google image is it?

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Here is the Reimu x Cirno yuri douj http://exhentai.org/g/299973/0bbc0a3e6d/

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Futa with female is basically a way better form of yuri.

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Why you rape Cirno?

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They are entirely different things with entirely different appeals.

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That is some amazing anatomy.

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I only opened because of that above poster, She has 3 breasts and a penis growing out of her leg..

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I love that artist.

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God I wanna sniff Mama Ran's butt

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He'd make a good artist, at clown school.

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He would get an A+ everytime he got laughed out of class!

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So did we ever work out who the biggest yuri slut is.

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Don't know about yuri but Yukari is a big futa slut.

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What is this guro? Disgusting.

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