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Someday Meiling will get the respect she deserves, right? Right?

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Yeah someday someone will make a doujin where her and Orange team up and get to be huge heroes and then lez out with each others' dicks.

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She's pretty much one of the best 2hus there is. Anyone saying otherwise just doesn't understand true greatness and beauty.

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It's too ingrained in the fanon, and it's too supported in what canon she has.

Better luck next time.

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She's too healthy and she would like to do shit like cycling or sparring with you, things which are too tiring/annoying for the medium jper, neet or hikki.

Maybe the day fucking becomes an Olympic sport...

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but she still has us. I don't care how low the fagnon drops her, I ain't leaving her.

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Even if the fanon leaves her to drop, I'll catch her, and embrace her

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Sorry, those words barely registered. Rather, they were ironic ;__;

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pandas do not have souls

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She has a beautiful soul of a dragon.

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Who the fuck is Meiling OP?

Your Op pic shows China.

Get your shit together OP.

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Why doesn't Meiling just quit?

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Meiling is a dragon

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Meiling does not wear pants

Meiling does not have shark teeth

Meiling is not a giantess

0/10 would not consider canon

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Meiling with pants is an improvement over canon.

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>Meiling does not wear pants

where's your proof?

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Best Meiling video

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she wears pants in brawl games. In a way they are also canon.

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Meiling with pants is plenty canon.

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Fighting games aren't canon, buddy. Unless you think Suwako literally hops like a frog.

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If ZUN is involved it's canon.

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those arent pants
those are her bloomers!

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Just this, dear sir.

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So you mean Suika, Tenshi and Iku are not canon then?

ZUN has illustrations of them and Team Shanghai Alice also published both SWR and UN so they are both canon.

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Look at her hat. Look at it.

You better fucking believe she hops like a goddamn frog.

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Well if it's not the fanon you're concerned with, then you're just referring to the way she's treated in canon?

You're double-screwed then. Meiling's only hope there is to get an actual decent profile a la SoPM's much less half assed style. And don't get your hopes up there.

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yeah..unless i see her throwing fireballs from his mouth i dont believe she is a dragon, she is a panda

the original kung fu panda

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China Power?

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>Unless you think Suwako literally hops like a frog
My life is a lie.

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Too old do not want. Sorry china.

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I hate meeeeeling

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>Fighting games aren't canon
This is literally the most stupid thing I have read today in /jp/. Kuso award of the day I guess.

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He probably means sprite art and animations.

Unless he's part of the "Suika and Tenshi didn't exist until Aya wrote about them" crew.

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only STG+ZUNart

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The art in the fighting spinoffs, while is not made by Zun, has to be approved by him.
Same for the books.

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There aren't really people like that, are there? Please tell me this is a joke.

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At least Meiling has a fumo


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delicious feet!!!!

I need to lick them!

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One of my top 5 favorite touhous

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Valid point. You'd think someone with rabbit ears would be a good candidate for a plush too.

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One of these days, I'll have my Reisen fumo.

One day.

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One of these days, I'll have my Yuugi fumo.

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I wish I could think of something to keep this thread going.

Well. Uh. How do you think Meiling ended up at the Mansion anyway?

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I still hate her from EoSD for being unbelievably difficult. She just spat out her bullets in no pattern whatsoever. Am I the only one thinking this or

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There are patterns. They are just beautiful, like herself. Once you learn to appreciate them, it'll be no sweat.

But it's been a long time since I played EoSD so I'm not 100% sure. I think at least some of her attacks had patterns.

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yeahh..i dont think they could replicate her muscles in a plushie

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I think she's beautiful and amazing.

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She probably came with the rest of the SDM crew from Europe. I'd like to think that she was Scottish (you know, because she kind of looks like it anyways) and had that theme going for her because she lived with her parents on some British colonies in China for most of her life.

They went back to Scotland after a while but the Chinese culture had a great effect on her and became a big part of who she was. She especially liked martial arts and she kept practicing and got good at it. She left home to travel around Europe and fight other people to hone her skills, taking up her Chinese name "Meiling" during her travels.

Meiling learned many things about fighting on her travels and got even better at it. Eventually she reached the point where it was no longer a challenge fighting normal people so she started going after creatures from myth instead. Her martial arts reached a supernatural level after fighting many monsters and while she didn't know it at the time, she even became one herself.

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She continued traveling and found herself in a remote region of Romania. There were rumors of a strange mansion in the forests with a vampire living in it so she decided to go fight that vampire. After a few days of searching she found this mansion and proceeded to bust in and fight the vampire. To her surprise, the vampire was just a little girl. But she knew better than to hold back. She fought this vampire with all of her strength and still lost. Meiling thought that she was going to die there but the vampire spared her saying that she was already "full" and to her surprise, the vampire offered her a job as the gate keeper. The vampire claimed that while she was strong enough to kill intruders herself, she would rather not be disturbed in the first place. Meiling was reluctant to take the offer but she was also promised plenty of strong people to fight if she stayed so she thought it couldn't hurt to stay a while and she would just leave it was boring.

And so she stayed and she got the challenges she was promised. Apparently the vampire inside had many strange enemies for many strange reasons. She came to enjoy her work there and stayed. She even started tending to the gardens on slow days. One day the vampire decided to move their entire mansion to a different country. Meiling was excited about the idea of new opponents to face and looked forward to it. She hoped that the vampire would make even more enemies in this new land...

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anyways, tl;dr version: Meiling is a Scottish chinaboo

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Doesnt explain what youkai she would be though and who came first sakuya or meiling

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That's certainly one of the more interesting ideas I've heard.

My original ideas pretty much got swept out to sea once I started looking into just when she could have possibly learned her Tai Chi.

The late 1800s. Which kinda threw a wrench into things.

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But 1800s China had opium smoking old dudes with round sunglasses and that's awesome.

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Oh there's nothing wrong with the 1800s. That was just a hwee bit later than I originally had planned out.

I've since changed things up of course, and frankly I'm happier with what I have now. All that's really left is to learn quite a bit more about Chinese culture and history so that I can get a better idea of Meiling's experiences through her life.

Too much detail to work on. Gives me headaches.

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Sakuya probably came shortly before they moved since she is a human and still looks pretty young unless you go with the theory that she uses time magic to freeze her age.

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Well on one hand we've got Remilia apparently worrying over Sakuya's mortality. Talking about becoming one of the Hourai in IN's Ex-Stage, and (admitted total asspull here) it sounds like this is a discussion they've had a few times likely involving Remilia offering to turn Sakuya into a Vampire.

On the other hand, we have Remilia talking about how Sakuya has been around for so long it doesn't feel right to call her human.

So, whatever, either one works really.

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Is it ever mentioned how old Meiling is?

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There's nothing mentioned about her other than that she's the SDM's Gate Guard and Gardner, that she's Chinese, and that she apparently knows Tai Chi.

That's pretty much it. Unless I'm forgetting something at least.

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She already gets respect from me, even though she laughs at me for being a NEET.

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Would impregnate

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And ruin those abs?

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The first thing I thought when I saw the thumbnail was "Your brother's soul is mine!"

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That brings a whole new dimension of what it's like to impregnate a muscle girl.

But it's not like they are gone forever. This just means she has to work out more to get them back.
Just keep impregnating, so she will work out forever. Infinite abs.

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Hu Jintao is my favorite touhou

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That seems like an awfully unfair thing to put her through.

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Well I would only do it with her consent.

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She could have always just picked up Tai Chi later and combined it with her own style.

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Or she might be simply a Chinese youkai. If I remember right, the traditional view on them in China is just like her. They are all black haired and mostly dark eyed. So someone with ginger hair and blue eyes will be very alien. And thus considered not human.

>> No.9086867

Valid point. But it did seem like a good excuse to type an unnecessary story.

>> No.9086877

yea, the story is nicely sewn. Neat enough to be a possible background.

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Oh well yes, that's what I'd always intended, just that the dates had to be shifted wildly to account for the later time period when she could've learned it. As for what her other martial styles might be, that's something I still have to look into.


Honestly I've kinda just stopped trying to account for how bizarre her appearance would actually be to Chinese folks. I mean, Sanae is from the modern outside world, has bright green hair, and I can only assume she wasn't considered a freak of nature. It seems like there are just some unusual hair and eye colors present in this particular version of the world and that's all there is to it.

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What's that Meiling timeline of yours like anyways?

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Bumping for more Meiling general

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That's a good question. I don't really know.

For the most part it's just a vague general idea of events and the order they take place in, with the "deadline" of sorts being 1884, the year she meets Remilia in Shanghai. And really the only reason I picked that is because I liked the idea of her original theme title actually having some degree of relevance.

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Ha, that really is kind of clever.

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An interesting look at Meiling.

I'm glad that I am not the only one that sees her as not being oriental, as in her theme description ZUN says he made it with a French Colony in China in mind. That's why it doesn't sound too oriental.

From that and her looks, I always saw her as a European that grew up in China.

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But her name is Chinese

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I guess such reasoning would make sense to dispel the idea of her being European, but it might be a name she adopted from her Chinese identity. Maybe it's not her real name.
Sakuya has a Japanese name, but I always thought that it was a fake name as well and that she is also European. I was always suspicious of her.
But maybe I am just silly and make up weird backgrounds for Touhous.

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Oh I still see her as Chinese. Like I said in my post, I just liked the idea of the time/place of her meeting with Remilia being relevant to her theme.


To give an idea of said series of events, I think I had it go:

"Birth", first peasant years, expulsion, wandering peasant years, soldier years, mercenary years, living alone in the forest years (low point of her life by a longshot), meets her future master, martial arts training years, master dies, wandering years (this is probably the least-developed part so far), learning tai chi, then finally ending in Shanghai where she eventually encounters Remilia.

This particular take on Meiling is a youkai who came to exist without any actual abilities or powers of any sort. The only thing she's ever had that she could rely on is being able to be seriously wounded and just grow back together again. She spends the first half of her life really just trying to survive and finding a place to live among humans simply because she has NO IDEA what else she could possibly do.

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I could see Remilia in colonial Shanghai getting her fancy oriental tea on with a younger Sakuya serving it to her.

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For the most part I really just like the idea of exploring the world through a youkai's eyes. She's really just...lost. Directionless. She tries to imitate humans, living among them, living like them, and it always just ends up falling apart in one way or another. Meeting the man who becomes her Master is a gigantic turning point for her.


Pretty much. Though I usually have Sakuya stay behind at the SDM because she doesn't trust anyone else to keep an eye on it. Though I also have Remilia have a bit larger (and competent) servant staff at this point in time as well. They all eventually die off from old age and she never bothers to replace them.


There's nothing wrong with being a bit wild with your ideas. Meiling especially since she's such a complete mystery.

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Speaking of SDM, how long has Patchy been living there? Is she just Remilia's live in BFF or something?

>> No.9089607


She's Remilia lover. Every Sunday night she pulls out her ivory-carved strap on and they sexually roleplay the Battle of Agincourt.

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Also unknown. The only sort of limitation on how long she could've been there is how she's only 100 or so years old.

>> No.9089749

I'd like to think that Remilia took her in after she got chased out of her village for being a witch or something.

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Honestly I've never given Patchouli that much focus, and I wish I would, but Meiling just clicks a lot easier with me for some reason.

It's something I'll get around to eventually I guess.

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>> No.9089841

Yeah look at her...she's all "You fo real, nigga?"

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>> No.9089904

Now I kind of want to make weird back stories for all the less established characters.

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Aw c'mon it's not that bad, she could use the exercise anyway.


Then do it, nothing wrong with having a bit of silly fun with things. Not like it's going to mess them up for anyone else anyway.

>> No.9091040

Sanae is from modern outside. People dye their hair all colours of the rainbow there. So Sanae may have been seen as a showy faggot, but not a nature slip-up.

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But what about when she was too young to have possibly been able to do that? Unless she had no parents and was actually raised by Suwako and Kanako or something, somebody would've noticed it at some point.

>> No.9092210

>red hair

>> No.9092241

Going by hair colour to determine race of a character in Japanese 2D media may not be very accurate. Hong Meiling is a pretty Chinese name, dude.
And who are you quoting?

You may proceed to tell me to fuck off with my spoilers.

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I don't see the problem here.

>> No.9092272

dat loner got it right. Meiling is a youkai, she is supposed to look NOT like local hillbillies. Besides, there are fables about ones that resemble her.

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But like >>9092241 said, it's kinda silly to go by hair color in this kinda stuff. I mean yes, there are fables about red haired demons in China. But there's plenty of other unusual/flat-out unnatural hair colors present in Touhou besides.

But hey, if you wanna run with it, be my guest.

>> No.9092579

I mean, and he probably means, that this hair and eyes thing is something that can give a ground for a hand-made background. Just like that guy with his welsh idea (aren't irish, not welsh, considered as stereotypical gingers?) used it.
A root for theories, that's all. They feel better when there is something to base them on.

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>> No.9092673

thx meiling

>> No.9092682

Why GIF?

>> No.9092704

Wowee, who did she try to take that from?

>> No.9092843

When I think Irish I think Orange hair, When I think Scottish I think Red. Probably inaccurate (and hardly a difference) but that's imagination land for you.

>> No.9094499

Sun Quan was said to have a red beard, so it's not too unlikely that Meiling could be a Chinese woman with natural red hair. It's all dependent on the mix of genes.

>> No.9094521

Some central asians have red/reddish hair and light eyes, it's not entirely impossible for Meiling to be chinese and have natural red hair, specially if she was from the west.

However, I still think it's more likely to the fact that she is a yokai.

>> No.9095604 [DELETED] 

I knew dynasty warriors had some degree of realism with its funky looking characters!

>> No.9095607

I am now going to pretend that everyone in dynasty warriors is a youkai.

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