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If I were to have sex in real life...what steps can I take to make sure it is /jp/ related?

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Rape the maids.

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Rape your sister.

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>what steps can I take to make sure it is /jp/ related
>/jp/ related

You don't deserve to have sex in real life...

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Rape a loli

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Make sure the pillow is the right size for the cover.

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Do it with a trap.

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your sister has to be like 9 too

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Wear a frilly hat.

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Just rape anything that moves.

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use this

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>>907417 /jp/ related

There must be a dick up your ass.

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Give her/him a Reimu outfit. Lick armpits, then lick everywhere. Do this every time you have sex.

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>>907466Give her/him

If its a him why not make him put on a MANnsuke outfit?

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Ask her to use the word "futa" instead of "pre-op".

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>/jp/ related
You lost me.

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Because MANpits are pig disgusting.

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What to MAN for you?

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And then anon whas still gay...

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For sex to be /jp/ related your partner must act like a toehoe or a character from a VN. My recommendation is to have your partner be a loli and dress her up as Len and proceed to rape her. Have a cat stand by as those are fine.

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ZUN-sama should make a doujin wherein Reimu raeps all the touhous and then she lovingly caresses their diapers

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>>907544ZUN-sama should make a doujin

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rape the yukkuris

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wear this

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What a fucking bitch.

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Is the last bubble ijiwaru or ijireru?

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Make her wear a maid outfist

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The only possible way to make it related is if it's your sister, cousin, or maybe your mother.

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aka bad ends all over

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Fuck a sea urchin, squid, or octopus.

Then visit Nasu and he'll high five you, and maybe, if you're lucky, invite you to a seafood dinner where the two of you will not end up eating anything, but still leave a horrible "mess" for the busboy to clean.

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What is his fucking problem?

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