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If there was one aspect about a touhou that you would change, what would it be?

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I have no right to desire the change of someone else, there are things I would change about myself though

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I'd make Patchouli canon slim (but not anorexic) so fatty lovers would stop fetishizing her.

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the beating the harder levels to unlock more of what little it is of the story

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Hello Alice, I love you!

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Reimu is now a handsome male instead of a beautiful female

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/jp/ shitposting.

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>I have no right to desire the change of someone else

You thought of not having right, that's means you implied you had rights. You've lost your honor and must commit sudoku.

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Maybe I'd want Mystia to go to the bathroom before coming to bed at night.

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not alice, sorz

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It's okay, I still love you!

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well, alright then

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I would make Kanako's large breasts canon instead of that B cup nonsense.

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>that's means you implied you had rights

Not really.

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Explain further

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I just don't know what the fuck are those.
Are they overly long socks? A black version of those tengu shoes?
The don't look like normal shoes; some flat mary janes coul be better.

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I'd get rid of her fucking concrete shoe.

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It's just one of the many mysteries of ZUNart. I just see them as being black boots which is usually how they're drawn in fan art

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Can't really think of anything, I trust in ZUN

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I'd do the opposite.

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Have Kaguya get a haircut,

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Futo gets canon blue eyes instead of grey. Grey eyes a shit.

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Cirno becomes powerful enough to return as a true final boss.

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I would give huge dicks to all of them

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Replace Gensokyo with a brothel.

We got young pussy, radioactive pussy, strong pussy, tight pussy, mind reading pussy, truNEET pussy, moonrabbit pussy, slut pussy, we have all the pussy!

Or give all Touhous canon boyfriends just to fuck with people.

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And Sanae would be the only good girl. Imagine the shitstorm tha would ensue.

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remove the ban on touhou anime

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Wow Anon! You're awesome. You're just like Lilly White, except you announce the summer! equally retarded too!

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Just turn it into a metal boot like some artists do.

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What type of pussy would Sanae have?

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I already treat touhou like my own fap brothel.

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That's all Touhou's good for anyway. That and a mediocre (but fun) game to kill a few hours with. It's not like it's some deep story with interesting characters.

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Make Yuugi Cannon muscular.

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babbys first 2hu troll

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I would add about 25 playable characters to SWR/Hisoutensoku.

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Fuck that, add *everyone*

Also have a fucking lobby

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I'm serious.

I like the series. The games are fun. The music is good. That's it. What do you disagree with?

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>That's all touhou is good for anyways

learn to state your opinions as opinions

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make them very very very big

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I can't stop staring at this image. Why?

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Pleasant sideboob > disgusting uneven boobs

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Forgot my image.

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I'd make Hina happy instead of loney and sad.

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Dude she's huge.

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She may be alone but she doesn't seem sad since she enjoys what she does.

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no, she is the perfect size!

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These kinds of images are dumb. If you are that big then you would sink into the earths crust and probably die a painful death.

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I'd make an insert character based on myself that becomes a heavily recurring character. Because deep down, we all want it.

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>If you are that big then you would sink into the earths crust and probably die a painful death.

Not really, rocks usually resist those presures if stacked, the main problem with that size is the fact that she requires minutes to hours to receive and respond to external stimulous, it's more likely than she will fall facing the ground and suffocate, even faster if she falls on the sea.

Even if she manages to stand up at that height there's no enough oxygen, especially for someone with that size, so she would have to stay kneeling.

And there's nothing to worry about, even being that big nuclear warfare is still able to kill her.

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your guys are not funny
why not bring how much food she will need to eh?

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>Not really, rocks usually resist those presures if stacked
Sure if she never moved.

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Kaguya becomes mortal.

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How does one commit sudoku?

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bring sakuya back as a playable character

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I would give Marisa a plausible character motivation.

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I'd like Touhou to have a serious arc/conflict. It doesn't need to be grimdark or have characters die or anything, but I'd like to have things matter at the end of a game/manga series.

Or have more interaction with the outside world, that's always interesting.

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I give them pubic hair

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Make Mokou not exist.

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Get out of /jp/ Kaguya

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mamizou would not have glasses.

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reimu starts training and the games stop being retardedly fucking hard.

i like the characters and all but holy shit, what a terrible medium to communicate it.

why not make it an RPG or something.

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>Retardedly fucking hard

Get out.

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Less hard. I like playing games for the dialogue. So I hate really hard games that take forever to beat. And I have not the patience to play something over and over again.

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no, sit the fuck down im not done.

flandre is fucking bullshit. anyone who can finish that game is a savant.

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people who are capable of juggling or card tricks are savants too?

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There's easymode for that anon.

Alternatively, there's PRACTICING until you get good enough to beat it.

Alternatively alternatively if you're just too lazy/busy, there's translations on the wiki.

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Thats the problem. If I practiced I could be good. But like I said I don't have the attention span to do that. So there are tons of games I just gave up playing cause I don't have the patience to try more than like 2 times.

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Just because every mainstream game panders to inbreds like you doesn't mean every game should.

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Then maybe its not for you I guess

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By making the proper incision in your abdomen with a specially prepared katakana.

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do you make a series of 6 perpendicular lines to make a 9-section square in your abdomen?

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make sakuya not-a-maid since that's the only thing I don't like about her

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Well then what the hell would you have her be?

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She's basically a guard already, so that would work, but so would almost anything. I just don't like meidos so her being one is annoying. I like sakuya because of her personality and character (what little there is) rather than because of her role as a maid or servant.

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But the SDM already has a guard! Not a very good guard, but another one would be redundant. And taking meido away from Sakuya... dammit, the omnipotent subservience of her is a major defining part of her character.

And seriously were you raped in the ass by a maid as a kid

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Sanae's tragic past cannon