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How can you morally justify choosing any route other than Aeka's?

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>im so emo and nobody likes meee :(((((

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Nekoko exists

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Why does she have a tampon glued to her arm?

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How can you morally justify enjoying this kusoge?

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Coke and gambling.

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purple haired bitch was the worst. especially because you could tell she's supposed to be the "main girl".

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I have good taste.

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It's the cursor

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I really liked Antonette. I wish there was a route for her that doesn't involve k------ her.

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It's not 2008 anymore, can we talk about YMK now or is it still considered baby's first VN? Rance / Makijoi / whatever the fuck took the spotlight ages ago...

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Aeka a shit
Mizuki a shit

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I hate weak girls who can't stand up for themselves.

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My first VN was Saya no Uta when it was released back in 2007. YMK is my 303rd and most recent VN.

I don't read many VNs.

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How the fuck can you possibly like that cunt? She was going to let that piece of shit boyfriend of hers pin down Aeka and rape her.

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>lol weaklings deserve to die xD
>why don't depressed people just stop being so sad??

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Yes. Nekoko needs your help as much as Aeka does. Nekoko is suffering from drug addiction. I you dont save her, she will ultimately end up whoring her self out for her next high, end up being unable to pay and ending up buried at the bottom of a side walk.

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I felt conflicted, okay? I really admired how the game tried to make the player hate her, but for some reason, it only made me like her and such.

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who are you quation?

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She is addicted because of her own bad choices.

You're making me upset.

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She didn't choose to have family problems.

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Nah, her parents were just failures. It took that huge wakeup call to force them to pay attention to her.

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Why doesnt YMK still have an anime?

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Aeka had shitty parents too.

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Pretty much, but at least you can relate to her unlike Aeka. Mizuki is just a slut.

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Aeka was boring as fuck, and the only thing I remembered after talking with her was "uhhm er uhhmm" etc.

At least Nekoko is somewhat interesting.

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So.. Aeka didn't become a drug addict. She tried to tough it out and stay in school and ended up getting bullied to hell.

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You dont need to related to Aeka. You just need to related to the Inner White Knight that must save her.

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I only liked Mizuki

Aeka is too forced


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No one said she did. Are you high? I think you are completely confused. Better go check in to rehab bro.

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I only played Mizuki and Aeka. Liked both but preferred Aeka. Nekoko didn't interest me at the time but I plan on replaying the game (all routes) at some point.

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Oops. That wasn't meant to be a reply to anyone.

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Aeka and Nekoko both had shitty parents, but Nekoko turned to drugs and other things to deal with it. People were claiming that Nekoko had just as bad of a life as Aeka, but in reality she brought a lot of that on herself by making bad choices, whereas Aeka was a victim of outside events she has no control over.

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drug addiction is moe

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>liking a slut

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Nekoko has the sweetest ending. You are missing out.

No one said Nekokos life was as bad as Aeka. They said Nekoko's future was just as, if not more, bleak then Aeka's if the MC does not step in. Learn to read.

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ho the fucc do u think your quoting?

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>They said Nekoko's future was just as, if not more, bleak then Aeka's if the MC does not step in

At least Nekoko has a future.

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>Nekoko has the sweetest ending. You are missing out.

God, yes. One of the first VNs I've played and I still love that ending more than almost any other.

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>Nekoko has the sweetest ending. You are missing out.

I had it spoiled unfortunately. I would still like to experience it, though.

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At least Aeka's suffering would have soon ended.

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Nekoko's suffering would have ended if she only knew how to make good choices.

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Mizuki, a slut?

She practically the most sane of all the YMKs

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I think you are trying to argue for the sake of arguing, like someone insulted your waifu or something. Well grow up kid, this isnt an argument. Its a point that Nekoko and Aeka are both in a world of shit no matter what rout you take, the other is doom. Anyways, im done with you. Im going for my nightly walk.

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Generic as fuck.

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From the main character's perspective, in the other routes she's just a girl who happened to have a hard time. There was no reason for him to get involved as far as i remember. If you look at it from the reader's perspective where you know what happens, the justification is that you're just reading, and if you take the perspective where you as the main character actually make a choice to abandon her knowing what happens, then I'd say you're not considering the case where you use your knowledge to help her problems as well as the other girls'.

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because nekoko's route has anal sex

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Mizuki had the best route and was the best girl. Every other route was total shit and a let down.

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This game caused me to actively seek a girlfriend, which caused me to get dumped and eventually become a shitposter on /jp/.

don't encourage it.