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Last night I had a dream I had been in Gensokyo for a few years and befriended most of the girls. I was best friends with Alice, and regularly had tea-time with her. I confessed my love for her and we ended up doing it right there. She was so warm, and her hair smelled so good. She made such cute noises as I came inside her. This really was the best dream ever.

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I'm jealous. I want to learn how to lucid dream so I can dream about Gensokyo and Alice.

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Pasta and already too many Alice threads.

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One time I threw an frogball in Cirno's face. She cried.

I woke up with tears running down my face.

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Dude.... that's heavy...

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It's not pasta. I really had this dream yesterday. No, Anonymous, it is not pasta. YOU are pasta.

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I had a dream last night that I had a backpack inside of a backpack.

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I am Cirno.

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Okay then. 99% of

>Last night I had a dream

threads are pasta, though. Also, still too many Alice threads.

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Ok, then I will allow other Japan-related dreams in this thread.

I once had a dream I bought a Japanese love doll. I opened up the doll to see what was inside and guts spilled out.

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I don't believe you. When I was a virgin every time I'd dream I'd got as far as jamming it in I'd wake up just before I could do it.

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90% of my dreams are just about me browsing 4chan.

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Wow, the same thing happened to me last night.

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I don't sleep much anymore.

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I have that problem too, most of the time. However, I guess my mind is powerful enough that it can replicate feelings it never had. Either that, or I just crossed the feeling of a mayonnaise jar with fapping.

Also, I flipped shit when I dreamed completely in 2D one time. I didn't feel right the rest of the day.

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>Either that, or I just crossed the feeling of a mayonnaise jar with fapping.

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I had a lucid dream once where nothing special happened and it was almost like an ordinary day but I knew I was dreaming. It was pretty fucking boring.

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You would be surprised what the human mind is capable of.

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Anonymous, it was an actual day. Time just skipped backwards once it was over. You and I must be the only ones who remember.

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I dreamt of swimming in a lake, and I was chatting with it until it drowned me.

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Hello GM. Long time no see. You know, I liked reading your stuff until the mods flipped out. You didn't seem to have the same flare on /th/. Too many rip-offs, even if some were slightly better.

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I had a dream last night that I was being chased through a forest by some sort of evil creature out to devour my very soul. This is reoccuring and have insomnia because of it. I bring this up because I would kill the OP's entire family to even have a normal wet dream for once.

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>When I was a virgin
Come on guys, don't let the normalfaggotry go unnoticed.

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>>905915, we call what you just did "feeding the trolls".
Try not to do it in the future.

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>When I was

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Remember what we learned on /a/? The trolls are most often not actually trolls, as unfortunate as it may seem.

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i had a dream where i was danmaku battling a deamon(a keeper of secrets form 40k ) but during the battle the ceiling fell and we couldn't danmaku and then I was a zombie. I really need to stop lurkign 4 chan before bed cause it was just fucken weird the dreams I end up having afterward.

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The only Touhou dream I've had or can remember involved Marisa and Donkey Kong battling over who gets control over the Forest of Magic.

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Sorry, I'm not into men.

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>Also, I flipped shit when I dreamed completely in 2D one time. I didn't feel right the rest of the day.

I dream in 2D all the time. It's fine, you'll get used to it.

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I had a lucid dream once, after I found out I was lucid I teleported to my computer, then tried to go through the wall and fly away. Right when I was about to go through the wall, I woke up.

Also, everything was in slow-motion.

Fuck dreams.

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Die troll die.

I had a dream that I met a shy and emotional Keine. We returned to her house and the first night together was amazing. She stared into me with those beautiful blue eyes as I gentle thrust into her. She moaned in passion and ecstasy as I ravaged her. And after all our strength was worn away, I rested my head on her soft breasts and let the world drift away from me. All the problems and worries I had ever felt, the crippling loneliness in my soul which was present each waking moment, flowed away as I simple listened to her heartbeat and felt her beautiful chest rise with each breathe. That wonderful oneness and relief of finally finding someone who loved me in return lulled me asleep and for that moment I knew true bliss. Then my alarm woke me up, and I got ready for another monotonous day at work.

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She's not into men, she's into MANNOSUKE

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>She stared into me with those beautiful blue eyes
>Her eyes are red

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How's the vn project going?

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I don't dream because I don't sleep. I lost my eyes in a horrible chemical accident at the plant I work at, and while techinically I do enter a state a rest all I experience is darkness. Sometimes, I will feel the acid splashing onto my face, burning my flesh as it slowly dissolves my eyeballs. The pain feels real. That is when I know I'm asleep because that is the only dream I have.

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I had in which Alice pooped on Marisa, then Marisa ate it and shared it with Reimu, then they had popcorn and drank vodka. Hmmmmm....

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Yesterday I had a dream. In it, tasofro released a new patch where they added Mokou and new spellcards. When I woke up in the middle of the night, I felt like an idiot. After that I had another dream where I had the power to throw fireballs, and went on a killing spree on a jewish school. Pic not related.

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i have a lot a dreams about marisa and reimu having sex in a lake. i wonder what it means tho

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Wait...you're right. But if that wasn't her....than who did I.....OH MY GOD!

Now that I think about it, ZUN gives ALOT of girls red eyes doesn't he?

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Slowly. We are nearly done outlining all 36 character routes. We'll make the pre-route beta VN and then add on characters paths with installable patches later on.

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The japan-related dreams which I remember best are the ones in which the girls of Higurashi are burning me to death. Unfortunately, no sex was involved.

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I had this dream a while back. I was in this toy store with Aya Shameimaru and we were looking at some Gundams. Aya told me she was wanted by the UN for some reason or another and that she was going to be captured soon. I laugh and tell her I would never sell her out. Then out of nowhere Flandre shows up and starts fighting Aya. The fighting quickly spills outside where they take to the air. Then the Army shows up and starts shooting at them. I start yelling at them to stop fighting. Aya gets hit hard by one of Flandre's attacks and comes smashing in one of the windows I run over to her but I wake up before I see her face.

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>wanted by the UN
>Then out of nowhere Flandre shows up

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O wen will we find out who made these puns. Was it her?

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Well I think the most vivid Touhou dream I've had, I just remember it now, went like this

I was Marisa for some reason, least I think I was because I was able to fly on a broom (never really went that high up in the air though...) but instead of Gensokyo, I lived in some strange deserted city by the ocean. Apparently Reimu was my partner or something, because I remember either always being by her or searching for her. Anyways, I spent a lot of time trying to fly around on my broom and I made my way to the ocean. There was a small roofless (?) hut on the sand and Reimu was sitting inside there. I don't know why but after her saying something about "being poor, this is my house now" we cuddled for a bit and it turned into kissing. I forgot what happened but something like Reimu was tricking me to get pity so I'd donate. I flew off, and woke up staring at the ceiling. What a gay dream.

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No GN-X's?

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I think I have said this before.

I once had a dream about me sexing up Remilia and then I got Porphyric Hemophillia.

That's what I get for marathoning (correct word?) IaMP and Oblivion in one night.

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If you think that was a bad pun, U N seen nothing yet.

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Go on...

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Yukari, tea, etc.

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Yea, well I had a dream I was lelouch at a waterpark with nunally while being angry at suzaku for being a dick

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bump for great justice!

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I dreamed I had a pet parrot... with Patchouli's head on it. She was a very moody bird and kept to herself until I fed her her favorite treat, little crackers shaped like Marisa. She would make content noises as I fed them to her.

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oh god as soon as I saw Maullar's Gaia avatar I fucking closed that shit

fuck now I understand why /jp/ hates shrinemaiden fuck I will never go anywhere near any other Touhou place as long as I live

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Last night I had this horrible dream where I woke up and there was no electricity in my apartment, and I went outside and saw that the world had ended and Comiket would never arrive ;_;

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Ugh, seconded.

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Thirded. I didn't know a single forum could handle the faggotry of both Kilgayman and Maullar without exploding.

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I had a dream I was in an elevator. I passed through layers of magma and soil, all heading down (I was going up). I got out of the Earth's core, and onto the surface, the Elevator was still going up, I left the atmosphere, but I was still able to breath(It's a dream y'know) The pace of the elevator picked up, the images flying past me began to blur, apparently I was leaving the solar system, then the galaxy, then I just saw points of light. Eventually, nothing. The background turned a solid white, I slid past some kind of opening in the floor into another endless white expanse, with some nice looking chairs and tables scattered about.
The elevator door chimed, I stepped out, and out of one of the chairs(the were facing away from me such that I couldn't see anyone in them) comes Yukari. "Oh hello. You must be one of the new folk. Welcome to the end of the Universe."

And then I woke up.