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Which Touhou's feelings would you like to trample on?

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Only worthless beings trample over another's feelings.

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Says a worthless being

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Welcome to /jp/

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At least I do my best not to fall below a certain level

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>To trample on one touhou's feelings.
Why would you do such a horrible thing? That's horrible.. You're a horrible person OP !

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Sorry, I can't. I joke about beating up and rape with touhous, but that's because those things don't require such in depth character union. To emotionally trample on a touhou is pretty bad, I'd say the worst kind of pain since you can't put a band aid on your brain, and drugs to make you feel better always have really bad after effects. Emotional scarring is magnitudes worse than physical scarring.

I honestly can't find a touhou that I don't like at that level and would hurt her like that. There are some i don't pay much attention to, but I still love all the toohoos, and need them to smile and be happy most of the time.
This is not my kind of thread OP

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Women like having their emotions being manipulated, deep down.

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Why doesn't /jp/ like emotional manipulation? It can be pretty fun.

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Because we're all trainwrecks here, we don't want to see our 2hu going through the same shit.

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Fucking forgot my sage.

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Touhous don't have feelings.

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They're smiling all the time. That means they must feel happiness.

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Youre a bad person.

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She can handle it

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Am I such a bad person for having a lust for the arts of manipulation?

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Yukari. It'd be beautiful to see such a composed, elegant, highly intelligent and logical woman be overwhelmed by her emotions. I don't think I'd be able to live with myself after that, though, as I like her a lot.

Sakuya would be nice, too. I wouldn't be able to live with myself either, though.

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Overall it seems like a pretty poor idea to mess with people more powerful than you.

In this case it'd be worth it.

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Yes. You are a bad person for wanting to do things like that to other people, especially ones like touhous.

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But Yukari does that all the time!

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Wouldn't you learn more about your favorite Touhou by toying with her emotions?

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Touhous are happy beings. Harming them in any way would be a horrible thing to do.

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can they harm me?

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No, they'd be broken beyond repair once you emotionally destroy them.

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Imagine how satisfying it would be to make her cry.

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It would be damn worth it. If said touhou start crying I may even start fapping.

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That's like bullying a a little kid. How low can you get?

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I would want Alice to fall in love with me. I would lead her on and make her think that I care for her in return. Her love would grow and she would grow more dependent on me. Then when she confesses her feelings I would insult her and tell her how I hate her and how worthless she is. Then I would beat her up, with my fists, and leave her in the street somewhere.

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Would you steal her magic books, clothing, dye your hair blond, and take her place as the new Alice?

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They are people. Not machines or other things you analyze by destroying them. Listen to yourself damnit.

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I would burn all of her books and dolls so she would be left with nothing.

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Is your sense of empathy dead, sir?

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But he's right. You could learn so much more about her by taking her apart and trying to put her back together. But I guess you don't care about her.

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But how could he ever hope to learn if he cowers away from her? It's a real shame. I hope it's one of the more populer 2hu, so he won't be missed.

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More like he is a coward. He knows it in his heart he doesn't know his favourite touhou well enough to get to the point where he can successfully trample all over her feelings.

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More like I have a basic sense of empathy.

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Grow up, kid.

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Who is it anyway? Who's the unfortunate touhou who has earned favor from such a coward?

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Which touhou would you let break you?

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Youre a bastard if you get pleasure from the pain of others. Especially those who you love, or dont deserve it. If the only way to know someone is to cause them pain, one should be content not to. And it is most certainly not.

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Answer the question, you coward. You can't be bothered to try and understand her, so now you're too ashamed to admit who she is? You're pathetic. Stop backtracking and start talking.

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But I hate all Touhous.

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And you're a hypocrite if you think this is about having pleasure in emotionally trampling someone. What a rotten human being.

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Ill try to understand her in any way but one that will hurt her. It has nothing to do with cowardice, it is basic morality. Youre a bastard.

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Technically, you are correct.

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If you will know her in any way except one in which you hurt her, then you will never fully know her. You just want to fall in love with a pre-conceived notion. You treat her as nothing but an object. You disgust me.

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I dont like harming people. I distinctly dislike it, unless I have some reason to very pointedly hate them, even in such a case id not act on any desire to, as it would be wrong.You are wrong that the only way to know someone is to break them.

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It's not the only way. It is, however, the best way. It's also the most fun way.

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>the most fun way
And so we return to
I treat her far more as a person than you do, scum.

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Name calling? That's just hurtful. I mean, if it's my favorite, I'll probably stick around afterwards and prod about. Try rebuilding her next. We already established that, remember?

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Boy, you sure are nitpicking.

>I dont like harming people. I distinctly dislike it, unless I have some reason to very pointedly hate them

And there we go again. Not only are you a disgusting, sick, hypocritical and shallow human being, you also don't hear what other people have to say. I feel sad for your favourite touhou. If you did meet, she would never be able to open her heart to you.

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Youve been doing the very same this entire time.
Explain. And like I said, even if I did hate soemone, I would not do something like that. I was not nitpicking anything. You claimed that destroying someone emotionally is fun. My post earlier served as a response almost specifically to something like that. And ive already told who my faovrite touhou is, it was in the picture. Yuuka.

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But you are afraid. You are afraid of that interaction. And you call me scum for it. That's just excessive, completely uncalled for.

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Im afraid of nothing.You are the one throwing shit around like "disgusting, sick, hypocritical and shallow human being, " without basis. If you love someone, it will hurt you as much as it does them to see them broken emotionally. Even rebuilding them would come with pain, and yet you would put them through that, and call it FUN, for your own selfishness and impatience.

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You are yet to realize you're arguing with two different people.

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There are two people arguing with you. I never called you disgusting, sick, shallow, or hypocritical.

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Actually, I quit. I hate arguing with self-righteous morally ambiguous idiots. It's like talking with a brick wall.

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Your demeanors are much similar, I believed it to be one imitating two. My apologies.

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That's mean. Of course I care. That's why it's special. You aren't just trying to destroy, you're trying to understand.

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And you use the method that requires destruction. And call it fun.

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Well, that's because it is. It even comes with a conlusion, just for her. Did you ever play with electronic and/or mechanical shit when you were young? Take it apart and put it together and see how it works? It's the same thing.

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To clarify: If you love her, it will cause you just as much pain to see her broken as it will cause her to experience it. Now you two acted similar, so I dont know which one of you claimed destroying someone and piecing them together again was fun, im just operating on the assumption it was you. Correct, or not?

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In all fairness, I think she's a bit screwy to begin with, so it's all in good fun.

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and if you are tougher than her, and can take such a thing, you clearly do not understand her to well if you would not think of and understand the possibility that she is not, and would take it far harder than you. If you AT ALL understand her, you will be as destroyed as she after seeing the work done, and by doing it.

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Why, is that not the point? To understand?

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Causing someone that sort of pain is not "all in good fun." Regardless of who it is. Nobody deserves to experience that.Who is YOUR favorite touhou, anyway?
Machines are emotionless, and can be taken apart perfectly well. People are no such things. But as youve not denied making that post, ill assume it was you, and you yourself have stated that there are other ways to know them that dont require them to be broken. If you fail to understand her that it would not cause such pain to you as well to break her, before you try to, and destruction is the only way you can think of or would want to use, you do not deserve her, and she herself does not deserve someone who would do that to her so willingly.

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What can I say? I'm a curious man. And going by this argument, I guess I like to hurt people. It's Flandre, by the way.

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That makes you either a sadist, or a sociopath, by definition. I dont care if you are or not, but do not try to argue about morals. Please.

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Morals regarding other people I mean.

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Who said morals? I don't recall mentioning the term. I don't think the other guy did either. It's all about knowledge, intimacy, whatever term you prefer.

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This entire discussion has been about it from my perspective. Huh.

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That's why you can't love, /jp/. You forgot that your heart is in your chest, not in your head. It's not about how it works, or how to fix it, or understanding it. It's about how much are you willing to give not caring you could get nothing in return, it's about sharing, and caring, and feeling warm inside just by looking someone who you love smiling at you. But you forgot about those insignificant things, and yet those little things are the ones you are looking so desperately

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What a stupid load of feel good crap. Your lame post has made everyone in this thread dumber just by existing. Why don't you just give up and die?

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What an anime-like thing to say. Something about the syntax of the last sentence just struck me as extremely anime.

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She played with the feelings of hundreds of men, she's the only one worth of this torture.

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damn so many bitches I hate so little time OP

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the moonbitches because they deserve it.

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None, because I am not a faggot.