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Many Japanese people are extremely racist. They think every non-Japanese person except White people are inferior. Japanese people especially love to insult Koreans and Chinese. On 2ch and 2chan, there are many racists who insult Korea. There is
even a special board called "Nida" on 2ch for people to insult Korea. Japan is the most racist country in the world. I am very ashamed of this sad fact.

I am Japanese also.

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Look at Korea and China. You can hardly blame them.

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>I am Japanese also.

Yeah. Also, I'm Jewish and a great David Irving fan.

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kOREA #1 AND #2

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What is it like in Japan?

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Do we need to have this discussion every night?

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I guess one good thing about being American is that you do not feel any (or at least very little) responsibility for what other Americans do.

By the way, there are many racists in America still.

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Although I know of no real trouble with South Korea, other than the fact they're really fucking proud of every tiny little thing.

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Isn't that kinda like how people on 4chan call everyone niggers, without actually being racist? When you're anonymous you want to say things you're not supposed to say just because you're not supposed to say them.

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Oh, I guess I was on Nida when I found this.

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Well, you know how we treat niggers here?

In soviet Japan, The nigger is you!

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nowhere is prefect - sometime you just have to grit your teeth and put up with things, very hard when its your own country but what can you do?

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It is morning here in Japan.

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This kind of thread again? ;__;

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Koreans love to insult Japanese and Chinese.
Chinese love to insult Koreans and Japanese.

Balance has been restored.

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Why the fuck do Japanese people think white people aren't inferior? Are they stupid or something?

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There are more Chinese than just from China. Hong Kong? Singapore? You can definitely blame ANY race for exhibiting extreme xenophobia and racism for ignorance.

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I mean, white people have fucked up the world more than any other race. We fucking SUCK. If the world was run by black people, everyone would be chilling in their little villages in the savannah and everything would be cool.

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As a Korean I don't really care. Japan is not my country and they can collectively go fuck themselves.
I don't have to live in Japan, I don't have to deal with the Japanese public, and whether or not they like to make fun of us means about as much to me as Swedish people making fun of Fins. It's their business and their own ignorance is the price they pay.

On the other hand, I love Japanese made video games and anime tv shows/movies, and will continue to enjoy them. Whether the creators of the shows/games share the culture's xenophobic tendancies doesn't matter to me unless it shows in their works, at which time I will no longer support them.

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But I thought rape in japan is like saying hurro...

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Don't feel bad about it. There are racists everywhere.

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My ex was korean, but born in America. Her mom was straight from korea and she was really weird. They kinda hate the chinese and japanese because they were conquered by each of them at least once in ancient times and alot of their culture and history got destroyed in the occupations.

Also, they made Hello Kitty and Powerpuff Girls are made because the Japanese tend to take credit for it.

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OP is typical Korean. Many Korean live in Japan. and they love to write that "I'm Japanese".

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Many American people are extremely racist. They think every non-American person, even White people, are inferior. American people especially love to insult blacks and mexicans. On 4chan and 7chan, there are many racists who insult black people. There is even a special board called "/b /" on 4chab for people to insult black people. America is the most racist country in the world. I am very ashamed of this sad fact.

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>They think every non-Japanese person except White people are inferior


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Amusing, but America is far from the most racist country in the world. I played recreational soccer with an English person and a Kurd from Turkey. The English person remarked how much racism he saw in this rural area. The Kurd did not see anything around him as racist. Compared to what he experienced in Turkey, racism here doesn't even register.

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It's 'cause we're superior.

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Your anecdotical evidence is completely insignificant when talking about a country with what, 200+ millions of residents ?

Nonetheless, this was more of a joke meant to relativise. There are many countries that are xenophobic and that mix "being proud about its inheritage" with "treating others like shit". Still, I'm tempted to think this is the logcal goal of any society.

So really, Japan. Stop trying to pass yourself as the only place in the world where racism exists. You're just a drop in the ocean, you silly little archipelago.

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Everyone thinks they are superior to everyone else. Be it their race, nationality, religion, college football team, etc. Humans are just faggots like that.

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Well theres your problem.

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This Japanese anon speaks the truth.

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i thought some russian guy named gendy tartakoffksy or somthing like that make Powerpuff Girls

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yes lol

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Finland or Korea, who has the biggest inferiority complex?

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i tend do disagree saying japan is the most racist. sure its pretty racist over there, but still other places are a lot worse. like over in saudi arabia and those -istan places (pakistan, etc)

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I hate Gock and Chink and racism

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For Japanese, Koreans are like Cubans for American.
They are crazy every day every time.

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Um. So what? Americans on 4chan do the same with all the people from other countries. Its not like Japanese people suck. Its more like humanity sucks. Get over it, we are all the same.

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In Japan it seems to be more a result of a relatively limited world view, rather than actual hatred most of the time. Besides, there are a lot of younger people with an actual interest in Korea and Korean culture (the hallyu/kanryū effect). I studied Korean with a group of Japanese students in Seoul last summer. Give it a generation or two.

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>Get over it, we are all the same.

Some cultures are inferior.

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Spain is extremely racist towards southamericans, specially colombians.
And I can understand why. I feel for you spaniards, stuck with the worst of our population.

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>>be more a result of a relatively limited world view

No, it's a combination the Koreans being dicks over territories, copying Japanese products and claiming that they made them first and/or claiming that they're totally different despite being exactly the same, and of people in general getting upset when their mothers get hot for young Korean drama girly-men.

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Russians are buying summer houses in Eastern Finland. Soon some municipalities are majorly Russian. People are afraid of this. Also, Russians smell bad, look evil and tend to steal your wallet when you're not looking.

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Swedes tends to be racist towards, well everyone really, but especially towards brown-skinned people. "An for a good reason!" they cry, bemoaning the fact that they "come here in droves", yet nevermind the fact that there are too few people here to keep the economy afloat.

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Korean "girls" who come to see Korean stars coming to Japan.

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inb4 "russians have no soul"

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All countries in the Asian region are being dicks about territory. Not because those small rocks in the middle of the sea mean anything, but because of the rich fishing grounds and natural resources surrounding them. (see also Russia, China, Japan, The Philippines, Indonesia, etc.) They all have some validity to their claims.

독도, 竹島, Liancourt Rocks, who cares.

Incidents about Korean manufacturers copying Japanese products are blown up, whilst the two governments and the big companies in both countries actually try to cooperate because it is mutually beneficial to do so.

Your last point is exactly what I said. A number of Japanese is somewhat xenophobic and has a limited world view. Ignorance breads hatred and misunderstanding. On the whole, the two people do get along quite nicely and it will only get better in time with the troubled war past fading away.

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I agree with the "limited world view" point. There is racism in every country/culture but there are also people who are genuinely interested in opening up their minds and exploring other cultures too.
Of course, it'd be awesome if Japan would stop making fun of Korea and China all the freaking time on TV as well. (ref. recent Gyoza incident. Its like, Japan, yes you imported Gyoza with banned chemicals in it, but hey its not like your own people didn't mess up. Look at the Fujiya expired food scandal and then Lawsons expired oden thing. Did you guys make a big deal out of it? nope. Just a small report. But the gyoza thing. OMFG its China's faulllltttt lets make it a huge deal and talk about it on the news for a week)

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it's all about the oil

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>I am very ashamed of this sad fact.
>I am Japanese also.

suicide only option for shame

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koreans dogs use japanese land as garbage dump
trash and chemical are fill the beach
fuck'n korean

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Don't underestimate the economic value of fishing grounds and natural gas. But yeah, oil certainly matters.

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I heartily disapprove of this topi

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copy pasta

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Yes. Koreans love suicide to blame Japanese.
This man kill himself to blame Japanese.
And Japanese ppl lolololololol.

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The OP is obviously a troll trying to start some gigantic flame war.

but anyways, I don't think Japan is racist. What you think is racism is just common sense and protecting them selfs from assholes and losers. I'll admit that there are a FEW people who are bitter because off WW2, but those are all older people.

- "Japanese Only" signs
These are not because they dont want non-japs in the store, it's most likely because they want to communicate with their customers. Another reason could be because Americans are really just careless or might steal something.

- key money
While I find this a bit unfair, it's nothing personal. It's not a law so if you speak good Japanese you could avoid it and some places don't ask for it. You really only have gaijin who cant clean up after them selfs to blame for this. They can't take their shoes off, and basically trash the place and the mats so they charge extra to make sure that if they have to clean up for you it doesn't come out of their picket. Think of it as something like a pet deposit, except you don't get it back.

>>There is even a special board called "Nida" on 2ch for people to insult Korea
Hal Turner had a radio show to insult blacks, does that mean he represents all of America??

- Japanese people get jobs over gajiin
I wish the USA would do this too ;_;. This one should be obvious though.

So as you can see, I'd hardly call Japanese people racist, they're just tired of dealing with lazy dumbass foreigners.

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This is like the IBM spying scandal mentioned in the Japan FAQ (the one that gets reposted every time a weeaboo says "I wanna go to Japan"/"I wanna be Japanese")

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I am not aware of this. Care to clarify?

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its easy, if Japan is being racist to gaijins, we should do the same in our countries

put some "Japanese are not welcome" and other that says "chinese/koreans are welcome"

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Ctrl+F IBM and read that part.

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>>lazy dumbass foreigners


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english only, foreigner

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>>- "Japanese Only" signs
>>These are not because they dont want non-japs in the store, it's most likely because they want to communicate with their customers. Another reason could be because Americans are really just careless or might steal something.

Mostly Russians actually. Up North that is. Typical case of culture clash. What is common sense in one culture can be completely missing in another.

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Ah perfect. Thanks anon!

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"What comes to mind when you think of these countries?"

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The Japanese that do go abroad are not the few racists that you are criticizing. Besides, you can't punish a whole country for the acts of a few.

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It was in reply to a Japanese troll. Besides, I'd use my mother tongue, but there aren't that many Dutchmen here to make it really useful.

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Ok, BoA is a korean and shes fucking popular over at Japan.

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It is a pic about Korea. But Korean trolls insist that it is Japan. You can see "co.kr" in that pic.

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There are popular black people in America, yet 4chan still hates niggers.

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then you have dumbshits like Debito going just for the sake of making a fuss over it

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>They think every non-Japanese person except White people are inferior


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Just look at that site and read some of the text. It is about as representative of Japan as the KKK is for the US or the Neo-Nazis for Germany.

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slavs are inhuman though, Germans proved it

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Go die, fuck yourself etc etc.

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Are you really ignorant enough to not know of Niconico or are you just an idiot?

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oh noes, butthurt slavfag...

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nah it seems right on the money, coming from a white person

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Don't worry, slavs can't understand complex social thought processes brain is too small you know...). I'm sure it meant no harm to you.

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>slavs are inhuman though
truer words were never spoken

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Not talking about Niconico itself, just what that page throws up in related links and all. (嫌韓流 for example).

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Britfag here, sometimes I wished the Germans won so they could get rid of these lazy ass poles and slovaks sitting in every gutter living off the shit on the street.

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Protip: Comments aren't from the guy who uploaded it.

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/jp/ = racism ;__;

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Japanese are not racists

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How do you watch those videos? It doesn't show a flash player or anything.

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lol at the nigger in hip-hop getup singing enka

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Bah, compulsory registration. Thanks.

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Everyone here has an account. Newfag.

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The difference is that on 2ch and Futaba, they're completely serious instead of just trolling.

To be fair, Korea and China has the same attitude towards Japan and China or Korea and China, respectively. This doesn't make it any better, of course; two wrongs don't make a right.

Unfortunately, in countries where a single ethnicity makes up such an enormous section of the population, racism is really inevitable, and it'll continue to be as long as the primary source of information on other cultures is through the medium of television.

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>>Unfortunately, in countries where a single ethnicity makes up such an enormous section of the population, racism is really inevitable

I hope you're not seriously suggesting that the situation is any better in multicultural countries.

Separating ethnicities into their own monocultural nation-states is a good thing precisely because it prevents them from having to deal with each other all the time. If they are forced into that (say, by too lax immigration laws), they will not start dancing and singing together for peace, they'll be in each others' throats all the time. See: United fucking States, Balkan etc.

>> No.92059

yeah I agree. Multiculturalism fucking blows. A recipie for disaster.

>> No.92066

You must be new here.


>> No.92069

Racism in the United States is far less prevalent than most would believe. At least, in urban areas. On a related note, what about Canada?

>> No.92073

Multiculturalism is the new communism (or libertarianism), one of those crazy ideologies that are supposed to magically conquer the basic human nature overnight, are not supported by any actual accomplishments and will just doom everybody who tries it. It's an experimental phase the western world is going through, nothing more. I just hope it doesn't end with another world war.

>> No.92090

Well I'm White, so I can dig.

>> No.92094

And yet politicians and the academia worship it for no particular reason whatsoever...

Perhaps it's due to some unherto hidden Westerner's pride gained by kowtowing to another race at the expense of their own?

>> No.92096

When you put two different ethnicities with different customs and values right next to each other, they are not going to tolerate each other any more than if they are kept separate - on the contrary, they will get defensive, tribal and violent towards each other. This has been seen countless times all over the world, most recently in the Kosovo/Albania/Serbocroatia/Whateveristan area in Europe. It will culminate in one side finally getting so fed up with the other that they'll start an ethnic cleansing.

Human beings are tribal by the very core of their souls. No well-meaning huggy poster campaign can change that.

Ironically, if you only have very very few samples of minority X in an area (like, say, one black guy at Whiteburg), they are likely to face less hostility than if there are many, simply because they do not pose a threat to the tribal instinct of the locals.

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It's a good thing janinazis stay in /a/. Otherwise awesome discussions like this would never take place.

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wow, americans hates asian people, africans, latinos, arabs and some euro people...

>> No.92104


I think it's subconscious collective shame the intellectuals and academics feel for the Whitey having previously stomped all over the world with jackboots. They are desperate to show the world that they can be civilized and peaceful, to such an extreme degree that it actually just creates more strife.

>> No.92118

But the thing is, the multiculturalism experiment simply CANT be reversed once it has been implemented.

>> No.92120

You can thank progressivism for everything you have. Multiculturalism is a facet of modern progressivism. Which means that it's here to stay, and you best be getting with the program. Society isn't going to retard itself just because you and your conservafag buddies want it too.

>> No.92126

What? Most Americans don't hate asians and they definitely don't hate Europeans, given white American's ancestors are European and all.

>> No.92137


On the contrary, I think that it will eventually reverse itself no matter what: the tribal instincts of people will be constantly fortified by the proximity of the Other. It will just be messy and violent, and the tribes will be smaller and more scattered. But eventually it will all be over one way or another when the forcibly smooshed-together tribes fight to the death, and it will leave no lasting mark other than a couple borders being moved here or there.

The sad part is that there's no guarantee that any given individual culture is going to survive it. In fact, the peaceful, "nice" cultures are going to have the lowest chance of surviving.

>> No.92143


Americans DO hate Europeans and consider them to be a bunch of smelly, privileged assholes who think too highly of themselves because their whatever-hundred years of so-called "culture".

Tribal hate goes beyond mere race and skin color.

>> No.92153

I'm American and I've NEVER heard anyone talk bad about Europeans.

>> No.92154


If you have an actual, concrete argument in favor of forcing together people who don't like each other and can't deal with each other, I'm all ears. To my uncivilized eyes, that looks like a recipe for disaster.

I'm a leftist fag, not a conservative fag by the way.

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but u sure have heard about Latin racism

>> No.92175

Most americans don't really have an opinion either way. The loud-mouthed racists are the minority.

>> No.92179

Im Zapanese

>> No.92185

Who is being forced together? You don't have to invite unwanted guests into your home.

What do you want, to forcibly separate groups of people?

>> No.92229

>Who is being forced together? You don't have to invite unwanted guests into your home.

But you DO have to invite them to your country, your town, your school and so on. You will be forced to deal with them in your day-to-day life, when previously you could just quietly accept them as something that exists somewhere else. And if you are annoyed with anything they do - which is inevitable because they are different from you, want different things and try to get them in different ways - the media is quick to tell you that it's you, and not this uninvited guest, who needs to change.

Please note that I don't mean that different is necessarily bad. I mean that different is something that belongs someplace else for reasons of simple _convenience_, voidance of constant bloodbaths and hate crimes.

Separation of people is what nation-states exist for. I think it's one of the highest examples of justice in the post-WW2 world that each rough "kind" of people gets their own plot of land where they can be free of the influence and judgment of all the other kinds of people. If somebody doesn't like his tribe, he should of course be allowed to search for a better one, but he should also have the obligation to assume the values and customs of that new tribe as his own, instead of imposing those of his previous tribe on the new one and demanding that they change their ways to accommodate him. I think this is all intuitively reasonable, common sense stuff.

>> No.92242

Won't be any whites left in a thousand years or so

>> No.92253

Fuck you you pretentious faggot. Denmark is even more racist than your shitty country.

>> No.92332

The Diversity Theorem: Groups of people from anywhere in the world, mixed together in any numbers and proportions whatsoever, will eventually settle down as a harmonious society, appreciating—nay, celebrating!—their differences... which will of course soon disappear entirely.

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>I hope you're not seriously suggesting that the situation is any better in multicultural countries.
>See: United fucking States
Except that it IS better in multicultural countries such as the United States. The only places where it's bad is - surprise surprise! - the rural south and other places where ethnicity is next to homogeneous.

If you live among people of different ethnic backgrounds and see them every day, the likelyhood of you seeing them as out of place or inferior drops significantly. If you grow up around them, the odds drop to almost nothing.

As an example, racism is nowhere near as bad in Tokyo compared to the rest of Japan, because more foreigners live there. Outside of Tokyo, seeing someone who isn't Japanese in person is an extremely rare event.

>> No.92355

I'm glad someone finally articulated it in this light. Nations aren't just generic social contracts, they are an identity.

>> No.92357


Then why is it that the good ol' Melting Pot is a boiling pit of hate crimes and ethnic violence while almost entirely monocultural societies like Japan or Finland are also almost entirely free of the same crimes and violence?

>> No.92379

>I am Japanese also.

Hey faggot, every east-Asian country is fucking racist. Now STFU, and stop trolling.

>> No.92393

>Japan is the most racist country in the world.

Not if I can help it. Come on Americans, we've got to beat the Japs! Lynch more niggers!

>> No.92395

Because there aren't many piss poor people in Finland. There aren't many rich people either because of high taxes and low salaries.

Most people are humble and make a living, so no need to hang around the streets, form gangs or blame someone for your misery. Plus guns are somewhat hard to get. This doesn't result in a completely violence free society (mind you, I almost got beat up next to a bar last saturday), but it helps.

>> No.92398


Because we're not a melting pot, we're a fucking tossed salad. Everything doesn't blend here it just gets thrown together and we deal with it. Some people just can't.

>> No.92439

Did you just say Japan isn't racist and then go on to describe racism in Japan? Because it sure looks like that's what you did.

>> No.92450


With Muslims calling all righteous Islam pigs to kill everyone of your people with a blunt knife and using furry animals to propegate that, and that all because a badly drawn FUCKING CARTOON, and them setting 40 cars on fire...

I dare you not too hate those fuckers.

>> No.92459


this I mean.

>> No.92531

"One of the earliest critics of multiculturalism in Australia was historian Geoffrey Blainey, who warned that it threatened to transform Australia into a "cluster of tribes". In his 1984 book All for Australia, Blainey criticized multiculturalism for being "anti-British" and for overemphasizing the rights of ethnic minorities, Asian immigrants in particular, at the expense of the majority of Australians. According to Blainey, such a policy with its "emphasis on what is different and on the rights of the new minority rather than the old majority" was unnecessarily creating division and threatened the nation's social cohesion. He remained a persistent critic of multiculturalism into the 1990s, condemning multiculturalism as "morally, intellectually and economically ... a sham"."

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File: 547 KB, 563x598, americalolwut.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The modern U.S. has a very small number of hate crimes relative to its size and the majority of the United States believes racism is wrong. This is reflected in that people with publicized racist beliefs don't last long in a public forum (and I don't mean the internet kind), amongst other places.


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How dare you! We're not racists, we're patriots!

>> No.92659

Lies. Finland has the third highest rate of firearms per capita in the world, only behind US FUCK YEAH and Yemen.

>> No.92665

And what makes you so sure that they're not trolling? Your superior moonspeak skills?

Seriously, it's not hard to make yourself seem serious on the internet. You'd know this if you went on /n/ before moot changed it.

>> No.92727

Most of them are hunting weapons, though. You can't get a gun licence for self-defence. And anyway, any guns must be kept behind locks.

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