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Why did Yukari marry a female tentacle monster anyway?

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Why WOULDN'T she?

What a silly question. Just imagine the possibilities!

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I shall not speak about such lewd topics.

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It doesn't have to be lewd. Although sadly there aren't many domestic or gentle tentacle monsters.

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Because she can.

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I like this inclusion of Ran

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Yukari isn't married to anybody take this shit off of /jp/

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Yukari papa playing with chen while Ran mama gets the clothes.

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Ran is a personification of the "sandwich generation"
That part of the middle class of modern day Japan that are caught raising their children and caring for their parents at the same time.
A lot of 60something Japanes retirees, freed from the responsibilities of raising kids and going to work 50+ hours a week regress into a kind of adolecescent behavior. The sleep a lot, drink too much, spend too much money, and won't do house work, but continue to demand "respect" from their kids. Exactly like Yukari.
Meenwhile there are also actual kids in the house that the parents are trying to discipline but the grandparents are lying around, or getting into trouble, providing bad examples if not outright enabiling the kids or spoling them with gifts (Yukari and Chen).
Meanwhile the current working generation gets stuck with the bills, and the legal problems of both their parents and kids bad behavior.

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>A lot of 60something Japanes retirees ... regress into a kind of adolecescent behavior

It's by no means a Japanese-only phenomenon ;_;

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>That origin story

Fuck you anon, don't make me cry again ;_;

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Why do people think Yukari is older than Ran?

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What happened to the artist? His pixiv id is gone

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Check Danbooru.

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I'm pretty sure it's assumed that Yukari is older than the hills.

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Don't joke about that.

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She's like a Japanese Shaggoth

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>By stroke of luck

I love it when artists can't find any logical explanation on how to detain an omnipotent person so they just say things like "BY STROKE OF LUCK"

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I know his past work is on danbooru. I just want new art from him

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You seem to be under the impression that h-doujins require this thing called "logic."

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Origin story?

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Secondary shit

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Don't be such an old 镵 in the mud.

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His argument is solid. Shit sucks in touhou.

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It's fucking magic.
Or they snuck up on her in her sleep.

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The majority of content in our glorious hobby is based on impossible contrivances.