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We have a problem /jp/

say we manage to open a portal to gensokyo

there are only one of each tohou , and a lot of us, so how are we gonna decide who is worthy of each girl, because i dont wanna share

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Danmaku battles, obviously.

Hope you've been practising.

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Like gentlemen.

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There can only be one way.

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gensokyo doesn't exist.

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>i dont wanna share
that's how we'll know who's out

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The 2hus dont want you, anon~

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we could clone the tohos

everyone will be happy then

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Danmaku battles.

Sanaefags will have to share obligatory.

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men cant do danmaku

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This. At least decide with dignity.

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I will become a very strong touhou then a touhou will like me. Perfect plan.

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but there's no men here.

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Every person has his own little Gensokyo pocket dimension.

Sheesh, it's like you guys don't know anything at all.

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Touhous are men.

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Does this Gensokyo exist in the image of the person's hopes and dreams? Or to be a little more precise, will all touhous have dicks in my Gensokyo?

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No. Find a setting with primarily males and join its fanbase.

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the media has killed my imagination, so i dot know what you are talking about

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>implying that 2hus would be happy with just only 1 man at a time

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Everyone who wants Flandre gets in the same room as her. Last one standing wins simple?

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>implying they want men

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Nobody on /jp/ would want Flandre

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lol have fun fighting with the weaboo touhou fandom rofl

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You want to talk about a touhou board getting to gensokyo? 東方@ふたば would get in long before you. They'd be settled with happy families with the touhous before you even got out of the forest to the village.

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I'm safe because I'm the only one who wants Toyohime.

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I just want to be Eirin's student. What happens next, I'll leave it to fate.

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I could beat the shit out of you weeaboos faggots while blindfolded and with my hands tied.

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I just want to be friends with Koishi. After reading Symposium of Post-mysticism it looks like she might not want a human friend though ;_;

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Nobody can love or hate her.

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Tenji might like to have a word with you..

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We merge and become strong enough to survive in Gensokyo.

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Don't worry, even if a youkai can't eat all of you in one day, they could probably manage if they spread out their meals over time.

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I'm sorry we've never met, Hello.

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dont be like that flandre is a beautifullk lady and im sure there a lot of guys after her wings

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She doesn't know what she wants, anon.

She's an imagineary friend with some bizarro transient presence, and she's also apparently half-enlightened, at least in the way that she has no desires.

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Again, hello, I'm a Flandre Fan.

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Imaginary friends are fine too.

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I'd say Koishi accounts for a third of the presences I feel behind me on a regular basis, at least the feeling anyways, I wouldn't be so presumptuous as to say koishi would ever bother being in my room.

Still doesn't stop me from looking behind me all the time.

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No OP, the question is which touhou would actually want to be with us.

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Hello there. How are you today, and do you happen to have any allergies?

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This fact plagues my thoughts day in and day out, why must you remind me.

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I want to help Reimu around the shrine. Romance completely optional. I just think living a simple life with a decent girl would be satisfying.

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>caring about the tuhus feelings


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Sometimes I wake up in the middle night and I feel like Koishi was in my room while I was sleeping.

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Never felt that, in fact I only do when I'm sitting in my chair, at night I just keep under my covers because there's a huge mirror in my room.

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There is no Internet in Gensokyo so you could spend 24 hours a day on improving yourself!

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Too bad I can't get there from this side of the world.

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I know what you mean.

I want to believe.

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but what if the moment we go there Gensokyo gets corrupted and they all turn into 3DPDs?

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Nobody's gonna want Udongein.

So I'm scot free.

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dont be like that she is pretty and i believe there is a alot of people who want to grab her tail

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I suppose we can share then, that's the most fair way to do it.

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And I think Udonge is used to being shared, if you catch my drift.

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I'll kill you all and have Sakuya to myself. Problem solved.

Gensokyo wouldn't be anywhere near the paradise I have in mind if the population of /jp/ were living there anyway.

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Such is the life of a pet/delievery girl.

Poor Udongein.

... But now that you've said it, I really do want to squeeze her tail.

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We hold a PoFV tournament.

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No, we cant share her, that is the problem

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To be fair, there are probably three other people willing to kill anybody else here with their eyes set on someone from the SDM.

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What's the story behind this picture?

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worst 2hu

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Then we can alternate days. Monday you can have her, Tuesday for myself, etc.

Every day we don't have her, we can help Eirin, or Tewi or some odd.

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Go fuck yourself you worthless autist. You're the same person in every thread. Don't talk shit about Flan, she's a wonderful girl. Yes, I mad.

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Have you ever heard of the theory called "there's more than one of the same touhou and more than one gensokyo"?

I know it sounds retarded and all, but it would solve the problems such as being too many of us and only one of our desire touhou.

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But then I don't really have an excuse to stab people. That may reduce my chances of being stabbed, but it's also less entertaining.

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I know. But it would also save problems and not the need to fight over her at all.

Of course if you really would "like" to stab someone to win your favourite touhou... you can shoot down my theory and go with whatever you believe in. I however will stick with it (because there only being one of that certain touhou would make me not want to bother fighting over her being that there's countless others that love her as well).

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I see no issue here. In all likelihood, it won't even be me doing the killing.

Being the studly buff girlfucker that I am, I can just sit back and take it easy, since Sakuya will upon seeing me go weak in the knees before killing those scrubs for me so we can be together in a monogamous relationship.

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While you were forming this plan, did it occur to you that Sakuya is not the only 2hu in the SDM? Or that even if she did go "weak in the knees" that might interfere wtih her killing everybody else? Or that even if you were somehow excluded, it might not be entirely because of you?

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No , you sound like a good guy but there are people who dont like to share , for example will never share mokou

sanae feel like killing youkai that day, and youmo and reisen were nearby so..

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Alas. I guess we'll have to see just how many people want the Udongein then.

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My ego is huge enough to justify my belief that Sakuya will fall in love with me at first sight. My captcha is clearly a message from Gensokyo confirming this.

Also, what the hell is a 2hu?

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𝒔𝒖𝒄𝒌 𝒎𝒚 𝒄𝒐𝒄𝒌 𝒅𝒖𝒅𝒆

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Who said I want to get romantically involved with a Touhou? I'm sure they'd find most of us boring (we can't fly or danmaku) or the more feral ones would just eat us. Besides, most of the ladies of Gensokyo are breathtakingly beautiful.....us /jp/ goers are less than attractive.

I'd be more than content to just live alone and be a farmer or have a garden to sell produce in the human village.

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I take patchy and you people can do as you please, good day sirs.

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I just want to become Meiling's student and learn magic kung fu.

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You can have her.

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Everyone has their own Gensokyo so this is all an irrelevant dispute.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be enjoying my eternally monogamous relationship with my faithful and lovely Okuu.

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tohos are pure.

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Okuu is the purest of the purest. Purest are bird touhous, she is the purest of all of them.

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Ugh, take her. I'm a Marisa man anyways.

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Well nobody else wants her, so invisible shenanigans, ho!

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in the 3 dimensional form

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Fuck you guys, I'll fuck your shit up if you go near my little fairy.

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I'll run around Gensokyo with a bat attempting to whack all the /jp/sies with romantic intentions I find until somebody manages to resolve the Mysterious Bat Killer incident.

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Isn't she going to eat us all?

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Is that going to be the name of Touhou 14?

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I'd tell her to be her friend, dude.

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ITT: wich 2hu wuld u fuk?? xD

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For all we know they just haven't tried.

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Keine is free then? your loss guys.

I'll fucking kill anyone who tries to approach her.

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we decide it by a drinking contest
the loser wil be the food we offers the touhous that night

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Be a sinbag. I'm sure it'll all work out.

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The proper solution is having a giant cock sucking festival, the last man to cum wins. Wigs will be provided.

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Poland here

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yeahh ...who is gonna suck who..
bunnies ?

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OK, it's like a tournament. 2 people sucking each other, first to cum loses.

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Whatever. Still a better plot than SA.

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Pretty sure there's only like three or four regulars on the board with Ran as our favorite. I like those guys.

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>have to restrain yourself from coming
>at the same time, have to bust out all of your secret cock-sucking techniques

The winner of this tournament would be worthy, indeed.

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Isn't there shitloads of Earth rabbits, fairies and other common kinds? Get those and don't corrupt the good girls.

>> No.9042120

Not necessarily. I hate having my cock sucked, so there's a pretty good chance I'd win through sheer attrition.

And I am not worthy.

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there is a problem..i dont like cocks
thats wat i like about gensokyo, there are not cocks there

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Which makes me wonder who are the touhous with the least people who consider them their favorite.

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Think of it as the last trial standing between you and being promptly snacked on by your youkai waifu.

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I hope I'm delicious. What a shame it would be to get that far and be tripe.

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Okay, who here has the Mexican Tewi?

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In my Gensokyo there are cocks everywhere

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>create my own toho

but i suck at drawing

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I think it means you can create your own Gensokyo.

Remember Koishi's Heart-Throbbing Adventure? You don't have to be good at drawing anyway.

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That never stopped ZUN!

dohohoho *kneeslap*

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There is only one person who posts on this board, and that is you ZUN !bar.