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Do you think autistic girls can be moe?

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yes, autism seems to be in vogue lately in the west. I wonder if it'll catch on in Japan. I heard this girl was popular with westerners, but not in Japan.

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of course

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Only if they're 2d.

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Nope, you're not moe.

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In 2D, yes. Anything can be moe in 2D.
In 3D, no. Nothing can be moe in 3D.

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Might be moe:
- Autism
- apathy
- requires help

Kills the moe:
-No shame along with retardation
-Tsuntsun crap
And the lists go on.

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congrats on the ice burn

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As long as they're not ugly, sure.

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I'm not autistic, I like communication disorders kids and I like to help people, that's what I wanna do someday. So don't make fun of me, okay? And don't make fun of autism people!

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know that chair

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Nigga, do you even know what "moe" means? If it exists, it's moe. Everything in the world is moe. Yes, even you.

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>>I like communication disorders kids and I like to help people

Oh OK. I asked you why in your previous thread with the ryoko pic because I thought you were making fun of autists or something.

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i sure hope autism is moe

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you follow me everywhere i go farting like idiots just FRIG OFF

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What was the message the mod left on your ban?

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Where have you been? I missed your posting :(

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I never saw any responses in that thread, it got deleted pretty quickly.

I thought I said I wanted to work with communication disorders though?

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So that emo-fringe is genetic? Is that why she can't cut her hair?

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it was something about no more avatars please
i dont use avatars i use reaction images sometimes

uhh i was banned.. sorry

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congrats on the marriage

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only autistic girls are moe

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For the normalfags, community is an excellent TV show featuring a character with Asperger's. Do watch if you have Hulu since apparently it's not on netflix or some nonsense

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