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ITT: Post your favorite Touhou song


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Fucking kill yourself.

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Y-you too.

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S-sorry I didn't mean it.

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Why is Youmu in a swimsuit?

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Why not.

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Best hellfire mantle arrange

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I'm too tired to get a link but I really like fuujin shoujo

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Somewhat relevant since this is the closest thing right now to a Touhou music thread.

Oh my...

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My favorite 2hu eurobeat.

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I love that one

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I really don't think that anyone who routinely listens to touhou music has only one favorite. They'd have to be inhuman

I can't find it on youtube, so some of these will be mediafire links

The Quintet Comes From Phantasmagoria's rendition of Deaf to All But The Song! So gorgeous and fanciful, so carefree and lighthearted! Their album is absolutely beautiful. It's a shame it's so short


Kaitenmokuba's rendition of Voyage 1969! It's easy to like piano remixes, but goddamn is this one especially haunting and gorgeous to listen to


Send_off's rendition of Phantom Ensemble! It's such a lovely song in the first place. Add in some acoustic guitars and a charming folksyish beat and you have a recipe for beauty


Tomato Punch's rendition of Ancient Temple! A catchy jazz beat is easy for me appreciate. I don't have many jazz touhou remixes, so it really stands out as a charming song


Toho Eurobeat Vol 2's rendition of Emotional Skyscraper! Stebbins tends to be a love it or hate it type guy, especially since Eurobeat's lyrics are so cheesy. But I love them; beautiful songs mixed with a good male vocalist speaking proper English is great


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Gensou Hardsound #001's rendition of Shanghai Alice of Meiji 13! This is a group that is really either hit or miss for me, but I very much enjoy this song. It mixes the elegant beauty of the original song with a sense of overpowering strength that I think suits her character


Record of Ancient Chronicle's rendition of Now, Until the Moment You Die! It's always lovely to hear remixes of PC98 songs for me, but one that now just captures, but *enhances* the intensity of the final fight against Sariel? Fuck yes


Abyss' rendition of Emotional Skyscraper! Oh dear, am I letting on that I love this song? It's hard not to, especially when you add a good violin


I could go on forever but I'll shut up now. Unrelated note: Does anyone know of a working link for Kokuyasou's Shinku no Kenzoku wa Enkansuru Rasen wo Tanzuru album? Apparently it's corrupted and unreadable on my external HD and comiget's link of it has been taken down. Plus, the usual site:mediafire.com check isn't getting me anything. I don't know where else to look ;_;

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Actually, nevermind. It took some time but I located some French website that has a working mediafire link


I really need to work on my google skills..

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What I'm listening to right now

and some crossfades for reitaisai I think
Minimum electric design

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This reitaisai is looking to be a good one.

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I love Touhou folk music.

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or this


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Not really on topic, but does anybody know where I can find the Scarlatto di Levante album "Obsoleto Inferno" (I think that's the album name anyway).
I've searched for a while for it, but just can't seem to find it anywhere.

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VGMDB doesn't have anything by that circle or that particular album, so I have no idea

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But the latest MyonMyonMyonMyonMyonMyon! is the best MyonMyon.


In fact ムソウマテリアライズ is the best Shiabayan Records album.

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I have too many.

These are nice too.
And everything out of [Forest306×みかん箱×Foxtail-Grass Studio] navigation il mare.

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Yes, I have to agree on that one. MyonMyonMyon! is good too though.

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I wonder if he'll be involved in the next A-ONE TOHO EUROBEAT.

He wasn't in their M3 release was he?

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Heck, MyonMyonMyonMyonMyonMyon! > MyonMyonMyonMyonMyon! > MyonMyonMyon!, is how I see it.

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well crap, their site links are down, let me make a .7z and upload ot to mediafire.

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That would be much appreciated, anon.

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I love her voice.

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Can you point me to a download link for Casket's Fantastic Pub: 6 o'clock in the Afternoon? Trying to google it out myself just brings up websites for pubs

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There you go. Downloaded directly from their website, and yes, they were fucking low quality.

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Thanks bro.

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Just check the album you need and leave the rest alone. If you don't want lossless then check nyaa.eu, there should be a lossy version of the torrent there.

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Thank you very much, Anon

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Is that their only album? If not would anyone happen to know the name of their other stuff or where to download them?

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Am I weird for liking Emotional Feedback the most? I love the darker tone in some of the songs, and that one bass solo gives me an eargasm everytime!

Also, where can I download 6th spell by Xi-on? The link on Doujinstyle is dead

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Infinity Midnight is one of their albums, though I don't know where to get it sorry.

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bump for more music

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If you're into rock/metal, Xi-on is fucking amazing, I haven't loved a band this much in several years

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Swordsman of a Distant Star

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Something tells me you'll like this


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tough choice.

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I'm quite fond of Demetori


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When did /jp/ get filled with so many tryhard wannabe gangstas and angsty teens? For people who hate club music so much, you certainly love your touhou dubstep arranges.

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I hope you're not talking about Shibayan right now, because that's in it's own class, I don't even like electronic music ad I love it

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ITT: everyone posts, nobody listens


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/jp/ers don't hate clubs because of the music. They hate clubs because clubs remind them they are so unnatractive and uninteresting not even drunk women in the dark want anything to do with them. Touhou electronic music helps them build a fantasy of going to a gensokyo club and dance around with their favourite 2hu.

They say they don't care about 3DPD yet try their hardest to find excuses to dislike the things they don't like that don't show they actually care for 3D.

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You have it the other way around. It's not themselves that most /jp/ers hate, it's other people.

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Every single time I surf YouTube I find more delicious Touhou.
This time it's this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fS09GNFfbAo
Rural Makai City Esoteria mixed with Puella Magi Kajiura Magica for double the beautifulness.
I'm downloading the whole album right now.

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I heard a story once about a guy who was addicted to doujin music.
He spent his whole life listening to doujin music, spent all his money on CD's at cons and downloaded what he couldn't afford.
Always searching for that perfect arrange.
He heard lot's of great music, but no matter how hard he tried, he could never find that perfect one.
It haunted him, and tore away at his soul.
He spent his whole life searching.
But it was only when he was old and dieing, laying in that hospital bed, that he finally realized, the perfect arrange had existed all along, right in front of his eyes.
He had just been too blind to see it.

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there, under the section animate, you can find videos with their songs. Sadly, the download links were taken down and they dont seem to care for reuploading them. Now, for the paid albums released on comiket, i have no idea where to get them. Also, i wanted to comment that im uploading infinity midnight too, now with gratuitous engrish on one track title.

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>Also, i wanted to comment that im uploading infinity midnight too

Thanks anon, you're my savior.

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well, there it is, like the other album, dowloaded from their site, dont expect too much quality compression.

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Thanks once again. My long search for their albums is over.

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Shibayan's a pretty nice guy.

Check out some of his other works, especially the ones with 3L, like Dear Miss Daydreamer. Her voice is wonderful.
And, as far as the Myon tracks go, they're pretty good overall, but not his best imo. 6 > 4 > 5 > 3

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I don't like it

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This is easily my most-listened one. Maybe I'm gay

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Don't worry, my favorite locked girl arrange is this one.


I thought it was alright the first time I heard it but it really grew on me.

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One of the first 2hu songs I've heard, It's somehow kind of special.

Also, what music player does /jp/ use?

I currently use itunes because I need it to get the ipod working, but I don't like it that much.

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I use media player because I don't give a fuck.

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I use itunes or winamp depends on my mood.

I've had xi-on's 10 spells on shuffle today, they make up a pretty epic playlist.

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MPD + ncmpcpp in GNAA/Lunix

Clementine in Windows 7

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I must have played this shit at least 500 times in Osu/Beat Hazard/AudioSurf/Stepmania and similar.


I do.

I even search in the archive for music threads and listen to every recommendation.

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I recently found this youtube user that makes recopilations for each game BGM with arranged themes of the same style. They actually sound pretty good.


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You do realize there are albums for those house mixes right?

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with WASAPI, i hope?

anyway, just try listening through aplayer
i know, it looks like as if it was designed 20 years ago, but it sounds better any mainstream player, except maybe uLilith.

in before virus

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foobar2k, with some DSPs, it sounds like heaven


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Welp, for some reason I thought it was user made and didn't look it up. Good to know.

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If you have to decide between Touhou and Vocaloid, which would /jp/ prefer?