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Uh... does /jp/ want?...

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What if I fell with the chair, while still on it ?

Make it a rocking chair that can rock covering all 360°.

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Kinda want, but what if you added seat covers/pillows for extra comfort for the back, butt.
I wish to feel like a little princess on my safety chair.

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that's too big. i'm not a whore.

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Will this help with my hemorrhoids ?

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I prefer something i can bounce up and down on.

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I would actually buy a chair like this and more so if it went up and down and vibrated.

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I think so but it's not specified in the manuals...

It comes with different sized... pegs. Chose which one you are most comfortable...

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Ahhh. I've missed you, Uncle Mugen.

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why do women have it so easy

all they need to do is stuff something in their ice box, us men have to deal with different depths, level of tightness, ridges, all that fucking shit

FUCK women

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Make it dragon dildo compatible too. That would be a dealbreaker.

Sorry, but my ass has to deal with gridth, lengh, texture and firmness of the material.

Don't know if the same applies, but I'm envious (envious, not jealous) of them for not needing lube. Or at the very least not as much as me, I don't know the specifics, though.

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Unlimited want works.

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Life would be so easy if the butt was self-lubricating.

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guys i wouldn't normal ask but it seems relevant.

how do you get off to penetration? it's just uncomfortable to me.

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It usually takes around 30 minutes of anal play before you start feeling anything.

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really? cumulatively or literally EVERY time?

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It gets faster but with your first few times don't expect to feel ahegao good right away

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Make sure to warm up with a finger or two so that your butt muscles are all relaxed and ready, make sure to use a lot of lube.

Also being really horny and in the mood is important if you wish to go for handsfree orgasms.
After that just find your prostate and massage it, or use toys on it in a way that pleasures you.

I dont know what others like but i enjoy deep vibrating slow moves, and when i get closer i just speed it up and keep hitting that good spot quickly.

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I never got an orgasm out of it, but it feels good nonetheless.
And if I have something in my butt my orgasm is noticeably more intense, and I love having my anus clench around something at that time, it makes me feel special.

You mean it doesn't feel good just by rubbing your anus through clothing ?

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Mugen you glorious bastard.

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How about adding a curved shaped to the phallic protrusion to make it a little safer?

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The best way to experience an anal orgasm is to buy a prostate massager, lube up and put it in, put on your panties and just lie in bed clenching so the massager moves. Leaving it overnight is recommended.

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I got impatient once and pressed too hard on my prostate while fapping. It hurt like a bitch when I came (but I didn't damage it, thankfully). Thanks for the advice.

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Should make the dildo movable, I slouch when I computer.

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how about a wooden plunger handle? it's only 5in

too harsh?

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I guess it could work if you lube it up..
I would suggest just buying a proper safe toy instead, you can buy these things on the internet cheap and anonymous anyways these days.

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What's the name of the toy that forces your cum into your mouth

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just lick it off your hand after fapping like the rest of us.

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Um..A husband or dominant wife?
Picture possibly related.

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Want that toy.

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Lie on your back with your head against a wall, try to put your feet on the wall to help you push your crotch towards your face.
If you are flexible enough you can have a lot of fun~

If you are not flexible dont push it as you could possibly injure yourself.
And that would be embarassing to explain to a doctor why your back hurts.

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Go on.

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Well thats it really.. Autofellatio is not very complicated.

You either have the flexibility or size to do it or you dont, having both would be optimal as it would reduce the stress on your back and allow you to relax more while you enjoy yourself.
Unlike penises of others servicing your own is more tiresome.

Cant be helped.

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I just wanted you to go on about your lewd escapades.

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WHATA FUCK MAN xD i just fall of my chair kuz i


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Autofellatio isn't that great since your tongue is on the wrong side.

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True. But as for not that great it sure beats normal masturbation in my opinion.
Or at least it should, i guess it all depends on how far you can take it.

But even then i prefer buttplay, that in my opinion feels much better.

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I just tried, can't reach.

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Anal play and an onahole is superior, I would not recommend anyone wasting their time to suck their dick, it's not that great.

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I wish i had the ability to suck my cock, dude
Due to back problems i cant even dare to try. Its not so much about what is better or not i would just like to taste a dick

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So go to a gloryhole or ask a friend. Sucking your own will not satisfy you, trust me.

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I wish I had a friend I could ask for a cock... I want to taste one...

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/jp/ meetup time, now you can all suck and slurp all you want

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I had one, he turned me down and stopped talking to me. ;_;

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Exactly, that's why I would never try it on my childhood friends. That's a perfect way to destroy a relationship. It also feels pretty fucking gay.

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What a bad friend, a real friend would let his buddy play with his cock, dude
I sucked my friends cock a few times when i was younger, i'm happy i got to experience it but i dont feel any real need to do it again.

>> No.9028349

My friends used to ask me all the time if I could suck their cocks and what not but this was before I had any of those desires and I don't talk to them anymore.

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I want to ask, is it safe leaving a toy like that inside you all night?
Will your feces harden and be tough to take out? Won't it smell really bad in the morning?

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Unhygienic and gay. It's so gross (but I'm getting so hard just thinking about it). Who knows what kind of old 40 yo faggots go in there. I want my first time sucking a cock to be something special with a special person. I'm pure after all.
I wish I could organize a /jp/ gloryhole. I would suck and stroke all those cocks all night long

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Yeah, that's what makes me dislike the idea. No clue what those things are carrying.

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If your mouth is in good health, no cuts or bruises and no dental problems then you have nothing to fear.

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Just make sure to clean your insides well before any sort of anal play and you should be fine in terms of dirt and smell.
If you intend to use toys a lot make sure to buy one of those anal shower thingys or a enema.

As for leaving something inside over the night, i cant say i would want to try but i dont see how it can do any harm.

Unless its a silicon toy or anything else with lifelike texture i would suggest you dont leave it in over the night.
Metal and plastic should be fine though.

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Hmm. I have a tendency to chew on the insides of my cheeks and the tip of my tongue, so I'm probably out for that.

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True to some degree, there is always a chance to get something though even if small.
So i would make 100% sure that you are in perfect condition first if you are ever to try it.

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You can take those steps and then still have the person put on a condom but I think that would defeat the purpose.

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I've tried anal masturbation by putting a plastic bag over my hand and then butter as lube.
Didn't reach prostate, did find out my ass muscle also start tightening when you get an orgasm.
So I just kept sliding my finger while I got the orgasm, which did make it better.

An other time I used a plastic bag and a toothbrush, 80-90% of the toothbrush was inside me, but still no prostate...

Too ashamed to buy sextoys/still living with mom.

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Didn't even realize it was Mugen posting again :)

>> No.9028455

If you have a way to order them and some sort of identification you can use General Delivery and pick up your items at the post office.

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I can be your sex toy proxy, where do you live?

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A condom would ruin it i would agree, but if the person on the other side requests it you can either go along with it or wait for the next person.

Most clubs, bars, and other more professional places with these sort of things have set rules to keep both parts safe.
If either side feels uncomfortable with it the other part respects that and leaves.

I would not go to a place that does not have proper setups/rooms for these sort of things to keep you safe.

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I've attempted autofellatio. I got pretty close and came in my mouth. That was a stupid idea. Also my back hurt for like a week. I think I could do it if I got a rib removed.

>> No.9028474

The Netherlands.

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Haha, what kind of position did you try?
If I do it, I try to get my dick above my head. (Hope this description is a bit understandable).
If I do that for long I can also suck my dick in a sitting position.

It does make the orgasm a bit stronger when I jerk myself ofv while sucking, and I also don't have to clean afterwards, your own cum tastes like nothing so it is ok.
But the back and neck pain is just horrible.

Looking at porn is also very hard.

>> No.9028504

I'm pretty flexible, but I get stuck with my dick like an inch away. I don't see how I can get around my ribcage.

>> No.9028524

I can order stuff and send them to you from within europe(spain), it's not really a good deal but at least you would have total control over how the package is sent and wouldn't get it charged to your credit card etc.
There's not many advantages, it would be better if the exchange was in person, but the offer still stands if you ever need it.

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It's all fun and games until your onahole and aneros show up used.

>> No.9028582

My only friend would probably go for sucking each others cocks, but it would be very difficult to pretend with him, not feminine at all, so it would be gay.

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>Rule 1 and 2 only apply in raids.

Sure is newfag, rules before the raids even existed only apply in raids.

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Rules 1 and 2 are outdated /b/ trash and don't really apply now that everyone traces stuff back to 4chan regardless nowadays. Sorry!

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It's a shame, /b/ turned out like it has become.

I also don't like how everything you don't like has become trolling now.
"Memes" aren't what they've been.

>> No.9028783


Last time I used /b/ was during the Nurse-kun saga which was what, 07? And even then it was terrible. I don't really think there was much room to fall. Nowadays I just forget it even exists until someone brings it up.

>> No.9028785

I had a room mate that was a modern /b/tard.

They no longer come up with clever image macros, they just use those meme templates now.

I blame the degradation of /b/ on not just people not following 1 and 2, but the advent of the term "newfag" as a substitute for "lurk moar." Lurk moar ensured some continuity and conditioning before a poster started posting. Newfag just led to everyone being called a newfag when someone disagreed and no one lurking before posting.

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If it wasn't for my internet problems that prevented me from posting I might have become one, though I never had the mindset for it.

I remember when I was trolling ( I didn't even call it that), I made a topic on mmo-champion with the title: Who said shamans can't pvp.
I put a link there, which looked like a normal youtube link but let you to beschijtmij.nl. (I'm Dutch don't know how you call it)
I used a site tracker to look how many people clicked on it.

Within 20 minutes the topic had 3000+ views, few hundred replies (with a lot of people commenting I made them sick) and I estimated the site getting an extra 1500 views.

Nowadays trolling is just making a single person irritated because of how stupid you are.

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Not to mention raids weren't about being self righteous. It was just about being an asshole.

>> No.9028814


yeah but trying to use the lurk more thing didn't work either, I mean consider SA for a second; people I know were way too scared of being banned for a slight mis-step to even get a chance to use their 10bux.

Obviously you don't want someone to be completely unaware of the community but you don't want to over-moderate, be it self-moderation or moderation from an actual position of power. In that case, the realms of your board become severely limited and that is of course not a good thing either.

>> No.9028822

But you could only be banned from /b/ because of cp or Snacks.

Lurk moar didn't kill the occasional discussion about stuff. It just enforced certain mutually agreed upon rules and memes with ridicule.

>> No.9028826


Snacks was bloody fantastic and the lack of him is the reason that board is what it is today.

>> No.9028873

Snacks could have killed the cancer.
Ofcourse you would also lose a leg with it.

>> No.9028883

If you don't want to get banned by snacks, you don't post.

>> No.9028935

Better to lose a leg and have an otherwise good life, than to keep it and die horribly.

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