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It says right here that your hobbies are "reading VNs and playing Touhou", honestly I don't know what are those things, could you explain me it, anon?

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You'll have to excuse me for a second while I commit suicide out of shame for being dumb enough to put that on a resume.

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A filthy casual like you wouldn't understand my deep and intricate hobbies.

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Visual novels take the concept of a novel - a work of fiction with 50,000 words or more - and turn it into a decision-based framework of experience combining music, graphics, and text.
Touhou is a game requiring long periods of concentration and practice, the only rewards of long, difficult sessions being self-motivation to succeed at a difficult task in spite of obstacles, and repeated frustrating failures.

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>imprying i'd be apprying for a job

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Digital books and video games

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Touhou is not hard. Please play a real shooter like Ikaruga.

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I'm sorry, we don't employ autistics.

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Alright anonymous... We will contact you if we need anything...


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Then you're violating the Americans with Disabilities Act!

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Goddamn it.

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If you put VNs and Touhou on a resume, this is the only way of getting out of it... other than killing yourself which you probably should be doing anyway for putting that on a resume.

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I don't give a fuck, and I'll wear a anime themed shirt to the interview to show my dedication.

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But... I'm applying for this job because you said a degree in applied maths was necessary. How do you expect to fill this position?
I mean, I've applied at other firms, where I'd be payed more - but I was honestly hoping to work here, based on what I've heard from people I know who have worked here, and your mission statement - which I have to say really spoke to me.
It's unfortunate, but I suppose if that's your official policy, I can take my 3.8 GPA and honors, and years of experience as a temp/intern to one of your competitors.

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I'm calling security.

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>not 4.0

yeah we don't need you.....NEXT

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It's kind of fucked to me that visual novels haven't taken off beyond a tiny fringe in the west.The medium has so much potential. But nooo, since they're classified as video games no one buys them because they're not cowadoody.

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>putting hobbies on a resume
Jesus christ, it doesn't matter if your fucking hobbies include arm wrestling bears while skydiving. That shit doesn't need to be on a resume.

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So resumes require you to fill out your hobbies? Why would that even matter if you are applying for a hob?

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It doesn't really matter. You are either going to hire me or not. Those things have no relevance here. Unless of course you are discriminating me. Now it would be a shame if this fine business here were to get bogged down in a messy lawsuit involving Affirmative action now wouldn't it?

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No, there is no fixed format for resumes. An application, on the other hand, may ask for hobbies.

Hell, I've heard some japanese employers ask trick questions to root out otaku (whome they refuse to employ).

>Where would you take a foreigner guest on his first trip to Japan?
>Mmm, alright then. Well, thank you for your time, we'll call you back in a few days.

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Hobbies reveal much about ones personality. Watching K-On just screams social failure and manifold mental illnesses.

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Maybe you're thinking about, you know, the point and click adventure games that text adventure games evolved from. Which DID not only take off but actually start in the west, died, went on a coma and now is in a zombie state of sorts.
Then there's 999, Flower Sun and Rain, Monkey Island, Full Throttle, SCUMM games, King's Quest, etc, etc,
Didn't Phoenix Wright sell better in the west than it ever did in Japan?

As for books with pictures, there's ebook readers for that?

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A truck company denied my dad the job because they asked him what his favorite cartoon was. He said Flintstones because it was the first thing that came to mind and right off the bat they never hired him maybe because of that one question to determine personalty. Later my dad asked me recommendations. You never know what they will ask you.

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You're a game developer hiring a game design major and you don't know what visual novels and Touhou are? Nevermind, I think I'll work for someone with taste.

>>autistic major, i know. you don't need to tell me, it's true.

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I don't like that your post implies that they thought Flintstones wasn't good.

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Man what are you guys doing?
Just put reading and exercising as your hobby.
Nobody will ask you if you like to read porn power point slides or exercising by holding shift or making the same repeated hand motion without wearing any pants.

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get out
truNEET onry

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Favorite cartoon and why. When you can't explain what you like in detail they know you lie about other things such as experience.

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That's weird, especially since Flintstones is a really normal and popular cartoon, I wonder what sort of answer they were preferring.

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What kind of retard watches cartoons after the age of 12. I wouldn't want a manchild driving 30 tons on the road.

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It says right here that your hobbies are "sitting inside and shitposting on jaypeee"

Yes, they are. I don't even want this job, but the government stops giving me money if I don't make an attempt to get real work.

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They probably hoping he didn't have an answer. He's an adult, after all.

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This isn't working very well, anon. You should change your approach.

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He should've said he liked DEEP shit like Eva or Lain.

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>screams social failure and manifold mental illnesses.
K-on is just too deep for you.
Keion lead character was on her way to become another neet loser in her life.
No club, lazy as your typical /jp/ anon, not motivated to study and just spend all her time drinking tea and sleeping.
Guess what turn her around, music and friends.
If I saw anyone put keion on their resume, I will instantly hired him on the spot.

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>Guess what turn her around, music and friends.

But the fans have neither and they'd never be in a position to hire anybody.

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i always hated assholes who give long drawn out replies when it is not necessary

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I have a lot of friends on /jp/.

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>Watching K-On just screams social failure and manifold mental illnesses.

As does trolling image boards.

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Are you an interviewer?

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I'll be calling your mom, I need to take the edge off.

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Do they, really?

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