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Revival thread #8
(partially) Copied from the last OP:

about GoS
/jp/ has discussed this game before, a rather long, difficult touhou rpg, translated. Awhile ago it received some updates that greatly improved stability and performance, the game was rather crashy with the English patch before these patches, so it's worth updating.

The whole game prepatched with the translation and game manual (5 parts)

If you already have the game it's most likely at version 2.06. You can get the 2.07 and 2.08 patches here: http://www.gensoukyou.org/bose02/game02/update.html
and the 2.09 patch here http://www.gensoukyou.org/bose02/update.html
After updating to 2.09 the game task bar will still read 2.08 for some reason.
The english files to copy over for 2.09 http://www.mediafire.com/?hwfe9kaur3d08c3
If you updated your game you'll need to run the exe in your save folder to convert your saved games to work with the new engine.

Previous threads:
#1: >>8704496
#2: >>8737026
#3: >>8752437
#4: >>8781996
#5: >>8863037
#6: >>8911857
#7: >>8962290

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game demos/trailers

about DoD (the sequel)

>shamelessly borrowing from DS and pooshlmer

Base game:


1.01: http://komatsuna-ya.kululu.net/patch_maroku_101.exe
1.02: http://komatsuna-ya.kululu.net/patch_maroku_102.exe
1.03: http://komatsuna-ya.kululu.net/patch_maroku_103.exe
1.04: http://komatsuna-ya.kululu.net/patch_maroku_104.exe
1.05: http://komatsuna-ya.kululu.net/patch_maroku_105.exe
1.06: http://komatsuna-ya.kululu.net/patch_maroku_106.exe
1.07: http://komatsuna-ya.kululu.net/patch_maroku_107.exe
1.08: http://komatsuna-ya.kululu.net/patch_maroku_108.exe
1.09: http://komatsuna-ya.kululu.net/patch_maroku_109.exe
1.10: http://komatsuna-ya.kululu.net/patch_maroku_110.exe
1.11: http://komatsuna-ya.kululu.net/patch_maroku_111.exe
1.12: http://patch.hachikuma.net/maroku/patch_maroku_112.exe
1.12x: http://patch.hachikuma.net/maroku/patch_maroku_112x.exe (For patching from 1.00)

Manual: http://komatsuna-ya.kululu.net/manual_maroku.lzh
Partially Translated Manual: http://www.mediafire.com/?2xr1cpwut878ucv (Thanks to Catharsis)

Japanese wiki: http://www54.atwiki.jp/maroku
Google translated link: http://translate.google.com/translate?u=http://www54.atwiki.jp/maroku

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Drop/Learning mod for GoS 2.09: http://www.mediafire.com/?2e96axlmufyt31f
Rename the file to Game.pak and substitue the original one with it.

Japanese wiki for GoS: http://www26.atwiki.jp/touhou_souzin/


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Asking again from the last thread.

So what IS the best way to get the basic materials? And I don't just mean iron.

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How is the translation for DoD proceeding? They did start to translate it, right...?

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The Quest for Lithos' material forces you to fight 12 easy enemies and only 1 of them can't drop basic materials. The rest has a 10% chance of dropping something basic, including those elemental shards.

You almost always get something and when you do the quest with the wrong number of party members, you can repeat the quest right off the bat, since the quest on the board won't reshuffle.

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I ranted and raved about that in the last thread. I've done that quest a couple dozen times and haven't got a damn thing besides the occasional lizard tail.

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What does the drop/learning mod do? Sorry if this was answered in the last thread; I haven't been following along.

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Sorry, i didn't read the last thread. Still, it's the most likely way to get something.

What one could also try is something like this:
-Enter an area that can spawn 2 enemies in the same battle, who can each drop the material you want
-Kill one of those enemies
-If he drops what you wanted kill the rest
-If he drops nothing, run away and start the battle again until you meet 2 of those enemies again
-Repeat until you have what you need

Waiting for Hijiri's last word can also be an option too, though you may waste much time waiting for her to get her last word in the battle.

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Boosts the drop rate of basic materials to reasonable levels. You're not going to be getting iron every fight; it's still rare. But without the patch you'll be very lucky to see them drop at all.
Note that it only effects basic materials; stage-specific materials, character-specific materials, adamantine and orichalcum shards, super rare stuff like dragon fangs and devil hearts, and equipment drops are not effected at all.

It also boosts the learn rate of Satori's spells, mainly the 1% chance ones. I think it's just a flat rate to all of them, except Hyper Fang Crush, which is a 100% learn chance with a maxed learning tree.

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Geez...that's really the fastest way? I thought the expansion was supposed to make you not need to do that.

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Ah, thank you very much. That seems like a very useful mod to have. Will it break existing savegames? I haven't gotten far at all, so restarting is no big problem, but it'd be nice to know.

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I don't THINK so. Save your original game.pak just in case.

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OP chose some nice screens. Those two scenes were probably the best from the main-game. Can't say anything about the expansion, because so far there wasn't much except "hey, you were possessed? Cool, help us out".

That said, after yesterday's Remilia and Flan I did Alice and Marisa today. MUCH easier fight. Actually I won on my first try. Not much those two could do. I didn't even need those anti-mys accessories I used in fear of Marisa using some Sparks. She never did... Oh well. Reisen and Sakuya had a field day hitting those two. Especially Reisen.
>I use Matk/Patk debuff on Marisa, but Alice used Little Legion.. and got affected herself
>Next turn I use Reisen's Last Spell. Alice used Little Legion. Two times over 20000damage.

Easy fight overall. I'm not complaining though.

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...that was either incredibly brilliant or incredibly lucky.

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Are there system requirements for this?

I'm trying to play on a toaster but the program won't run at all.

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That's one of the main issues in the expansion. The first quests don't really do their best to advance the story in an interesting way.

It get's way better for the stage 25 boss though.

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25...and the gorgon barrier was stage 21.
So I've got THREE stages of filler to go through, after all this character recruitment nonsense.
Oh goody.

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You know what I wish they'd kept in? The pre-dungeon areas.
Like the grounds around the palace of the earth spirits, the climb down into hell, and the entrance to Eientei. They showed them in cutscenes, so I'd guess they had the maps at one point, but...
Even if there's nothing actually in them, I'd still like it. It'd make Gensokyo feel more complete.

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Sadly yes. It's basically: "Oh no, there is this evil presence in [Area Name]. Let's go and check it out. Oh no, it wasn't the real villain."

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Hina was kind of a cool boss, and the Existance Hater.
Currently having a ball with the expansion final boss, no idea how to damage the second phase. I want to figure it out on myself this time though, no spoilers. That is, I would like to figure it out myself, but I'm busy with D3

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I'm stuck against Kaguya and Eirin. I don't particularly want to grind nor change my team (I use Reimu-Sanae-Sakuya-Youmu-Mokou), even if I know that I NEED Alice and Byakuren.

If I block healing I get raped, and if not I can't Eirin. Kaguya goes down pretty fast, but then there's the Hourai Elixir.


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Kaguya is very vulenrable to mental status. So berserk, control, and charm. Satori can learn a lunatic voice off the werewolves in that dungeon. Byakuren is KING in this fight if you've got her.

This is not a game where you can pick your five favorite Touhous and bust through it. You've got 12 girls; use them, cycle them in and out, and use that commander slot to catch up new members and stuff. Otherwise you'll end up having to grind, like you're going to end up doing.

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I just got an idea. Eirin's attacks are MYS or LGT? Because Marisa can block the former as commander.

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Once, maybe twice, yeah.

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The thought of Satori facing of against a mind flayer, a tentacle monster and practical avatar of horrible thoughts, amuses me to no end.
No more. Kick his ass, Satori.

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Eh. She rules the Old Hell of Blazing Fires, where those spirits too vengeful to enter the cycle of death and rebirth dwell. That should toughen one up considerably, though I will concede that Illithids have horrific and alien thoughts on a level entirely distinct from mere murderers, rapists, and other assorted scoundrels.

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But she stays far away from those spirits, and they do the same to her.

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Reposting from last thread, as it died before I got an answer.

What should I invest Marisa's growth points into? Astronomy or Lasers?

I'm doing over most of my characters to try and maximize efficiency so I don't always end up have to use multi-target attacks on single enemies.

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You can rearrange points as often as you like.

I mostly use her astronomy tree; nothing's ever weak to mystic. I'll drop 13 points into Lasers if I can get slayer against a boss, but that's about it.

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...this expansion sucks. It's just so god damn dull and tedious.
None of the enemies and almost none of the bosses are fun or interesting, and a lot of it feels like just difficulty for the sake of difficulty. Having to retread through old dungeons with a gimped party and harder (read: annoying) enemies is terrible, and it's the same god damn enemies for every retread. They aren't even good enemies; their just...there.
You need to find the boss just somewhere in the dungeon, no special sprite for the encounter or anything, and it's location changes if you exit or die.
There's lots of cool new stuff in the shop...none of which you can afford due to basic materials still being stupidly rare. There's lots of new characters...most of which aren't very good or interesting and all join at level one. There's a new quest system...which is just more of the shit mentioned above, only this time you auto battle through everything so you can fight a one-on-one boss for whatever character the quest is for. Nothing really tuned for whatever character is fighting or anything cool like that...just some random thing with highish stats.
And when I finally get a new stage...it's a nondescript cave, with the same enemies I've been fighting for the past forever and reused music.

God damn it, what happened? The main game was amazing. One of the best RPGs I've ever played, in fact. So where the hell did garbage come from? I expect lazy, phoned-in shit like this from Capcom or something, not the doujin market.

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I believe it gets better in the second expansion dungeon, that at least it goes back to the old formula. Some of the enemies there aren't just palette swaps of old things either, and the game goes back to puzzles (although for the first few new dungeons they just reuse the old ones). It isn't as good as pre-expansion GoS, but I wouldn't call it shit either.
>There's lots of new characters...most of which aren't very good or interesting and all join at level one.
What are you talking about, Reisen, Yuugi and Remilia can wreck all kinds of shit; Cirno is better at the water element than all of your mages (and can even tank well with her ice counter); and Lithos... I don't know how to use her either. Getting them at level 1 is a non-issue, because you can just put them in your commander slot and use Lithos's one-hit kill attack in stage 21 for some easy experience. Do that for a whole floor and they will around level 50, which is good enough for them to be useful during the post game.

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It's nice you tried, but that anon's post was so full of bitter shit, it's probably useless.
The expansion is similar to the main-game. Some bosses are really hard, others aren't. Same goes for enemies. (And there aren't even only palette swaps within those incident-enemies) Even though you revisit areas, you'll still find new treasure-chests as well.
So really, more of the same with a reasonable difficulty.

As for Lithos: She just has very high stats, as well as personal weapons with 100% Exorcism. If you use her physical abilities, she can also tank relatively well (eva). And of course all those highly damaging things she has. Heavy physical attacks, the 6666damage thingy, the "ohko" thingy and even her Last Word.
If you want a really good physical attacker, she fits. Though I wouldn't use her in boss-fights. She is more of a random encounter girl. (Her multiple hit attacks also synergize quite well with Nitori's Chaser. Even though it's somewhat bugged)

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Safety bump.

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Who should be my main sources of damage for gorgon barrier? Right now I'm using Alice, Patchouli, Sanae, Nitori, and Byakuren. Not doing so well though.

>> No.9030220

I killed everything there with minimal deaths in my party by using Alice, Mokou, Sakuya, Sanae and... Aya, I think (forgot the commander), spamming bombs and Private Squares left and right and going back to thehealing circle in stage 20 whenever I was about to run out of them. Sakuya is a monster in there with the Vyse Sword.

>> No.9030239


What weapons were they using? My Mokou doesn't really do much damage with her blind fist weapon and hasn't been too useful. Aya I haven't tried yet but she also doesn't do that much damage and in Divine Temple she almost never landed any permanents.

>> No.9030259

I mostly used Youmu and her Foreign God slaying katana, but what are you hunting there anyway? For general XP grinding, I found it safer and faster to go to stage 20

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Mokou's One-Shot Punch, I believe. It's pretty good, gives nice stats and it partly ignores defense as well. Worth every second hunting for Trapezohedrons.

Ah yeah, that other Anon reminded me - the last party member was Youmu (using the Doujigiri), and Aya was the commander. Speaking about Aya, her late-game role is pretty much only turn manipulation, so don't worry if she can't land too many status effects. Satori is better for that anyway.

>> No.9031830

I wasn't complaining about pallet swaps. I didn't even mention pallet swaps.
What I AM complaining about is that the enemy just aren't very interesting, and they're repeated...what, 12 times? It's boring.
And new treasure chests do not make for new dungeons. It's still dull retreading; I already found my way through this dungeon, solved it's puzzles, and know its enemies like the back of my hand. A handful of new treasure chests aren't going to make it feel new and exciting.
If the expansion enemies were stronger versions of past enemies with new tricks and stuff, and were unique to their dungeons, then this would be pretty great. But...they aren't, and it's not.

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Wait, wait, wait. Post-game Yuyuko can use resurrection butterfly AS A BASIC ATTACK!?
Oh god.

>> No.9031935

Is death a permanent or quick effect?

>> No.9032439

holy hell Youmu and Yuyuko are ravaging my ass

I love it

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this team isn't cutting it, time for a change of plans

>> No.9032568

Youmu folds like a card against magic. Yuyuko doesn't, but it's still good against her.

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There's not even a cutscene. Amazing.

>> No.9033070

Why would you have both tanks in the party?

>> No.9033086

Indeed she does. Marisa, Sanae, and Byakuren did work.

Because I'm a moron. Moku was far better as the commander.

>> No.9033094

...meant to quote 9033086 instead of 9032560

>> No.9033189

At least Yuugi's dumb stage unlocks all these super-boss quests.
Spamming breath reflection and every evade skill you have seems to be the only way to handle the hydra. I don't much like that plan, though. One bad dice roll (AKA a fang crush hits) and you are completely fucked, and he's got loads and loads of health.

>> No.9033193

try do reduce its PATK and buff your defences & Wind of Miracles.

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This boss...and I thought the Yuyuko/Youmu fight was painful.

>> No.9033254


I didn't find 'Machi all that difficult. She was more massively irritating; whether I won or not seemed entirely dependent on whether or not she pulled out that coin flood attack.

>> No.9033255

How do people manage to miss boss fights without Sanae or Alice? Am I missing something?

>> No.9033262

Manage to win, I mean.

>> No.9033267

I haven't used Alice once Moko-tan has tons of HP. I always seemed to have better luck with Sanae as commander, the last word chance up is usually really awesome to have, especially with phoenix resurrection.

>> No.9033278

I think I'm going to keep trying this, actually. I found out what was wrong; disorder eye was dispelling my accuracy debuff.

...I type as he smacks Byakuren. Would that really work? He gets SO MANY TURNS. Or do you mean buffed defense and debuffed attack would let my Touhous survive the very occasional hit that gets through?

>> No.9033295


I've gone through most of the later game with Reimu/Sakuya/Youmu/Satori/Byakuren and Mokou as Commander. I don't think I've fought a single boss with Alice yet outside of one of the Eientei rabbits.

No Alice Run is pro mode.

>> No.9033298

it should. Usually, before he (she?) even starts using normal attacks, there are tons of breath attacks.
Another approach would just be buffing up EVA, using Aya's EVA field and hoping for the best. If someone dies by bad luck, there's Mokou commander.
Your biggest worry in this fight should be Aya running out of MP.

>> No.9033308

Who do you use to tank?

>> No.9033316

You will regret this.

She's weak to light and earth.
Have Patchy and Reimu (Reimu's light field boost spell is wonderful here, if you have it) use light attacks to both wreck her health and move the land gauge, taking the teeth out of her only dangerous attacks.
She'll also use lots of instant death attacks, but Sanae's RES buff should take care of that if she's at any decent level. She'll also buff herself if I remember right, but that shouldn't be a problem. Dispel it with Reimu or Sanae if it is.

>> No.9033346

Going to give it a whirl, Any tips on formations? I usually use skydance as seen in >>9033233, but with Patchy Reimu and Sanae, I'll have more casters than melee.

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Oh, right, a forgot about Commander Mokou. Commander spells priority should help.
He definitely spams breaths right off the bat, but mixes fang crushes and normal attacks in almost immediately afterwards.

I tried that in my last attempt, but ran in to another problem. What do I do when I need to re-up Aya's evade field? Reimu has it covered at the beginning, but at that point he'll be mixing in normal attacks regularly with his breaths, so the anti-breath circle is out, but physical sealing circle doesn't cover all the breaths for some reason.

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I don't remember what I used. I didn't have Mokou at that point, so...probably Moriya Wall or Freefight.

>> No.9033405

Yeah, her Coin attack did fuck all damage using Moriya Wall + Cluster Move.

Reimu's damage was through the roof, I know who I'm fapping to tonight.

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File: 278 KB, 640x478, why does it get 9 turns if it has 5 heads.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nevermind, I'm dumb.
I also just realized you could only have 5 buffs on each character at a time today. Food for thought.

>> No.9033487

why use that formation? I always fight her in Hinotori Skydance with Aya in the middle. Give her a Full-Body Cushion and she probably won't even die. I don't recall using Reimu for physical barrier, just the breath barrier you mentioned.

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Evasion bonus.

I always knew you were the smart one, Marisa.

>> No.9033604


Perfect Resist is the best method ever to defeat it

>> No.9033657



>> No.9033673

it's crazy enough to work.

>> No.9033694

...that DOES sound crazy. What do I do when the debuffs wear off?

>> No.9033724

All you need is the same strategy you use against Tewi: raising your evasion and lowering her accuracy. Coinspam will never hit you if you have Sanae's EVA buff up, and for the tanking part of the fight, Alice with Hourai doll up should be enough (just remember to give her insta-death resistance). Also, Kappa's Camouflage works really well in both these fights (unlike in the Youmu one, oh god why would you do that).
Yeah, Mokou does have a lot of HP and can survive quite a lot of hits, but she can't protect the rest of your party.
Wait, why are you using Reimu for deflecting breaths if you have Aya in your party.

>> No.9033746

(if you're not fast enough) you put 'em on again. Works easy enough, the guy has 0 RES, even with the buff. The thing is, that Perfect Resist offers perfect prevention of Vortex, something Sanae's buff can't do.

>> No.9033747

Reimu blocks breaths when Aya is putting up her evasion buff. She also deals some damage.

This fucking robot is like the avatar of my hatred of Vortex.

>> No.9033759

Ok, now you lost me. How would perfect resist perfectly block vortex? How would Sanae's buff not? How would it still have 0 resistance if I just buffed its resistance?

>> No.9033767

try it out. Sanae's buff doesn't really prevent Vortex, while Byakuren's does.
I can't measure how much RES the terminator ends up with after the buff, but Byakuren with 150+IND should still be able to apply her debuffs without issues.

>> No.9033833

>Byakuren with 150+IND should still be able to apply her debuffs without issues.
The only difference with that strategy is that you're praying that your debuffs get through, instead of praying it doesn't Vortex itself.

>> No.9034072

well, even my Satori without IND gear casually applied her Tsunami and Psycho Blast after the buff. Perhaps RNG doesn't like you, but don't call my wisdoms bullshit, Anon.

>> No.9034131

And that's why you debuff it before applying the RES up.

>> No.9034292

I'm trying to play it on a pretty decent computer and having the same problem. Running it doesn't work, setting the compatibility mode doesn't work, nothin'.

>> No.9034816


No one, surprisingly. All five of them have sufficiently strong attack (be it physical or magic) and Satori and Byakuren have sufficiently powerful healing spells that I just outdamage everything I run across, with Commander Mokou resurrecting if necessary. Occasionally I'll have to pull out Byakuren's debuffs, but I don't need to use Alice or Mokou to sit there and absorb hits.

>> No.9034820

I wondered how you got past all the permanent using enemies and breathing enemies. Reimu has only a limited number of bombs after all.

>> No.9035293


I'm having trouble with those mechanical looking holy mobs and two-headed dragons. Could someone give me the screenshots of them? How do I kill them? They just one shot Alice on turn one. Will a blunt resistance item prevent that?

Also why the hell could Byakuren be missing her stat down debuffs even after I have her cast IND up on herself? She has 189 IND unbuffed, and the above mentioned monsters can still resist everything from her.

>> No.9035322

After I downloaded the game, every time I click the icon with the japanese name my Norton antivirus starts up and gets rid of some essential content and renders the game inaccessible and I have to delete it again. Says the content was dangerous.

>> No.9035332

It's really your own fault. You should know better.

>> No.9035336


Real unfortunate, I really wanted to at least try this game out.

>> No.9035341

You don't really need an anti-virus, especially Norton.

>> No.9035377

Galgalim are pretty weak, but they tend to interrupt your attacks. Cherubim are pretty annoying though. I suggest using Youmu with the Doujigiri and just have Byakuren enchant her with Dark Sword, then use your strongest attack and keep buffing Youmu while Alice tanks the Light element instead of physical attacks. It'd also help to use Armour Bless on her.

The Two-headed dragon... That's probably THE toughest pre-expansion enemy. It has 65000HP and a whole lot of defence and resistance against everything. I'd suggest ignoring it. Also, yeah, debuffs won't land often on Gorgon barrier enemies, they're just too tough.

>> No.9035379


Run away.
Also, ever looked at your accessories? Variety resistance exists. Even immunity. Could be that. It's not just resistance anyway.

Gorgon Barrier is a stage where you can't use one team to fight it all. There is way too devastating stuff. Run away from whatever you aren't prepared to fight.
Or, well, I guess you CAN make a team to fight everything, but that will result into way too many supports. It's for example better to just run away from those Neutral Breath enemies instead of taking Aya with you, just for them. Except you want to farm them.

>> No.9035487

I'm...not sure if I can believe that. Satori had an even harder time than Byakuren breaking through the buff.
They both CAN debuff through it, mind you, but considering it WILL kill me if both attack buffs aren't up all the time, "can" isn't good enough.

>> No.9035507

Is DoD longer than GoS?

>> No.9035523

You should only try fighting the minibosses in stage 21 if you're well prepared or if you're really confident in your current party. Thankfully, they have a 90% escape rate, so you should be able to avoid being murdered most of the time.
GoS's main game has about 90-100 hours of content (plus who knows how many more hours in the expansion), while DoD has about 30 if you try to do everything. So, well, no.
I wonder how much content the upcoming expansion is going to have.

>> No.9035628

I have a silver key left at the SDM after defeating Remi and Nitori. Can anyone tell me where the chests are located?

>> No.9035654

>GoS's main game has about 90-100
>DoD has about 30

Oh wow, that's just sad.

>> No.9035674
File: 224 KB, 640x479, satori feels aya's pain.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hear you.
I haven't played DoD, but considering everything I've heard about it and seen of it...I just don't see how it could be good.

>> No.9035713


It's a bug.

>> No.9035987

maybe you should update the main post the next time noting that the update patch page has changed, all patches are now at

>> No.9036638
File: 90 KB, 300x300, Swr-portrait-aya.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

DL'd the prepatched one, it's moonspeaking something about Directx9. I have a Windows 7 rig with DX11 on it. Is something wrong, here? What do I do to play this?

>> No.9036666

There's not one single mention of the 2.10 patch in the Strawberry Bose web.
Could anybody with the disk image or unpatched files update to 2.10 to see what the whatsnew.txt says?
I'll just give up after asking this last time.

>> No.9036675


>> No.9036696

Thank you very fucking much. So it's just a small code change.

>> No.9036730
File: 242 KB, 642x486, Wat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So /jp/ out of boredom I checked my record and got this. It can't be seriously telling that I've sunk 182 hours into the game and I'm only at stage 12 having a hard time against Suwako. Also tips on Suwako boss fight?

>> No.9036731

Download Direct X 9, duh.

>> No.9036743

Suwako and Kanako are fucking monsters with two incredibly crippling weaknesses...
Kanako is weak to instant death, and Suwako is weak to petrification.

>> No.9036748

The folder I downloaded ages ago had a used system file with more than 100 hours among other things. You probably downloaded the same thing.

>> No.9036754

Just as I read this post Kanako killed my entire party of Satori, Hijiri, Sakuya Youmou and Sanae with the IND+ formation.

>> No.9036768

Seriously? Even though I have 11? What kind of backward-ass program is this, anyway?

>> No.9036801

I think it was something about each instance coming with seperate files that only require a certain version of it.

>> No.9036808

Yes. It's weird.

Well, you'll of course need to survive long enough, but that's only for a short time. You can figure that out yourself.

>> No.9036833

Already killed kanako with Hijiri casting unresist on Kanako then Sakuya casting misdirection at the after her. Worked like a charm and now Suwako is petrified and I'm just auto attacking her. which is getting a bit tedious because the earth land power is maxed so she has 200 regen and my only physical attacker is Sakuya without her 3 hit attack.

And now as I just finished typing captcha Suwako finally died

>> No.9036907
File: 348 KB, 640x478, super what.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Finally. Am I going to need a lot of this aja stuff? I hope not; that sucked.

Your idea eventually worked. Eventually. I guess I just needed more bombs on Aya and hypnotic ballet instead of red eyes.
Sorry for being upset. It's really irritating to lose to RNG in near the end of such a long, uneventful fight.

>> No.9037565

just to be sure
-if I download the pre-patched given by OP do I need to patch for 2.09 or it's already done?
-do I need to download the OST and .xls too or it's just a bonus in the mediafire storage?

>> No.9037593

-No idea.
-OST is just the ripped music files from the game. You don't need it, obviously. The .xls file is just a list of Satori's learnable skills, it has nothing to do with the game files.

>> No.9037594

Already done.
You don't need the OST.

>> No.9038131

Is the drop mod already in the prepatched game? Will adding it screw up my saves?

>> No.9038178

No and probably not. Save your game.pak somewhere just in case.

>> No.9038240
File: 264 KB, 1127x486, Current_GoS_Party.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've finally reached Suwako, after 162 hours of this game, and at this point bosses seem to be getting ridiculously hard. Even when I figure out a working strategy or ask /jp/ for help fights seem to drag on for way too long. Is my current party in need of some grinding?

>> No.9038253

Oops, just realized that there was already time on the record when I first started the game, so I only have 33 hours.

>> No.9038257

>162 hours
Holy shit.
How long is way to long? Give me a vague turn estimate.
Whats your point allocation look like? How often do you change it? What do you generally do in battles?

>> No.9038342
File: 299 KB, 808x667, growth.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My usual battle strategy for bosses is Hakurei or Hinotori formation with Alice in the middle, Reimu and Sakuya in the front, and Sanae and Marisa in the back.
If the battle calls for it, I'll replace Marisa with whatever party member seems essential to winning the fight, and if I die on a boss fight too often I'll switch Reimu with Mokou and hope for some opportunities to use her last word.
The front spams their best attacks,Sanae buffs and heals, Alice defends, and the other character just does whatever the fights calls for.
I change my point allocation whenever I think certain skills are essential to a fight, but otherwise they remain pretty constant. As you can see, I didn't know what to do with some of the characters.

>> No.9038378

The only thing you should ever need to grind are power points, but the most efficient way to do that requires a bit of extra grinding with Satori (until you learn any elemental breath, at least).
Speaking of her, stick the little girl in your commander slot and go fight a bit. Don't neglect her just because blue magic is a pain to learn.

As for Suwacko and Kanako, even without abusing their weaknesses they're not THAT painful if you're prepared. I believe you just need more Alice, proper element abusing (Kanako is weak to dark and Suwako is weak to all physical attacks), buffing things up and healing when needed.
Which reminds me that I once tried to beat them legitly; Suwako died peacefully and all but Kanako got afflicted by Youmu's instant death from her Katana tree halfway through. Oh well.

>> No.9038465

Breaths are physical, and therefor pretty bad. Except for petro and death breath.

>> No.9038485

you need one for every ultimate character weapon.

>> No.9038507

That doesn't seem so bad. A lot of them really don't look very good.

>> No.9038709


Alice should only be used in a row or the poison shield formation. Anything else is useless and bad. Replace her with someone who can actually deal damage as well as tank. That's what the middle spot in those two formations is for. (Mokou is the best for a long time. Later on you get some more options)

Other than that.. well I did use Reimu myself as a physical attacker in the main-game as well, but it also is rather bad. Though I can understand why you'd do that. A mage like Marisa works better with INT/Matk raising accessories and without those, Reimu isn't very good. She works way better if you don't use another mage and use Nitori for your elemental needs. Also never underestimate her barriers...

Sakuya is fine. So, using Sakuya and Nitori in front, Mokou in the middle and Reimu + Sanae in the back is probably a better choice.
I currently use Mokou and Nitori in front, Lithos in the middle and Reimu + Sanae in the back for the expansion. The spoiler girl is an arguably better tank than Mokou.

>> No.9038764

arguably, Alice can fill that spot with Hourai Doll as well. The huge drawback is that you need to use up a turn only to put it up. The same problem that makes me never use her field effects etc.

>> No.9038791

>Breaths are physical
And that's why the strategy for power grinding works. Just give the White Lance to Satori (with a few +ATK and STR accessories maybe) and spam breaths in the first three dungeons of the game, while nobody else attacks. You'll kill all enemies in one turn and get bonus PP from the spear. The main reason you'll want to use breaths and not just area attacks is because the ghosts in stage 2 are immune to non-elemental attacks.

>> No.9038792


Alice's job is to defend the party, she can't do it that well in that middle spot. So if you actually need that girl, you wouldn't be in that formation. Might as well use someone who can deal some good damage as well. In my opinion at least.
Provoke isn't even a high priority move, and the middle spot in the Skydance formation gives -speed. So it does exactly nothing for you in the first turn. Alice is slow after all.
And then there is pre-defense. While that works with provoke, most of Alice's skill have high priority and get casted at the beginning of a turn, making pre-defend useless. Although that's not THAT bad. Still, one formation bonus pretty much definitely wasted.

>> No.9038837

with parrar she always defends anyway. Sure, the bonus attack is wasted on her, but Hinotori Skydance is just useful because it has both bonus Attack and bonus Magic. Alice just London Dolling a glass cannon for the entire fight is viable even in the bonus dungeon.

>> No.9038846

*I forget that Hinotori Skydance doesn't give attack to the middle member, so it doesn't matter anyway

>> No.9039000

Downloaded the files, unzipped them all, had dx9 installed but when I click on the exe to start, nothing happened.

Ran as admin, ran for compatibility for win 98, 95 and xp sp2 and 3. No error popup or nothing. just nothing happens.

Whats wrong?

>> No.9039090
File: 133 KB, 646x508, ss+%282012-04-30+at+12.19.27%29.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Quick FAQ:
About characters in the main game:
Reimu - situational defense character.
Sanae - defense (RES buff ftw) buffer. Can be used as weak offense buffer.
Aya - commander, can be used as EVA tank vs certain bosses.
Marisa - elemental DPS, outshined by Patch (gets nice MYS damage with T7+ weapon)
Nitori - chaser spam
Sakuya - time manipulation, outshined by Youmuu as pure DPS
Patch - your bnb AoE caster, requires cover. Better single target elemental dps than marisa.
Alice - the only true tank in the game, broken
Satori - learn some elemental skills to proc chasers. Or get starlight barrier, leaf shield and reflect wall. Generally has 0 useful spells without learning.
Youmuu - broken. Use Manussya for bosses and Asura for everything else. Devaloka is generally useless.
Mokou - Bruiser. Reraise/Ressurection. Good damage from Fujiyama Vulkano.
Byakuren - damage buffer. Get her in your party and watch damage skyrocket. Can debuff, but this is boss specific stuff.

Party building:
1) Hinotori Skydance. This is the most universal formation in the game, abuse. The whole game is beatable without even changing it.
2) Alice/Mokou in tank slot (Alice is the superior choice for bosses unless they are weak to fire)
3) Now you need some damage
a) Nitori with mages
b) Byakuren + physical dps + magical DPS.
4) Sanae is a must in some locations.
5) Fill slots with anyone you like.

Generally Sanae works fine even with low IND, but Byakuren must be as close to 100 as it is possible (buffs cap at 100).

Btw rethink your power distribution.

>> No.9039093

If you want difficult, just play Defiant of Shrine Maiden, that'll get your RPG balls dropped.

>> No.9039186

That's mostly wrong, though.
Reimu: Light magic user capable of blocking things like attacks, status effects and so on
Sanae: buffer/healer, can deal damage as well but isn't too good at that
Aya: FAST turn order manipulator and breath reflector, works well as an EVA tank too
Marisa: fast magician, her spells are cheap and strong and she'll never run out of MP
Nitori: element abuser, humanoid killer, chaser spammer who's capable of protecting herself or the party as well
Sakuya: heavy damage dealer, needs some accuracy boosts but destroys anything her swords get slayer on; also gets field spells
Patchouli: slow and expensive elemental magician, amazing at manipulating field as well and can work pretty nicely as a physical character
Alice: wall capable of protecting everyone in your party
Satori: status inflicter and blue mage but you need to put some effort into learning stuff; blue magic is extremely versatile as you'd expect; also even her basic blue magic spells are pretty strong
Youmu: stance user, requires one turn to set things up but demolishes anything in her way after that
Mokou: tank, can both take and deal a lot of damage but gets a bit expensive, can also deal physical fire damage
Byakuren: buffer/debuffer/status inflicter who gets a few light/dark spells that aren't too strong (Satori is a better dark magic user)

>> No.9039187

The things that change if you don't want to craft personal weapons (field was too long, oops):
Aya: loses breath-reflecting ability (although that also works with the fan you start the game with, so it doesn't change anything)
Marisa: no longer has infinite MP
Nitori: loses her humanoid killing status and can't abuse elements as well as before, needs Byakuren if you want to do that
Sakuya: damage potential is drastically lowered, can still deal quite a bit of damage and inflict statuses with knives but is nowhere nearly as good
Youmu: can no longer double cast skills, loses quite a bit of critical damage and loses chance of dealing instant death

>> No.9039216

Tell me more about this. I keep hearing about it, I see LPers shudder at the mention of its name or having complete mental breakdowns while playing it. I want to know what the heck it's all about.

>> No.9039407

That makes me wonder why i forgot to add IMO to the post. I just thought that this guy requires some help, because he is certainly doing something very wrong.
I haven't crafted even one character specific weapon before Tier6, so our opinions are different.

Anyway, why do you even mention roles characters aren't good at? Like DD sanae or stuff.
Mokou can't really tank. She can't do anything when monster targets someone else, while Alice has Hourai doll and cover skills. That's why she is listed as "Bruiser".
About Aya... Party member count is low, so sacrificing one slot for her "turn manipulation" is hardly optimal (with lithos it is another story).
Marisa's speed isn't a good thing, coz she casts spells before Byakuren can buff her, resulting in damage per turn loss. Plus she has no spammable AoE. Her single target damage is lacking too. So i never ever used marisa without patch in the main game.
And about youmuu requiring one turn... You need to buff anyway, so it hardly matters.

My way of playing this game probably wasn't optimal, but still it allowed me to beat the main game without t7 weapons, crafted armor, farming stage21 and only in 80 hours of playtime (and i don't know how much of it i just afked lol). I don't think that 58 being average level of the party at the end of the main game is achievement, but probably it isn't that bad.

>> No.9039500

I'm not quite done with the game, but outside of party splits I don't think I've ever had Marisa out of the party.

>> No.9043499
File: 5 KB, 88x96, 3251.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Up you go.

>> No.9043579

Why don't you download it and try it for yourself?

>> No.9044781

I don't know Japanese, finding a complete download of the game and its 2 expansions is nigh impossible, and from what I heard it's around 2GB, which is a bit too huge to download.
Then there's the matter if it'll actually work, and if I'll even be able to get past the first enemy.
But I wouldn't mind trying.

>> No.9044793

I would like to play this game, but I don't understand what I'm supposed to download to play it. Would anyone explain, please?

>> No.9044802

>The whole game prepatched with the translation and game manual (5 parts)
Did you try that?

>> No.9044809

I'm kinda mad that I have to split my party. Now I have to waste my time grinding for levels on characters that I don't want to use.

>> No.9044948


You should be thankful. You need more or less ALL your characters, so it's nice that the game doesn't just tell you at the end "hey, you know, fighting with just one team will be HARD AS FUCK and you should not do that".
Just train the ones you don't primarily use as their own party. You have 12 characters anyway. And for boss fights it's useful as well.

The only problem I personally have with using more than 5 touhous is the equipment. There just isn't enough. You can't have multiple copies of stuff after all.
And if you don't use item creation a lot, you won't even have enough good armor and weapons for everyone. Which implies rearranging of equipment. WAY too often. Whenever I switch someone out, I'll need to unequip everything and equip the new girl. Can't waste that Kusanagi on the outfield, right? Right. Very annoying.

>> No.9045170
File: 859 KB, 645x479, screwtherules.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes equipment is a bit of a pain in the ass

In other news. FUUUUUUUCK.

I kinda regret reading about the + evasion, -acc strat in this thread. Wonder how long it would have taken me to figure that out on my own, bias from other RPGs led me to believe there wasn't much merit in that approach. Think I'll try a few more times to beat her without resorting to that.

>> No.9045180


Personally, I hate it. It's not because of having to use multiple characters, it's because of party juggling. I don't know how to split teams so everyone gets enough experience since I get team members as I go on. Meaning I have to use level 1 Alice and level 1 this and that. Plus I have to use team members I might not really like using very much. I got to around stage 18 using only a team of 5 with the 6th being switched out based on the commander I needed before I lost my data, so having to play the game like this is something I'm not used to.

>> No.9045293

Considering that my main party was level 30 and the rest of the characters were levels 1-15, I'm kinda of mad. Leveling up those characters is a pain.
The only good point is that I have about 13 sunflower seeds and I still need to level a lot.

>> No.9045443

Might be an antivirus or firewall.
This has happened to me with other games, but I can't seem to remember how to fix it.

>> No.9045511

On the bright side exp scales massively so it's very easy for low level characters to catch up. In the postgame new Lv1 characters I got shot to Lv50+ in about half an hour.

>> No.9045518

I have the same problem.

>> No.9045538

Are you in japanese locale?

>> No.9045533


So far it's a massive nuisance. I'm in the Hell of Blazing Fires and my balancing of the teams is going awfully. Dying more than I did first time I played. It may just be the bad character choice, but they're all characters that need exp.

>> No.9045565

I think I'm not. I use English win7 with all recent updates.

>> No.9045591

Control Panel->Region and Language->Change display language->Administrative->Change system locale to Japanese.

Most Japanese games need you to be in Japanese locale.

>> No.9045740

So, what does Scanning with Aya actually do, aside from providing a bit of flavor text? Because so far I haven't really noticed any mechanical benefits, as you already get the statblock just by encountering the enemy. It seems a bit pointless, but it could have some effect that I'm just not aware of.

>> No.9045756

use it a couple times to get a very useful formation.

>> No.9045753

Thank you. It works now.

>> No.9045776

I've been using it on every monster I come across because I'm obsessive, to the point of leveling up Aya to go back to places to scan monsters that I've missed. Are you talking about the Hinatori Skydance formation or the Sonic Stream formation? Because I didn't know they were tied in with scanning enemies. And Sonic Stream doesn't seem particularly useful.

>> No.9045809


Thank you, this got my game working.

>> No.9045816

Does ACC raise your chance to crit or is it only chance to hit?

>> No.9045846

Sonic Stream is absolutely beast for many random encounters. Especially with Lithos. The one downer is that it doesn't grant priority for Private Square, you need Aya for that.

>> No.9045902

Where to learn basics like, controls and keys or how to use shield because in game it says that I need to activate it, or other things that I might not know yet?

>> No.9045911

Wiki. I'll throw you a bone though; shields active at random based on a set chance every time you're attacked. It's in the stats, I think the one under PDEF?

>> No.9046183

Shield EVA = shield percentage to work. Doesn't work with two-handed weapons like spears, staves and some character-specific stuff when you attack, though (you need to use the defend button if you really want to do that).

>> No.9046269

Since you can only have one of each type of dropped equipment (non-crafted) in this game, if I craft the Muscle Belt IV, can I then find another Muscle Belt III?

>> No.9046453
File: 362 KB, 640x480, Unknown 2012-05-21 23-18-20-95.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

But sadly most items can be only found in chests - ergo only once

>> No.9046734

It does mean you can get all four strength rings. That's very nice.

>> No.9047036

Welp, going all-out with light magic and free fight + Alice's marionette skills made this laughably easy.

>> No.9047490

Good god, the third forest of magic has SO MANY ENEMIES. And they ambush you too; I run past some tree and suddenly BAM, there's 5 blue mushrooms running at me.

>> No.9047656

Are there any easter eggs in this game?

>> No.9047937
File: 384 KB, 640x480, the worst.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ugh. Fuck these things; they're worse than mind flayers.

>> No.9048049 [DELETED] 

There's a chest here, right in the middle of the screen. How on earth is anyone supposed to find it?

>> No.9048390

So what is in the new edition of GoS besides Easy Modo, anyways?

>> No.9048471

1. Drop rates have went up.
Slight increases to equipment drop rate.
Material drop rate has gone up substantialy.

2. Recipes require less materials.
You don't need 30 iron ores anymore.
Even with one Legendary Donation Box you can make armor(probably talking about Reimu's armors that require more than 1 to make).

3. The font color changes when you hit an enemies weakness.
Just like DoD you will see a flash when you hit an enemy with an attack it is weak against.

4. Changes to the level diffrence exp bonus.
The amount of Exp you get from fighting things above your level has gone up. It's easier to get low level characters caught up to the rest of the party now.

5. Effects take less VRAM

6. Minimap

7. You now receive items immediately instead of having to exit the dungeon to collect them, so you won't lose anything if you die anymore.

Other than Easy mode and those changes I don't think they will be adding anything else.

>> No.9048489

Don't forget to follow @ikabosechan then tweet,
魔録祭予約なう! #maroku_get
to get your shikigami by DM on the 28th.

There's only a few days left until the expansion is out.

>> No.9048618

How much gaming time does this game offer?

>> No.9048634

3 hours unless you're a fucking scrub.

>> No.9048659

A lot.

>> No.9048808

If I'm reading Google's translation correctly (I'm so ashamed of myself), it looks like those changes in GoS Weekend are independent of the easy mode (although you can still turn it on/off whenever you want). Hopefully they'll explain what exactly changes with easy mode any time soon.

>> No.9049309

Is it a completely separate game? Namely, will our saves for this work for it? Wondering if I should wait or just keep playing what I have since I'm almost done, except for the collecting items to get everything part.

>> No.9049377

The images for the skills doesn't always appear in battles. Anyone know how to fix this bug?

>> No.9049380

Is the current english patch for 2.09 only? So we shouldn't patch the game all the way up to 1.12?

>> No.9049714

You should be aware of two facts:
1. 2.09 is a higher version than 1.12
2. The 1.12 patch is for DoD, not for GoS. Different games.

>> No.9050090
File: 91 KB, 1280x800, help.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Please respond.

I have my Windows XP set into Japanese unicode.

>> No.9050565
File: 410 KB, 641x479, kusanagi apperently sucks.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No idea. It just happens sometimes.

>> No.9050642

This may sound stupid, but is there a treasure chest with "Spare Parts" in the Forest of Magic the first time you are there?

It's the only character specific item I am missing (besides Mokou/Bya, but they aren't supposed to be in the party yet) and I kinda don't want to go through the entire forest again in search of something that doesn't exist.

>> No.9050795

So this is a patch that's been released or has yet to be released? What patch number is it, basically? We're on 2.09 right now, so it'd be 2.10, right?

>> No.9050812

It's going to be releases at Reitaisai in a few days.

>> No.9050817


>> No.9050914

I've come across a slightly annoying bug.

Up untill Inner Eientei I had no problems whatsoever running the game, but once I got to Kaguya/Eirin about 1-3 attacks per combat round just doesn't animate on screen.

I thought it was only in that boss fight, but now it happens in every area where it didn't happen before (I went back to earlier dungeons to grind exp).

Does anyone have any idea about how to solve this? It is more annoying then it sounds.

PS. Running it on Windows 7, comp is set to japanese for non-unicode programs.

>> No.9051155

I've noticed that happening sometimes as well. I have no idea how to fix it.

>> No.9051378
File: 418 KB, 640x480, Unknown 2012-05-22 21-32-44-91.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yeah those guys can be quite a handful. But why are you down there with only those 3 touhous?

>> No.9051407

The other two ran like hell.

>> No.9051508

I haven't used Remilia at all. How is she? What does she do?

>> No.9051526

kind of decent physical attacker, fast but very brittle. Her other abilities I don't quite get, like Star of David or Red Magic. And her Last Word can be a troll if you end up with a powerful yukkuri when half your party is dying.
Definitely overshadowed in the expansion, along with that dumb fairy

>> No.9051567
File: 302 KB, 1095x659, my little headshot can't be this cute!.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh, and I see people mentioning the expansion, which adds a bunch of characters. Is the expansion Demon of Decline, or is that the stand-alone sequel? And, is the expansion packaged up with the prepatched game with the English translation in the OP, or will I have to download it elsewhere? The various wikis have been reticent, unfortunately. I have to thank you all for pointing this game out to me and patiently answering my questions; I've been completely hooked. It's the best JRPG I've played in ages.

>> No.9051684

Nope, it should be prepackaged and is called Lingering Summer Heat. After you beat the main game and load I think it asks you if you would like to move on to the expansion.

Devil of Decline is another game entirely.

>> No.9051891


When it happened to you, did it last indefinitively? Did starting a new game do anything?

>> No.9051914

Ah, thank you very much.

>> No.9052061

No, it doesn't happen consistently. Just every now and then.

>> No.9052238

Is Youmu's final katana worth it? The +50% crit damage on the ostracon one looks better than the death effect on the higher-tier one.
When do I unlock the upgrades for the ultimate weapons? Maybe it'd be better than.

>> No.9053070

whats the latest patch inside the game download?

>> No.9053074
File: 14 KB, 320x238, Master_asia.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Even though the rarity of the main game final weapon is higher, the Ostracon weapons are of the same tier and it's up to you to choose. Usually Ostracon weapons have a very slightly weaker attack (thus pretty much irrelevant) and a completely different effect is it's up to you which effect you like better.

Youmu's final weapon is Touhou Fuhai btw. Look at the east it's burning red!

>> No.9053472

I see. That explains a lot.

What the hell is with Sakuya's ice sword? It's so dumb. Does each individual hit from her multi-hit attacks have a chance to activate the freeze effect? That's the only way I could see it having a point.

>> No.9053731

the point is that it hits like a truck and looks cool.. Most later bosses can't be slayed by her swords anyway.

>> No.9054133


The thing is that it didn't happen at all before but now it happens in every area I go to that didn't have the problem before

>> No.9054143

Man, I don't know...copy your save files to a separate folder and try redownloading the game. Maybe.

>> No.9054148

Did you disable animations? Check.

>> No.9054169

Does anyone know if there is a place on either wikis that list the encounters in each subarea, since they definitely differ in rooms throughout the stages.

>> No.9054190

I just started playing this game and was wondering if there is a way to un-invert the skill selection wheel in battle.
If not it is no big deal.

>> No.9054196

I usually press up or down because I never have the most useful skill near, absolutely never.

>> No.9054633 [DELETED] 

Where can I get this update? The one in the OP doesn't seem to have it.

>> No.9054641

Where can I get this update? The one in the OP doesn't seem to have it.

How'd you get Remilia?

>> No.9054909

Does anyone have a torrent prepatched?

>> No.9054951
File: 178 KB, 1280x800, Before Crash.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What the hell is wrong with my computer for not being able to play this?

Already installed and used the Japanese East Asian Language Pack from my windows XP disc.

It crashed when I tried to access the equip screen.

I really need to play another Touhou RPG game after finishing Touhou Labyrinth and Touhou Mother.

>> No.9055020

Do you have it running in w95 compatibiliity?

>> No.9055055

Where is your font?
If you are using applocale, then that is your problem.

>> No.9055059

I meant why isnt HP and TIME showing.

>> No.9055316

No, I didn't use AppLocale. Yes, I already set the language to Japanese.

And changing compability did nothing.

By the way, what's going on with Captcha lately? I had to post this one on mobile because it didn't appear on my computer and it wouldn't let me post.

>> No.9055359
File: 873 KB, 2480x1754, bac262ff50a488316c6e850194ec8bdf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I can never be sure that I'm using Satori properly. I'm taking pains to get her beaten up by monsters to learn their skills, so she has a fairly wide range of options, but her stats are pretty low so I can't really use any of them effectively. Is she strictly a debuffer? Because it doesn't seem as though her stats are good enough for attacking, either magically or physically, and she doesn't yet have any buffing roles. Right now I'm grinding her up to 30 before I fight Komachi because I really, really want her Shinigami's Scythe move and I don't think I can get it later on in the game. Speaking of, does she have to be level 30 to learn it, or just to use it? Because that'd take out a lot of the tedious grinding.

The patch isn't out yet, and you get Remilia after you beat the main game and move on to the expansion.

>> No.9055539

>Shinigami's Scythe
you can get it later,
254 Dullahan (Divine Temple) (version 1.05 and up, only uses it if alone)
308 Divine Lightning God (Strange Level 2)
366 God Mantis (Muenzuka/Hatred)
416 Asura (Depth of Resentment)

but it doesn't look particularly good. Just wait until she's level 40 when you can get Wail/Warcry, it affects everyone. Until then, Sakuya, Youmu and/or Aya+death weapon are better at inflicting instant death.

>> No.9055607

Alright guys, I've got some issue with this game and other 2D (touhou) games. In GoS, the text is very blocky. I can hardly read the explanations in the Growth menu, it's as if the letters were 6 pixels wide, but with huge pixels. It's not only visible on text, everything supposed to be smooth or circle-like looks like a stair. Since I didn't have the problem on my old comp with a Nvidiacard, I blame my Radeon HD6870 (a friend with a similar card has the same problem). Any clue how to fix that? (driver tweaking, unofficial driver...) I haven't found much about it on the Internets.

Blocky/pixelated graphics and text in 2D games like GoS with a AMD Radeon card (did not happen with Nvidia card). What do?

>> No.9055680

Satori will never be as good at raw damage as Marisa or Patchouli, but she can still do decent damage if she hits weaknesses. Which she should ALWAYS do when attacking.
Satori is best at debuffs and support. Mind Blast and Petro Breath and the like can win battles on their own, and her defensive and healing abilities can really pull your ass out of the fire.

Don't worry about Shinigami Scythe. It's not very good; death is a quick effect...I think...and Satori doesn't have a tree to support that. Mind Blast is usually better.

>> No.9055697

Oh, thank goodness. I guess I can get it later.

No, I know that Shinigami's Scythe isn't particularly good. It's just that I thought it was only available at a single point in the game and none other, which meant that it was automatically valuable and worth getting even if I never actually planned on using it. And thank you for the advice. You get Mind Blast in the Palace of Earth Spirits, right? From the Mind Flayers? What makes it better than Bondage Art, or whatever the default skill for inflicting mass paralysis is? I'm guessing it has a higher success rate or something.

>> No.9055712
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not sure about the higher rate, but it also deals some mystic damage. It's also plain cool: You feel like a mindflayer yourself.

death is listed next to other permanent effects, so I guess no. It can activate just about as often as her other permanent effects, but it all depends on the target's death resistance. RES doesn't seem to play THAT much of a role, monsters apparently have innate resistance against certain permanent effects just like your characters have. I can't explain otherwise how Super Hairballs WON'T EVER BE CHARMED/CONTROLLED, not until Subterranean Hell freezes over, only got it once to work and they just self-destructed. (I'm still mad at these guys)

>> No.9055724
File: 461 KB, 640x480, hyper fang crush.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hear you on the one-time thing...hope you've got the drop patch.
I'm pretty sure mind blast is better, but not totally sure. I know it casts very quickly, and does a bit of damage, but I don't know if it paralyzes more often.
A mental explosion suits satori more than bondage, so there's that, at least.

>> No.9056480

The skill is listed in the bad quick category on the wiki.

即死 一撃死。

>> No.9056575

Uh, gonna ask, Sanbondo's releasing the next part of their RPG next week, so I was wondering if it should get its own thread/stay in a general "Reitaisai Games" thread, or if we could talk about it here since we already deal with RPGs so much? Plus it's apparently going to stay untranslated for a while...

Don't worry about any ability that isn't Hyper Fang Crush. That excel sheet in the main game download link is kinda lacking/faulty. Keep checking the wiki for a list of all Satori's abilities, it's got its own really thoroughly detailed page.

I don't know man, that 3rd eye could do weird things. Still, you're right on that point.

>> No.9056659

I would say it's worthy of its own thread, even before it gets translated.

>> No.9058613

I keep crashing at Satori's boss fight.

>> No.9058616

Use gamemaker.

>> No.9058618

I'm surprised these threads still get made.
All I see is people that can't figure out how to run the game or have problems with it and want help.

>> No.9058684


>> No.9058687

Geez, where did all these tech problems come from?

>> No.9059740 [DELETED] 

Anyone got a guide for Satori learning skills that's worth learning?

>> No.9060572

They also increased Satori's chance to learn skills.

>> No.9061688
File: 34 KB, 384x128, 20120524001512.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.9061746

Who claims Furfur as waifu?

>> No.9061763

Ifrit, clearly.

>> No.9061885

Now I'm wondering if they know about the learning+drops patch.

>> No.9061888
File: 398 KB, 640x480, フルフル005.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't like her. She took out half my party in the first turn. I lost a couple of items too.

>> No.9061894
File: 41 KB, 195x158, brazilian night.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

At first I didn't understand what was up with that last one and though it was just something like RO's Clock Tower Manager, but upon closer inspection... holy shit, Waluigi Night?

>> No.9061916
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Does anyone know if status effects have diminishing returns?

I keep trying to mind control Kaguya, but Makai Temptation seems to fail more the longer the fights drags on.

By the time I manage to kill Eirin, she seems to be completely immune to it, and since I run out of firepower by that time, she ends up killing me. Is it better if I try to kill them on the same turn?

>> No.9061931

Yes, some enemies become very resistant to status effects after the first time you use it on them.

>> No.9061945

Kaguya in particular will clean her status effects (you'll see a little shine thing appear) sooner and sooner the more you effect her. I think at some point it might loop around to being long again, probably takes quite some time though.

>> No.9061970

I usually see the "cleasing" effect about three times. After that, I cannot control her again.

Is it better if I berserk or charm her? Should I make a status-effect rotation, or does that have diminishing returns too?

Perhaps I should just level up; most of my party is at lvl 30.

>> No.9061974

What are you doing to kill Eirin?

>> No.9061991

have you considered attempting to flee so that Kaguya destroys herself because of control?

>> No.9062005

Hitting her with Sakuya (who runs out of MP by the time she's dead), Mokou (who doesn't do much damage if I don't use spellcards) and Satori (using mostly Fire Arrow, to change land power so that Mokou recovers).
Meanwhile, Byakuren tries to buff and debuff and Reimu heals and defends, since I'm to afraid to tilt the land power towards light too much.

Yes I have, but that will make me miss her entry in the encyclopedia, right? That can only hurt my autism.

>> No.9062059

Nitori with a gun gets slayer against both Kaguya and Eirin. Marisa can do the same with 13 points in her laser tree, and both bosses are perfectly lined up for lasers and master sparks. They'd probably do a lot better than Sakuya and Satori.
I don't remember if I used Reimu or Sanae for heals...probably the latter. Her defense buffs are always nice. I do know I used Mokou, but I don't remember her being that amazing. I think she just spammed mach punch.

>> No.9062126
File: 156 KB, 600x600, 1317777935365.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

But I need Satori to learn Heal!

You're probably right though. I'm gonna have to level some bitches.

>> No.9062133

Note that this is not recommended if you care about 100% completion. You will lose her Bestiary entry forever (her later encounter counts as a different entry)

>> No.9062140

Heal? If you want, I guess. You can get Area Heal in the next area pretty easily.

>> No.9062146 [DELETED] 

Fuck off with your spoilers.

>> No.9062166 [DELETED] 


This will never become a meme. Give it up.

>> No.9062164 [DELETED] 

Fuck off.


>> No.9062180 [DELETED] 


>> No.9062187 [DELETED] 

Forced memes and shitty websites are both irrelevant.

That was an appropriate use of the spoiler feature, by the way.

All of these are, what a shocker.

You gigafaggot.

>> No.9062192 [DELETED] 

>This entry has been rejected due to incompleteness or lack of notability.

>> No.9062199
File: 205 KB, 640x479, OH REALLY.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh, come the fuck on.

>> No.9064280

I was probably lucky as fuck the first time I fought her then, because I controlled her on the first turn and it never wore off. I even stalled the fight a bit trying to get her to kill herself with a gunshot at the end, but she lever recovered from the mind control.
Why would you ever do that? It is delicious experience, I must have it. Also bestiary entry.
Some weird turtles in the latter part of stage 20 are pretty easy to control and know Heal too, so don't worry about that too much. Heal is inferior to Area Heal anyway so it's not like you should gimp your party to get it or anything
You need to abuse Sakuya, Private Square, Vyse Sword and Byakuren's light endow more. One PS is all you need.

>> No.9064292

I wouldn't have used Satori for that fight.

>> No.9064405

Regarding the Kaguya controll thing:
I'm really sure that Kaguya doesn't get more resistant against control. Ever. Nor does earlier healing kick in. It's a chance. It's random. You can be lucky at first and unlucky later on, it happens.

It's really not that unlikely to easily control her for the whole fight, even when getting rid of her when she is alone. Just be sure to give some IND to Byakuren... with growth and with accessories. She is only there to buff and control, maybe debuff. So IND is all she needs anyway.

>> No.9065392

I recently got Nitori high enough level for her melee chasers, and decided to try out group composition built around maximizing her slash chaser attacks, and it's turning out to be far more powerful than I ever would have imagined. I just threw together a team of whoever based on who needed leveling the most, and right now I've got Patchy with a Mambele, Satori with a Orichalcum Dagger, Reimu with a Dragonscale Sword, Nitori with an autocannon, and Youmu with a Kusanagi.

Patchy and Satori both have Dual Raid, which allows Nitori to hit twice on her chaser proc. Patchy also has Machouli so she can potentially strike again, giving Nitori another proc. And usually, I give Youmu multi-targeting, which guarantees Nitori will hit everything after Youmu's auto-attack, potentially twice. Otherwise, she has a 33% chance to hit everything because of the multi-strike on her autocannon. There have been turns where she's hit everything like 6+ times. And somehow, Nitori just procced three times off a single Heavenly Halo Slash from Youmu. I have no idea how that happened. She also seems to occasionally proc two chasers off a single sword or dagger auto-attack somehow.

>> No.9065407


It's bugged. I used it with that 1-9hit skill of a certain post-game character and well.. sometimes it would deal huge damage with her attacking multiple times, sometimes it would deal absolutely abysmal damage. She'd just shoot "once", and even though there'd be the right amount of "hits" with damage numbers, all but one are so low they don't matter..

>> No.9065432

Oh, I know how to beat Flan, I was talking about Sakuya's BRILLIANT advice for dying to an post-game boss.
I know it's by area. Shut up.

Satori was there to try and learn Meteor.

>> No.9065637

this reminds me how my Satori learned it twice from a (losing) battle with the big flayer in the kourindou quest (why isn't it listed in the wiki?)

>> No.9065641

oops, it is, I looked under Medoroa

>> No.9065670

Yeah, her physical chasers are kind of weird in that they sometimes chase themselves. I haven't figured out how exactly they work, but I've noticed that they work more often when her weapon has a chance to hit more than one target. I've seen someone on /jp/ saying that they work multiple times when they crit, too, but who knows.
>Patchy also has Machouli so she can potentially strike again, giving Nitori another proc.
Actually, if Nitori chases an attack, whoever used it will never doublecast, for whatever reason. I think there's a video on YouTube proving that with Yuugi's Berserker Soul (makes your normal attacks hit eight times).
And there's this too. Those low numbers seem to always be the latter ones and I still haven't figured out why they do that. Doesn't change how amazing Nitori is in conjunction with Lithos at the start of the expansion, though.
Ah, that. The tips you get from bonus bosses and the latter dungeons are pretty useless, yeah.

>> No.9065914

It's not a "backward-ass program", it's DX10/11 being the crap that they are by needing a DX9 installation to make it compatible with DX9 software.

>> No.9065921
File: 187 KB, 640x480, Unknown 2012-04-30 17-50-18-58.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I-I'm so sorry...

>> No.9065995


>> No.9066096
File: 337 KB, 640x480, Unknown 2012-05-25 22-03-08-21.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

speaking of Medoroa... that's a HELLa nice present.

>> No.9066206

what the hell do lives do on this game? and why I can't I bring anyone back to life?

>> No.9066217

lives mean how often a touhou can come back for the next battle (or when rez'd). If you run out of lives, you just need to get back to a healing circle to revive the fallen touhou.
The earliest option to revive a touhou in battle is Mokou's commander bomb.

>> No.9066244

Ah, thanks. now if only I could substitute Byakuren for Murasa.

>> No.9066873

Who should be used for the Gorgon Barrier boss fight?

>> No.9067049


>> No.9068620

I'm loving this game. One thing though, what's the purpose of Sanae's Miracle (Recovery skills enhancements) in the growth tab?

>> No.9068654

Press C and you'll be able to see what each enhancement does.

>> No.9071227

I thought about bumping this one last time, but since the new games are coming literally just later today I believe it would be better if they had a new thread more dedicated to them. This thread is almost at the bump limit anyway.