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How do you imagine the Scarlet Devil Mansion?

Do you see it as a renovated medieval castle, a Tudor estate, a Baroque palace, a gothic cathedral or something else entirely?

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Just your regular European-style mansion. I've always imagined it to be on the smaller side from the outside, but of course Sakuya's TARDIS magic makes it bigger on the inside.

It has big gates and Meiling stands proud in front of them like those English guards with the funny hats.

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I see it exactly how it's depicted in canon works.

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It's depicted differently in different canon works.

We've never seen it as ZUN sees it.

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I imagine it the way that most people draw it.

Which is a big multi-story red mansion with a ton of windows and a roof terrace.

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does it have a attic

also what do they need all the space for like six people live there

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>Everyone flies

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But it's been described as having very few windows, because Remi don't like da sunlight.

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How does Sakuya even fly? I can get the clock/knife/general danmaku stuff, but why can she fly? Does she have a pet turtle or a ying yang orb?

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Implying vampires aren't secretly tsundere for sunlight.

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What about fairies?

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at least one canon pic

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I'd like to think that it's able to rearrange itself castlevania style.

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I think it's Japanese castle remade to look like European building. It must have a lot of strange rooms and corridors that can't be explained by shape of the building or wing that this room is located in. It would be mysterious building even in outside world. It would be hard to explain it's style or it's properties.

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i assumed fairies were worthless and don't count as people

tho i counted koakuma and maybe she's a type of fairy
are imps a type of fairy
maybe in like japan

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Hogwarts: The Manor.

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I see it as the Scarlet Devil Mansion from the map in tf2.

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I imagine likea moe version of the bockinham

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Remilia has probably had many servants in the past, undead human or other.

But now she has many fairy maids.

How do you not know this?

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>i assumed fairies were worthless and don't count as people

That's racism.

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Aya said it had a childish feel on the inside, I wonder what that implies.

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Everything is Remilia-sized.

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Why do you do this? She doesn't even resemble yukkuri Aya.

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That's an adorable and very silly thought. Remi is a very silly individual though, just look at her sleeping in a coffin!

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I don't understand. It's very cute image!

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You damn well know what I'm talking about. I've been monitoring your posts for a while now.

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coffin on bed

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But I really don't understand! I'm confused!

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Seems kind of pointless unless it doesn't have a bottom.

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It does look sort of cool, and that might be enough motivation for Remi.

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I'm onto you boyo.

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I imagine it with me chained to a wall with high speed internet and flan raping me hard every day until she mind breaks me and we get married and have 50000000000000 children.

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This is more or less how I imagine it, only with more prominent gardens and a wrought-iron gate.

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Is the board all white and still fucked up for anyone else? using chrome and the new X but it's still fucked up

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Like this

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Strange, I just watched this yesterday.

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It seems like sunlight really isn't a danger to vampires in this setting. Either that or Remila just doesn't give a fuck and hangs out on balcony drinking tea in the day time anyways.

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