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Oh my! Did you want to cuddle with mommy for mother's day? That's so sweet of you, darling, that's EXACTLY what I wanted! My NEETiepoo Hikki-wikki-wittle-boy is soo sweet!

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Sorry but I hate fat and old chicks.

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What the fuck anatomy.

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Sorry mom I can't cuddle right now time for battle don't cry for me if I die I died for my people my spirit will live on in valhalla.

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I wanna cuddle with mama Ran too.

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Are you being mean to your mother, you autistic little shits?

That figures. Little pathetic losers like you always seem to have no respect for their parents, or anyone else around them. This is part of the reason your little vienna-sausage baby penises are always covered with cheeto-residue and tears.

Naturally, Ran was kind enough to pretend she wanted to touch a dirty, greasy little effeminate boyshit on Mother's Day, because she knew you wouldn't even be able to collect enough empty bottles of Mountain Dew from your little hovels to buy her even a candy bar.

Have some shame, you filthy pillowfucking brats.

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Pls come back alive ;_;

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That navel is pretty high, isn't it?

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Excuse me, my NEETiepoos! I have to give MY mommy a nice big Mother's Day kiss!

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lol american slang

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Ran's kind of scary

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Grandmama Yukari is so mean

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Kinda looks like a dismembered dude.

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Mom, you look so delicious. Wanna play that game about the pleasure of cumming inside again?

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O-oh my sweetie! You shouldn't say those things so openly! That's so lewd! I'm your mother!

But mommy would be glad to~

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3D Ran is fine too

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No she isn't fuck off Ellen Degenrate

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Hello young aikidōka. Have you been practicing your aikido like a good student?

Why don't you drop down to my dojo in Tanabe, Wakayama, and I can show you some throws and pins personallyWe can start with the Heaven-and-earth throw (天地投げ tenchinage) ;)

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Dude looks like my grandpa.

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Hello young aikidōka. Have you been practicing your aikido like a good student?

Why don't you drop down to my dojo in Tanabe, Wakayama, and I can show you some throws and pins personally. We can start with the Heaven-and-earth throw (天地投げ tenchinage) ;)

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I missed a full stop between two sentences. As an aikidōka, I stive for perfection. So I deleted my post, added a full stop, and posted again.

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Can we have a group hug and kiss?

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Depends on what?

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By that do you mean tit sandwich for chen?

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Oh, mommy had just the most pleasant Mother's Day! You were so sweet and thoughtful towards me... Why, I almost feel guilty! Is there anything mommy can do for her little NEETypie?

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Oh my goodness! Mommy can sure see the resemblance!

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C-can you pet me on the head?

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Of course! How many pats would you like?

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dammit mom

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Coming right up! Snuggle up close to mommy, now!

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M-mommy, my chinpo is rock hard again. Take responsibility and do something.