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That's a pretty big Shanghai.

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In before that doujin

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You. You are what's wrong with Alice fans. It's not like Alice was shunned by Gensokyo and forced into her position, she lives on her own out in the forest because she wants to, because she's engrossed in her magical research trying to perfect her doll magic to create a doll with free will. Shanghai isn't independent, none of her dolls are, she's just a wooden doll under Alice's complete control.

She keeps to herself mostly, sometimes Marisa will bother her, other times when something concerns her she'll both Marisa. She gets invited to parties (IaMP) and Suika has a go at her for being more friendly with the humans then she is with Youkai (but then, who didn't Suika drunkenly rant about?). The human villagers avoid her because she a creepy Youkai, but they know she's relatively safe and will even allow someone trapped in the forest late at night to bunk at her place (but most don't because it's a house full of creepy dolls that do all the work).

tl;dr - Alice isn't some sad pathetic creature, she's a independent Youkai mage who happened to take a interest in two local strong humans.

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What is it with /jp/ and yandere recently? You all seem like the kind to go on a stabbing spree.

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OP here, thanks for the copy/pasta. I was actually looking for that.

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Well shit, I'm all out of Alice x Medicine pics already.

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Because it's a dumb pairing.

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They're the yanderest. Mixing them together does not result in horrible violence, so the normal yandere crowd doesn't like it.

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Well, it doesn't end in violence, but it sure as hell is gonna end with one of them in a bodybag. (HINT-It won't be Medicine).

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You're right, Medicine would be a pile of splinters and sawdust, not a body bag.

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you owe me !

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Protip: Alice is the real bitch between both em'.

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Well duh.
Yandere + Yandere = Yan Yan Dere Dere.

Except the Dere Dere over powers the Yan Yan.

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