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ask someone living in the /jp/ mansion anything.

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How do I apply?

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When are you going to pay me back for the pizza we had last night? You didn't even cover the tip, man.

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what do you have in the fridge

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we're pretty full at this point, we've got 8 people living in a 3 bedroom house.

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>he lives in the annex with the other undesirables

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How hot do all of you look in girl clothes?

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there really isn't that much, unless someone brings something home which they're planning on cooking that night. most of us just eat ramen and frozen food.

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only two people in the house wear girl's clothes, and they get to stay in the house free of charge for the services they provide.

one of them is actually a girl

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>one of them is actually a girl

He must be one hell of a master of disguise.

Would I be allowed in the mansion if I provided the same services as payment? I'm guessing they cook, do the dishes, laundry and clean the house. A small price to pay to be around you guys, honestly.

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If you're going to roleplay, at least have the decency to be good at it.


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Wait, you need to pay to live in the /jp/ mansion? So what's the point?

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why ramen..why not amke your own spagetti

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Who's the meido?

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NSJ, your thread sucks.

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nobody has to pay rent, but the three people in the house who have jobs help out with utilities (still comes out to less than a hundred bucks a month for each of them). the two meidos don't have to pay anything, since they clean and sleep with everyone. then there's the owner of the house, who got a pretty sizable inheritance when his parents died...and then me and one other guy, who are friends of the owner.

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>sleep with everyone
So /jp/ mansion turned out to be full of disgusting sluts? I should've expected this shit.

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>sleep with everyone
Holy fuck what a terrible troll.

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Show some pics of your /jp/ crib.

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>sleep with everyone

That's just disgusting

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I live in an apartment with 2 friends. Does that mean I live in a /jp/ mansion too?

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I see pennette not spaghetti

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everyone in the house (except myself, the owner and our other friend) met through /jp/, so I suppose if you met your roommates that way then you live in the /jp/ apartment.

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Please post pictures.

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I hope by sleeping with everyone you mean non-sexually

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Are we being raided more than usual today or something?
What's with all the normal threads firing off right now?

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you unculture swime

how long are teh skirt of the maidos and wat kind of pantsu they wear

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I don't have a camera.

I'll ask one of the guys with a phone to take some pictures when they get home.

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Tell mister phone to use a timestamp

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my google does a barrel roll everytime I type "do a". Not kidding. It is just me?

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this thread is bad and you should feel bad for making it

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Turn off instant

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sure thing.

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Please respond.

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Which country?

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also take photos of everyone

curious to see what you all look like

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like I said, we're pretty full already. they do all of those things except cook, we all pretty much fend for ourselves food wise. every now and then one of them will do shabu-shabu for us though, those tend to be pretty good nights.

but, as I said in another post, they also provide lewd services. both of them offered this and were not told they had to do it, and they really enjoy it.

so to answer your question: no, not really.

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USA. Portland, Oregon if anyone wants to know the city.

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So all I have to do is provide income or be everyone's little girl? Where do I sign?

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How do you all play Diablo with just one connection?

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I don't believe you, and I'm sure no one else does either. Anyway, I'll be waiting for the pictures.

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actually only two of the guys in the house play PC games online. everyone else tends to lean more towards consoles.

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Even if I agreed with doing the lewd services?

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>filthy casual mansion


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OH YES i wanna live therre!! please i can bake and stuff.. im really good at umm well im pretty good at games and stuff i can do whatever is needed aroudn the house ill cook and clean yes

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we really can't take anymore people right now. we're pretty much out of places for people to sleep.

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Then why bother making a thread about a mansion no-one can move into?

You guys suck. I'll be back after I finish my novel and build a replica of the scarlet devil mansion on the Douro wine region with the money I'll get from my masterpiece. Then I'll invite everyone except you. And the finnish.

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How many times have you slept with the courtesans? Which one is your favorite?

Do you like living there?

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cant i share someones bed??? ill sleep on the sofa!!

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>3 bedroom house

Sorry but that ain't no mansion.

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You are welcome to sleep on my couch.

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you can share a bed with me fukune

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Fake. ;_;
Just a normalfag playing with our feelings. Move on.

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File: 126 KB, 1280x720, [furzi-Raws] Tantei Opera Milky Holmes 2 - 01 (1280x720 VFR Web x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_13.45_[2012.01.03_02.12.38].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Stop, Fukune is mine.

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u have 2 promise not 2 be lewd tho ok? i have a waifu >_> shed be jelly!

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More like Yama's alter ego.

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You can sleep on my bed you timid bastard

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Hi OP, although you've said you're full I'm going to leave an email address here in case that changes in the future. I have a source of income.

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im everyones!!

no lewdness please is my motto

me and yama are good friends

dont call me timid

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is that how you treat an old friend

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how do i join such a coveted enclave

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i..im nice...

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I'm definitely not the horniest one in the house, but of the two I'd say I prefer the one with the vagina. I sleep with her about once a week or so. The trap is definitely the more sexual of the two and gets around quite a bit more, there's a couple guys in the house who double-team her just about every night. the noise can be a little annoying sometimes.

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My bed should be big enough for the two of us

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Just like when I lived in that crackhouse... those were times.

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Please note a few believers in your shit thread is not /jp/.

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okaay pyjama party yay

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>tfw when your post without picture will go to the archives forever

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does this even count as trolling? telling a story that some people choose to believe and others don't?

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i dont care o_O

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I hope we can make love or something

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The pics.

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How is dominance in the /jp/ mansion established? By whoever has the biggest penis?

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Biweekly Ship of Hope. Winner becomes reagent

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no sorry unless you mean hugs and stuff

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I'm not really sure what you mean by dominance. The owner of the house has the final say in things pretty much because he could kick us all out if he wanted to and we're all only there because of his kindness. we all respect each other's privacy and try not to bother each other. we all get along pretty well too, and even if there is tension from time to time we can go days without actually seeing anyone else in the house pretty easily.

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How easily? I thought you had shared bedrooms.

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you're story is inconsistent

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the only two that share a bed are the trap and the girl, and they pretty much do everything together. everyone else has their own living space, but not everyone has their own room. the people who are in other areas of the house (the basement, the living room, etc) have screen and curtains put up to give them some privacy. so everyone sort of has their own little cove.

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They share a bed? Do they have sex? How passable is the trap? Is she on hormones? Can she get erections?

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Everyone lives together and has sex with two sluts. It's a normalfag get-together.

I guess that's why they call it the /v/ mansion.

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>one of them is actually a girl

how can she fit inside that tiny house?

>> No.8991779

How often do you pretend?

>> No.8991809

Butt hugs, right?

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whats a butt hug?

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How do I get there?

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When you use your butt to hug a certain part of me

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>USA. Portland, Oregon
>1 day, 23 hours away by car, according to google maps

Is there any vacancy at all? Anything?
I might consider it if I drop out, which I'm probably gonna do soon, and could help with the utilities.

Are the attic or basement free? Under normal circumstances, this'd be outlandish to ask, but, in a /jp/ mansion, those places would probably be the first to go.

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How far away are you from the /v/ mansion?

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It's when we do fluid exchange

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You met a girl through /jp/ that is willing to have sex with everyone?

How did this happen? How did you guys meet?

>> No.8992043

Also, you guys should get Formsprings so we can ask you questions. Or just one that is answered by all of you or something.

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>ask... anything

What're those girls printing/stapling, and why?
Who's that pillow cover hanging up by the bed supposed to be?
What's that box of books about? Can anyone recognize any labels?
Are there any rules, curfews, etc in the house?
Are there any special roles people have taken up, besides the meido, like a chef or kanji tutor?
Any vacancy?

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the attic is full of crap and not really fit for anyone to live in it, and the basement has two people living down there already.
she's pretty passable, and she can get erections but she doesn't like to top guys. she will top the girl though, which is pretty much why they share a bed. she's not on horomones because she can't afford it.

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Does the trap like to have her cock sucked?

>> No.8992094

And it crosses my mind that i may wake to knife in me

>> No.8992095

she usually prefers to suck cock instead of have her own sucked, but I've known her to really like it if she's in the right mood. most of the guys in the house don't want to suck her cock anyway. I don't know if the girl sucks her off, I wouldn't be surprised though.

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Do you all walk around naked?

>> No.8992108

Why would you be walking?
You have a meido to bring you food.

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You haven't answered me here! >>8992030


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why dont you pool your money and pay off a bigger house? 8 people even on autismbux could pull off an actual mansion if you stuck together.

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You actually believe him?

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OP, you're fucking retarded. The /jp/ mansion doesn't exist yet, it's the /jp/ dream. Don't ruin it with your (non)reality.

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I'll believe anything that is posted on /jp/ as long as believing in it makes me happy.

I call it "religion."

>> No.8992178

oh, sorry. I wasn't the one who met the people who live here, it was the owner of the house. when he first inherited his parents house he said he never wanted it to be empty again like it was for the first year he was living there, so myself and another friend of ours moved in there. he later said that he wanted to help other people with all this inheritance that he had, and since we all browse /jp/ we decided that giving some NEETs who were down on their luck a place to live would be a worthwhile cause. He was the one who went about finding other people in the area through /jp/ to come live here, the only one who wasn't local was the trap, who is from Seattle. I don't think he went looking expressly for people to live with, as far as I know he didn't make any "hey Portland /jp/sies, come live at my house" threads, he just sort of found other people in random threads and they exchanged emails.

>> No.8992183

Silly anon, they'll are women here and some like to freeload with the only price being a dick to suck every night.

>> No.8992206

And to think this all happened right under our noses...

Anyway, I have no problems buying that a /jp/ trap would be lewd as hell, but how did you find a female? Was she sexual as shit already due to eroge and crap, or did you guys ease your way into her?

>> No.8992211


I'm around 40 miles away from Portland.

Do you guys need a shifty "security guard" to keep the peace?

>> No.8992225

I'm not questioning that one of the maids is a woman, I'm questioning whether OP is for real or a troll.

>> No.8992455

Height, weight and breast size (other two sizes if known) of your female maid

>> No.8992615

ETA on camera guy OP?

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These threads are very good, I want this to be true so we can replicate the formula.

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