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How are you sad, jobless, loveless little NEET losers doing today? Did mama Ran coddle you again and tell you it was okay to be a complete loser for your entire life?

Just to let you all know, by the way, stretching your wee-wee out will not make it any larger than it is already. Not that you should be satisfied with having a veinna-sausage for an erect penis, but I suppose you don't have much choice.

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Shut up nerd

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Would've been great without the second part.

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i fapped to pics of you being a slut, yukari-sama

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lol i fukd ur cat :)

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You should start working on expanding your Yukari folder.

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Fanon garbage. My Yukarin wouldn't be so lewd, or so rude. If she were to make a negative comment about your penis she would be very subtle: saying that the flowers aren't growing well this year, or that you need to aquire a new bamboo tree, yours looks like it's dying.

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That's some great roleplaying you've got going on.

Take away the arbitrary Yukari pics and you've just got this fat homo using /jp/ to enable his fetishes. Fuck off.

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But my mom said I have a big boy's penis.