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Which girl would you choose?

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The one with less cowtits.

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The choice is obvious

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the one with the boobage

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sorry hatate

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Why is there semen on that picture when it's clear Hahate is masturbating in the mirror?

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so hata-tan

what is that aya called?

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You should be able to solve this.

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She has a penis?

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Indeed. Also, my quints.

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Maybe, but it’s supposed to be a printed out photograph she took of herself masturbating before the mirror, ejaculated on by a third party.

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But if you look in the bottom right of the picture you can see her foot is still there, meaning there's no male third party there.

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Yes. It’s photographed along with the mirror.
Then printed out and jizzed on.

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Ok, nevermind, I see that it stops at the edge of the photograph. I thought it kept going to the edge of the image.

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Himekaidou, I'd make her smile again.

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A gentleman as always

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Aya is my wife... but christ I just wanna fuck Hatate silly, such a hard choice.

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Why do people draw Hatate so depressed?

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Because this faggot in pixiv drew a yandere-ish Hatate he christened Hatatan.

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Disgusting. If I ever become a dictator I'll issue an order banning the depiction of breasts like that in any visual form.

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Calm down sperghitler

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Hatate is a diligent girl.

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Making people choose between bird youkai girls? How dare you subject everyone to such torture?

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Can't resist the lewd stare of Aya

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First Class Prostitute Aya

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tengus are the best tuhus

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That face...

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>The Kakashi Spirit News is supposedly rivialing the Bunbunmaru Newspaper, but it's success seems low as no character has been shown reading it.

And that's whay Hata-tan is depressed.

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Touhous are at their finest when they're drunk.

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The proper choice for birds is Utusho.
The proper choice for Tengu is Momiji

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chicken breasts

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LOLOLOLOL look a all these ( probably samefag ) Hatate fags trying to justify their woman

Hatate a shit

ZUN even admitted he forgot about her in the latest fanbook, she has no place in Touhou she's a shitty Aya kockoff and not even worthy of being a proper rival character for her

keep saying you love her though maybe ZUN will believe you enough and write like a one sentence cameo for her next game/fanbook ha

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But the best bird is Mokou.

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Birds are plague carriers. Please provide a selection of cleaner 2hus.

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Lovely Aya!

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