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>That faggot's opinion is wrong, why do so many people agree with him.
>you spend 6 hours just writing a serious reply
>the first 10 mins, hardly anyone care about your post
>so embrassing
>can wait anymore
>you decide to delete your post
>your 6 hours
>Can't take it easy

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Who are you quoting?

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6 hours to write one post? Maybe you're just retarded.

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>6 hours
ur 2 slow!

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this is what autism feels like

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>That faggot's opinion is wrong
And you want people to listen to you.

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>faggot wrong
>try to write a serious reply
>reread many times
>delete and write an entirely new post
>post it few hours later with shaking hands
>no reply
>have the thread in a tab in case someone reply
>reply come
>some random anon tear your entire post to pieces on a few clever sentences
>don't try to argue, pretend you didn't read
>feel anoxious for the rest of the day

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>post witty response before thread 404's
>it 404's
>never got archived

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I'm the random anon

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Maybe your posts wouldn't suck so much if you would greentext less.
But I can actually relate to this.

Whenever I try to state my opnion on /v/ without greentexting I get 0 replies

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This is what autism feels like.

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I'd try and get the Tewi.

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Imagine you're staring into an imageboard. And you have useful and cool things you could be doing, but you don't do them, and you have no idea why. So you keep staring at the imageboard and refreshing, but no good threads come up.

So you keep refreshing and reporting every shit thread that comes up, which is all of them, and occasionally replying to the shit threads ironically. And there aren't any good threads. So you spend your entire night reporting threads.

That's what autism feels like.

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Sending this post and a report of my activities today to the government and hoping they will send me money in return.

I will report back when I get a reply.

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When I write serious replies and try to argue I always get the feel that my post sounds too cocky. Like "I'm better than you". If I don't get a reply I think the other guy just thought that I'm an asshole and didn't bother to reply.

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>This faggot is clearly dupid, I've stated my argument, he has stated his, there is literally no where else to go on the topic.
>Getting tired of repeating the same fucking thing, and ditto for him.
>Instead of arguing, close the tab and move on without ever being bothered about all the fucktards still arguing in that thread.

This is what being rational feels like.

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If the other guy stops replying you obviously won.

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it's tei, get it right newfag. so summer in here

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Shut up, faggot.

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I can't imagine you writing anything good as a response, seeing as your favoured posting way involves the misuse and abuse of the quote feature. People don't care because they see your shitty post for what it is.

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You can't write serious replies here. People are simply too retarded for that. Just stick to simple "wtch 2hu wud u fuk XD" posts and everybody will be happy.