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Why don't more /jp/ users look up to Greta Garbo? She just wanted to be left alone, just like you!

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Is she the lion?

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Yeah she was cool. Though if she was born in our era she'd probably be a hikki posting on /jp/ who collects anime figures.

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Did you just find her on Wikipedia or something.

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au-au-au a-whoo!

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>Sweedish film actor
>Film actor
I'm quoting wikipedia.

fuck off Rita, I hate you. You ruined my life.
I waited for you, for months on end.

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who de fuq is dis

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It's actually the opposite, I just found this board. Garbo is my hero.

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The article on her makes her sound like a "liberated" whore.
How is a vain, wealthy, film actress who had relations with any mad that had money anything like /jp/?

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