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Now that I have realized the good old days aren't coming back all I want to do is cry /jp/.

Why did it took such a long time for me to realize something so simple?

Please help me /jp/

By the way, would you give it a rest new janitor?
I don't have anything else in my life.
/jp/ is my life.

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You're deleting these yourself.

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Calm down anon

The good old days wouldn't want you acting like this

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I am not.

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The good old days are a lie.

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Things have been stagnating since 2009. The old days are long gone. If you really want /jp/ to become a better place, why don't you start making on-topic threads, contribute with OC and good discussion? If we all did that, we could have a great /jp/. Not as good as it was before, but still very good.

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File: 203 KB, 1280x720, [Zero-Raws] Tantei Opera Milky Holmes II - 06 (MX 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_13.02_[2012.02.10_18.11.57].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

all we wanna do is have fun
we are all happy
why does nsj want to hurt us
why does an outsider come in and try to hurt us
the world has hurt us enough
we just want to be happy together

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Don't listen to this guy. He's a spy for the bad new days.

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By on-topic you mean Touhou image dumps? There is nothing more stale than that and visual novels only get translated every few months.

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That's not like the good old days. Not like them at all.
That sounds more like /bun/.
/jp/ is much more than that.

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these are the good old days. stop nostalgiafag like a normal.

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So I guess you weren't here to really see what were those "good old days". Because /jp/ has been shit for a long, long time. For years. And no, /jp/ wasn't shitty in the beginning. It wasn't, at all.

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If the janitor was around, there wouldn't be an anime thread on the front fucking page.

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I've been here since the start and I will see this through the end.

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It's time to give up little friend

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I am with you. I understand the fun of /jp/, and how good were those laughs from before. But please, remember. What I'm saying is, we must make the future ourselves. Be they funny or not, we must create our own culture, just like we did on the old days. Do you understand me? I'm saying that we must mold the future ourselves. To truly have /jp/ as a good board. But probably no one will listen to me...

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what can i do now.. without jp i have nothing ;~;

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>/jp/ wasn't shitty in the beginning. It wasn't, at all.

Why do people think this applies to everything? /jp/ was awful because it was just /a/ and people shitposted because LOL NEW BOARD ZOMG.

It's like arguing that Highly Responsive to Prayers was a good game.

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Oh c'mon, I liked that game.

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I don't know what to do

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/jp/ was the only place in the whole world that accepted me for who I am

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im gona cry.... ;_________;

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2008-2009: Golden Age
2009-2010: Silver Age
2010: Bronze Age
2011-: Modern Age

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I still don't really understand your logic. You have literally experienced the worst year of /jp/, yet you miss those days? Why? Why do you want the old days to come back if those days were the decadence, the worst times of /jp/?

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He just want to see me smile... Don't be mean to him...

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i just want no bullying.. like at the end of 2009 that was a good time...

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what the fuck...

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You really are the purest person on /jp/ right now.
Thanks for easing the pain in my heart.

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The new janitor is a German girl. Germans don't understand fun and girls don't understand /jp/: you do the math.

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Yeah, it was, but really, I just think you should stop avatarfagging. I dislike being rude with people on /jp/, but what you're doing will just make you end up sooner or later like moetron.

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File: 168 KB, 1280x720, [furzi-Raws] Tantei Opera Milky Holmes 2 - 01 (1280x720 VFR Web x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_11.56_[2012.01.03_02.10.02].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i try my best but its tough when nsj hates me so much
uhh im thinking of stopping posting until he leaves :/

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I thought NSJ was a nigger.

Anyway, /jp/ is stagnant right now, but just wait until the open beta for PSO2 starts back up. Great community. Meanwhile you can practice your moon language.

Do keep in mind that some people have moved to places like /vg/.

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im sorry :( i wish i was better.. and im trying to be a better poster??

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What was so good about 2009? In my memory /jp/ got intolerably shitty from summer~fall '08.

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Crying or depressing is a normalfag thing.
Please don't start such annoying threads like this here on /jp/, or I may suggest you to go to /adv/ which is a better place for that.
Here we're talking about lolis, touhou and hapiness.

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Stop being mean to her. Seriously. Let she do what she wnats

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I just don't want to see you being banned everytime just like those other two very infamous shitposters. I don't hate you, and really, I'm just being honest. Your comments sometimes are good, but using avatars is against the rules and this is destined to end up bad if you don't stop.

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>Feel is a meme and I have no feelsXD I am such a truNEET

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she won't get banned if you won't report her!!!

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Personally, I think /jp/ really started going downhill after the first week. By the end of the first month, it was shitty beyond repair.

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Having emotions is so mainstream.

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What makes you say that?
2009 is when /jp/ was at its purest. People knew what the board was for, moderation was decent, and the only annoying people I can remember were ZUN!bar, Sion and Aya-sama Fan. Even they kept their shit to a minimum and were at least entertaining.

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shitty meido please let us take it easy

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/jp/ is the same as always you have changed. quit shitposting.

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okay... ill stop using them if it makes you happy

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Like, you can use it sometimes together with your replies, but like, just don't use it everytime, I just don't want you to be our next "BAN EVADING TRIPFAG SHITPOSTER". I sincerely like you and I think you are a good poster, even if you just want to have fun sometimes. You just need to adapt a little bit.

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what happened to DHAF anyway? did he kill himself after finding out Aya was a lewd slut?

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Thank you for understanding. If you really stop using those images so much, you'll prove yourself as someone that wants /jp/ to become better, unlike some other posters that just want to watch the world burn.

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The same thing that happens to all tripfags when they suddenly disappear: he became a janitor.

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>We're humans, we have feelings !!!
This is why people shouldn't make threads like that here, it's just irrelevant to /jp/.
Just go back to your normalfag friends already and leave us alone.

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sure thing blog threader

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I think, and call me crazy, he just types that way for fun or to annoy people. If he is indeed of school age, he has to type up coursework and so on.

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It's funny because Arc is black.

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Some say the world will end in fire.

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No, actually, keep avataring. You don't know how much flavor you add to this board.

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But man, she'll end up banned. Remember what mootles said on 2008? No roleplaying. In one way or another, using your trip with the same character in the images is pretty much similar to that.

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She should try using one Milky Holmes at a time then. That way it won't look like roleplaying.

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roleplay or no, fukune is a shitposter, stop debating over something so trivial.

>> No.8975551

Fukune is not a shitposter
He doesn't understand that what he does is shitposting

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I have an idea to better /jp/. Remove the fags that use avatars when they post.

>> No.8975556

Yes he does, stop defending tripfag shitposters.

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Of course he does. You have to be naive if you think he seriously acts and thinks the way he does on /jp/. It's a gimmick, like wtH or Moe!TRON.

Unless you knew that and you were also joking a little. My autism can only handle two layers of irony at a time.

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/jp/ just needs a cause to rally around just like way back when. Remember athens and his misogynist threads? We all came together and hated females! Remember Pygma-chan and the constant circlejerking? We just need to go back to those times...

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I'm honestly scared /jp/ will become the next /r9k/ if the current trend of blogging about suffering continues.
/jp/ is for people who enjoy or are indifferent towards their NEEThood.

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Just make new good old days and stop bitching about it.

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I think we need to produce a wonderful and original culture, and unite ourselves. Union in history has proven to be the best solution. We must let aside our differences, and become /jp/. ;_;

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But the new good old days won't be good old days for years. I can't wait that long.

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Don't worry, the wave of newfolks in 2014 will complain about how 2012 was so good and how its so shit now.

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That will be pretty funny. I hope /jp/ will be alive on that time.

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Why? Where are you going?

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/jp/ is finished that means it's time for you to go back to /a/.

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I think they were actually posting seriously.

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>Just make new good old days

/jp/ is full of old timers. Loss of energy and creativity of youth means their best days are behind them. I wish they'd make room so new blood from developing countries and the younger generation set things right.

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Don't you feel embarrassed making board redirects in 2012? That just isn't funny anymore. It's almost as bad as posting Marisa Get out of jp.jpg

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WTH was a gimmick. I could see it in his post pattern, everything he liked was consistent with things we're supposed to hate on /jp/.

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He really was a simple person wasn't he? I loved his simpleness. I really did.

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>Someone being themselves

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