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Which Touhou would make the best mother?

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Sanae and Aya.

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>Don't come near my children you murderous flower loving beast.

Hope I've been explicit enough.

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But Ran is literally a beast youkai. And what kind of person uses "likes flowers" as an insult? Flowers are nice.

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None of the touhous are fit to be mothers, There all fucking insane

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Someone who tries to give an education and be a good example for her pup.

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Keine. it's obvious.

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Okuu, Aya and Hatate.

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Keine would make an excellent mother, but I'd want her to be my wife more than parent.

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Kogasa, since she is good with kids.

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Why? She'd be to lasy to do anything.

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She comes with Youmu.

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Youmu isn't mature enough to be a mother.

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Youmu is your little sister who actually does all the work for the family.

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I like how "who would be a good mother?" automatically translates to "what's your favorite Touhou?".


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What? Surely a Yuugi fan wouldn't call Yuugi motherly.

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Let us ask every Yuugi fan out there what they think about it.

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No further Questions necessary.

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mama ran
She would teach me how to sex

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I think Yuuka might make a good mother, she'd just make everyone turn into her or Marisa.

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More like never let you leave home

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Yuuka confirmed for best mom.

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Yuuka is great everything but bitch, please, not mother.

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Aya? Really?

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He clearly wants his mom to suck his dick to sleep

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You are probably missing the epic /jp/ meme associated with her.

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Guess I am. Care to share?

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Which touhou would make the best MILF/Incest relationship with her son?

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crowslut xDD

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Sakuya is coo'