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I'm so NEET I have never been in education, employment or training!

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In what kind of uncivilized recess do you live?

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good for you, i suppose

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That explains your grammar.

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didnt you ever go to school?

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My autism is preventing me from ignoring this. Please save the correct image.

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how did you learn to write and read?

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Well, my parents taught me basic reading, and I just got self taught from there!
Most of my grammar, I learnt from 4chan!

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We should make a banner out of this, Moot would love it.

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did you get home schoolED?? that counts as education dummy

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No, I didn't!

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Are you illiterate? He said he taught himself. And no, "basic reading" doesn't count as "education" because that's a given if you don't live in a third-world shithole.

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didnt you get in trouble with the police?

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We should definitely fuck and have little baby NEET's

They will be born with the ability to shit post.

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illitiarate means cant read and i can read

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truNEET master race reporting in. Ask me anything.

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Hello fellow NEET
When was the last time you emptied your piss bottles?

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Not very much, no!

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Maybe, are you pure?

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Send it to m00ty. If he dosn't do it, just rape his ass

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I am pure as the driven snow.

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>driven snow
That doesn't sound very pure.
But I don't know what driven snow is, I imagine driven snow is snow that has been drove on a lot!

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oh.. well okay i wish i was like you.. i hope one day i can go back to school and stuff

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'Driven snow' is snow that has blown into drifts and is untrodded and clean.

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Why would you want to do that?

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why are you ban evading

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I'd have to think about it, I want to become a wizard you see!

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That doesn't exist.

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What doesn't exist?

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Your face.

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why not

im not! :)

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School is lame as HELL.

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>I want to become a wizard

Great, we can make magic together!

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i know but... i wanna learn and stuff.. sorry!

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Why don't you remove the background from your images and make them transparent? It would look so much better than random screenshots.

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i dont know how.. heres one my friend did for me i think this is transparent

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I like the screenshots. I save every single one I don't have already.

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Since you want to learn things, learn this!


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oh good please dont usethem in a bad way or a way i wouldnt approve of :)

ill read it tomorrow
im trying to become better at photoshop

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I like your screenshots the way they are.

Here's the guide anyway.

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>Magic wand.

If you don't mind it looking like shit.
Pentool is slower but better quality.

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yesss ill use it gleefully thank you
heres something i made for a friend in photoshop

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I only save them so I can admire them and maybe make them transparent eventually.

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ohh... if you do can i use them again?

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Here's something I made just now.

I know how much you hate kikes so I know you'll love it.

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what do you mean by kike

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look at dat ass

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Damn, let me try that again.

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That picture is quite lewd.

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Sexy ass, I thought you were anti-lewd, I've changed my mind about you. "Anti-lewd" hahahahaha

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Forgive my drugged up shitposting.

I'm sorry. I love you.

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dont look there look at her face

at laest you learned a lesson.. that sign means hitler though you know...

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Since you want to learn things, learn this!


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what... its not lewd at all theres no naked ness or anything
its your lewd mind making it lewd

i love you too !! nice trips!!!! GANBARO

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Transperancy hopefully :)

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ganbaro lets try harder next time together GAN

uhhh oh..! thats pretty cool

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is the shitposting squad invading my jaypeed?

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What program are you using?

I may be able to help you.

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are you a male or a female?

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We are all little girls!!

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He's doing it on purpose. He thinks pretending to be retards is cute.

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Why would that matter? It's just words and images on your screen. Fuck off

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don't mess with my friend you fartinspector!

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please dont fight!! i love you all
i wanna be friends lets all be friends please

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i asked you if you were a male or a female, illiterate monkey
stop evading my question

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Would you let me piss in your bottle?

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Here you go friend.

I will post what setting I used after this post.

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you sound mad xD stay mad nerd troled

only if you needed the toilet really badly.. i wouldnt be happy about it..

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Should I get a trip, use an alvatar and create a personality?

it feels like it's too late..

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well done

never toolate dont create a personality though use your own

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>stay mad nerd troled

That is pretty mean and not cute at all.

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ignore the meanies!

they dont know how to take it easy

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sorry :( he was bullying me
dont feel like bothering with bullies today!! gomen anon im sorry for bullying

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yea trolled 4 lyfee xDDD

are you a male or a female

>> No.8969203 [DELETED] 

What will your avatar be?

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How do you manage such consistently atrocious spelling? Do you type with your feet?

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Probably an obscure touhou or an obscure anime loli.

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it can be said that im a hasty typer yes

thanks ill do my best starting now

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I don't think it can be just haste though. I type at 100 WPM and I still misspell words very infrequently.

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I thought this was a NEET thread ;_;

Thank you for always derailing threads I like Fukune! :DDDDDDDDD

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How did you learn to read and write without an education?

Homeschooling counts as education

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my autism is not as strong as yours.

i dont have any benefits like increased intelligence like normal autists.

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im just not good at typing really.. sorry

sorry.. i didnt mean to i just try to answer questions for me :(

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im not dntf**kwitmeormyfriends-chan by the way.

>> No.8969232 [DELETED] 

Did you get enough attention for today? You seemed to be starving today, I'm glad the janitor is not around so you can have your attention meal (:

>> No.8969238 [DELETED] 

:( sorry ive just been answering questions i dont want to make anyone sad

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Suck my cock,you timid girl

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naw it's never too late, do whatever floats your boat.

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I'm terrible.

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ggood try

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What are you talking about? That's beautiful.

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Thank you both very much.

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this thread is so cute.

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I don't understand this thread, so I'm posting a random image from my harddrive and hope that solves the problem.

Everyone happy now?

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I am happy, thank you :3

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Why is /jp/ so friendly and cute?
It's not like I dislike that or anything, though!
Actually, it makes me very very happy!
I'm just kind of bewildered.

>> No.8969308

I'm only friendly to real shut ins.

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Because we are all little girl NEET's

>> No.8969316

Are you a real shut in?
If so, let's be friends.

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neat neeet naet XXDDDD i am superneet xDD

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I've got an idea ...

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Testing lewd GIF.

Best 2hu by the way.

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