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Revival thread #7
(partially) Copied from the last OP:

about GoS
/jp/ has discussed this game before, a rather long, difficult touhou rpg, translated. Awhile ago it received some updates that greatly improved stability and performance, the game was rather crashy with the English patch before these patches, so it's worth updating.

The whole game prepatched with the translation and game manual (5 parts)

If you already have the game it's most likely at version 2.06. You can get the 2.07 and 2.08 patches here: http://www.gensoukyou.org/bose02/game02/update.html
and the 2.09 patch here http://www.gensoukyou.org/bose02/update.html
After updating to 2.09 the game task bar will still read 2.08 for some reason.
The english files to copy over for 2.09 http://www.mediafire.com/?hwfe9kaur3d08c3
If you updated your game you'll need to run the exe in your save folder to convert your saved games to work with the new engine.

Previous threads:
#1: >>8704496
#2: >>8737026
#3: >>8752437
#4: >>8781996
#5: >>8863037
#6: >>8911857

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game demos/trailers

about DoD (the sequel)

>shamelessly borrowing from DS and pooshlmer

Base game:


1.01: http://komatsuna-ya.kululu.net/patch_maroku_101.exe
1.02: http://komatsuna-ya.kululu.net/patch_maroku_102.exe
1.03: http://komatsuna-ya.kululu.net/patch_maroku_103.exe
1.04: http://komatsuna-ya.kululu.net/patch_maroku_104.exe
1.05: http://komatsuna-ya.kululu.net/patch_maroku_105.exe
1.06: http://komatsuna-ya.kululu.net/patch_maroku_106.exe
1.07: http://komatsuna-ya.kululu.net/patch_maroku_107.exe
1.08: http://komatsuna-ya.kululu.net/patch_maroku_108.exe
1.09: http://komatsuna-ya.kululu.net/patch_maroku_109.exe
1.10: http://komatsuna-ya.kululu.net/patch_maroku_110.exe
1.11: http://komatsuna-ya.kululu.net/patch_maroku_111.exe
1.12: http://patch.hachikuma.net/maroku/patch_maroku_112.exe
1.12x: http://patch.hachikuma.net/maroku/patch_maroku_112x.exe (For patching from 1.00)

Manual: http://komatsuna-ya.kululu.net/manual_maroku.lzh
Partially Translated Manual: http://www.mediafire.com/?2xr1cpwut878ucv (Thanks to Catharsis)

Japanese wiki: http://www54.atwiki.jp/maroku
Google translated link: http://translate.google.com/translate?u=http://www54.atwiki.jp/maroku

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Drop/Learning mod for GoS 2.09: http://www.mediafire.com/?2e96axlmufyt31f
Rename the file to Game.pak and substitue the original one with it.

Japanese wiki for GoS: http://www26.atwiki.jp/touhou_souzin/


Nitori's theme

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I don't think the guy who needed Tenshi help saw this.
For Tenshi, use Alice, Byakuren, Reimu, Patchy, and Sakuya/Youmu. Spread out earth resistant gear all around. Give Alice the best anti-earth shield you've got; continental, if I remember right. Use Poison Shield for your formation. If you don't have it yet, go get it; it's very good, and you should easily be able to get it now.
Enchant the physical damage dealer with dark or lightning, buff their attack, and let them rip. After Byakuren finishes buffing them, have her try to debuff Tenshi's defense. Patchy should spam her thunder spells; I forget if Byakuren has a magic buff, but if so, use it. Don't use Patchy's land spells; just let her boost thunder the old fashioned way.
Alice should use spectrum mystery set to earth every turn. This should block most of Tenshi's attacks. If she uses drill, have Reimu use the elemental shield, because she's probably going to use magnum stoneshower next turn. Also have Reimu do this on the first turn, obviously.

If you're still having trouble, put Nitori or Satori in the commander slot and switch Reimu out for Sanae. Now have Sanae buff your defense and use Nitori/Satori's defensive commander spells on the first turn and whenever she uses drill. Once those run out, just have Alice little legion. You might want to have Byakuren buff Alice's earth defense for this, but you probably won't need too.

To sum it up...use buffs. Tenshi's a complete pushover with them.

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I don't think the guy who needed Tenshi help saw this.
For Tenshi, use Alice, Byakuren, Reimu, Patchy, and Sakuya/Youmu. Spread out earth resistant gear all around. Give Alice the best anti-earth shield you've got; continental, if I remember right. Use Poison Shield for your formation. If you don't have it yet, go get it; it's very good, and you should easily be able to get it now.
Enchant the physical damage dealer with dark or lightning, buff their attack, and let them rip. After Byakuren finishes buffing them, have her try to debuff Tenshi's defense. Patchy should spam her thunder spells; I forget if Byakuren has a magic buff, but if so, use it. Don't use Patchy's land spells; just let her boost thunder the old fashioned way.
Alice should use spectrum mystery set to earth every turn. This should block most of Tenshi's attacks. If she uses drill, have Reimu use the elemental shield, because she's probably going to use magnum stoneshower next turn. Also have Reimu do this on the first turn, obviously.

If you're still having trouble, put Nitori or Satori in the commander slot and switch Reimu out for Sanae. Now have Sanae buff your defense and use Nitori/Satori's defensive commander spells on the first turn and whenever she uses drill. Once those run out, just have Alice little legion. You might want to have Byakuren buff Alice's earth defense for this, but you probably won't need too.

To sum it up...use buffs. Tenshi's a complete pushover with them.

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Reposting the info on the update disc.
The changes in the new version will be:
EASY MODO. You can toggle it anytime.
Drop rates increased, especially materials.
Crafting requirements need less materials.
Damage numbers change color when you hit a weakness.
Experience levels are being increased. (Less grind)
Status effects have been lightened.
Mini-map added.
You no longer will need to leave the dungeon in order to receive the items you got in it.

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I had a ball with this thing all day long. Boy, it was literally only Yuugi and him(her, it?) in the end - Vacuum Wave brings Yuugi down to 100 HP, she retorts with Knockout in Three Steps, 35k~ and dead. Suck my cock dude, I have my two Devil Hearts and I'm happy.

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I finally got to the fight with the three sisters.
I suspect I'll be here for months, trying to lean Hyper Fang Crush with Satori.

Does somebody have the unpatched game? They released a new patch (2.10, http://www.gensoukyou.org/update.html)), and I'd like to see what the バージョン情報.txt says.

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Use the drop rate patch. It boosts Hyper Fang Crush's learning rate to 100% with a maxed learning tree.
Don't torture yourself.

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Last thread someone said something about 100 IND being the "cap" for Byakuren when they were talking about it amplifying the effectiveness of her buffs. Does that mean its pointless to have over 100 IND for her, or does having over 100 still give better chances to land her debuffs?

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Is Reisen in this game?

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What does the Drop/Learning mod do?

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Yes, in the post-game. She's very good.

Increases the basic material (iron, silver, magical medals, etc) drop rates and Satori's learning rates to respectable levels.
Note respectable; without the patch, you'll almost NEVER see any material drops; they're usually less than .5%-1% drops without the patch. The same goes for a lot of Satori's spells.
Also note that the patch does not effect character specific materials, stage specific materials, or equipment drops at all.

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What do you mean by post-game? You beat the game and play it again with new characters and such?

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No. The game continues after you beat the final boss of the main game. There's new characters to recruit and stuff to do.

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Is anyone working on a DOD english patch?

Also is there a list of GOS post game characters?

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Dunno about DoD.
The wiki has all the characters. They are Remilia, Yuugi, Reisen, Cirno, and Lithos.

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Thank you sire

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I MAY use the patch for this. But before that, I'll have to learn how to beat the sisters. Akame is easy with Sakuya and Byakuren, but Chihiro plainly destroys me with Maelstrom.

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A DoD English patch is in the works.

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Also, what's a good level for these bosses? I'm around 45~50, maybe leveling up could help.

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Which part? The instant death or the damage?

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It helps if you have over 100IND for her debuffs if you want them to take full effect. It takes the enemies RES into account and subtracts it from your IND before it calculates how strong the debuff will be.

IND-(Enemies RES/2)

Her debuffs work the same way buffs work. It's best to have 100 IND after you subtract the enemies RES if you want her debuffs to be the strongest they can. Her debuffs have pretty high IND multipliers so it will make a noticeable difference.

Plus having over 100 IND should help her chances of landing debuffs and permanent effects.

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What level is recommended for the last boss? I'm 60-ish right now and just get my ass handed to me. I can beat the first form(s) easily but the last one... man...

Also grinding is a pain. I can beat like 50% of the enemy groups, the other 50% either have those cheap mind flayers or the LOL EVOLUTION BREATH 700 damage snakes.

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I haven't finished the game, and only just beat Yuyuko, but there is something I have to know. Is the villain behind the mist a Touhou character, or someone new the creators made up?

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The latter.

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Mind Flayer: i.e. Sanae Res+
Breath: Aya (or Reimu, but Aya is better)

Just use some strategy. GoS isn't about grinding. The last boss won't suddenly become easy, just because you have 10 more levels. Leveling is only useful if the boss has an attack which one-shots a character, but doesn't do much more than 100% damage. So you know that a few level ups will mean you'd survive those techs. 60-ish should be enough.. with the right strategy of course.
It's better to think a bit about your equipment and such. What type of damage does the boss deal. How can you mitigate damage. And maybe try to get some useful accessories. (i.e. maybe the boss uses mystic element spells, so a Makai Ring would be pretty handy for Alice. Just an example of course)

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Artful Sacrifice + Demon Binding Border (at least this is the solution i used)
For me her random tentacle attacks were way more annoying.
45-50 is fine

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I grinded in the first two chambers at the sides of Divine Temple, XP is pretty good there and monsters are quite the pushovers. If you want to grind at Gorgon Barrier, I recommend using Byakuren as the commander. Her commander bomb fucks up the monsters big time.

I think I agree with >>8965730. While the battle is definitely a huge spike over everything else before, with the right choices you can floor the sisters in like 3 turns without any real retaliation. Or, if you're feeling gutsy, play the war of attrition, manipulate field, resist the waves of magic attacks of all possible elements... if you ask me, choose the blitzkrieg approach. The latter will shatter your sanity very soon.

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Will the upcoming patch require the translators to do an update of their own? Or will we be able to play it right away?

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That shikigami, right next to the Lesser Dragon. What.
DoD wasn't hard at all to understand without the translation patch, so I believe Matsuri will be the same thing. The only annoying part is not being able to understand the (long) cutscenes when you find more characters.

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For GoS, the game is all in a new disc. So all the translated stuff with need to be copied over and all the files will need to be checked for changes/additions. So it'll take a little bit for the English patch. DoD is still in the works so that expansion just adds more stuff to deal with.

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So, Reisen. How's she work?
She does more damage to status'd enemies. How much more? Does that status slayer effect stack with more status effects on them?
Do I need to throw 4-5 effects on enemies to do good damage with her? That seems irritating. I've only got so many induction accessories.

>> No.8968889


You only need one status effect for the slayer modifiers to work. She's the best character in the game for killing bosses, but she's not so good against normal enemies.

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Sup /jp/

Suppose I dive into this head first. Anything I need to know or watch out for? Massive glitches, potential misses, patches?

Or can I just go with the prepatched game and not sweat it?

>> No.8969269


Not sweat it.

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Murasa heals for 7000 every other turn. How the hell do I beat this?

>> No.8969863

Okay so I'm having some trouble installing this... Or playing it I suppose. I downloaded the files and have them all extracted and now I can't get it to start. Any tips?

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This has probably been asked many times before, but how the hell do i recruit mokou at the start of the game? The wiki says she's in the bamboo forest but i cant find it on the map.

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Be in japanese locale. DirectX 9 specifically needs to be installed.
Talking to Akyuu should get the forest to appear eventually.

>> No.8970071

Everything Murasa does is a field spell. You can use them too.

>> No.8970114

Alright I've got that now. I'm not quite sure what to do next. I have to open 東方蒼神縁起 that right? I have to be doing something wrong...

>> No.8970121

That's not much help when her field spells do their thing at the end of the same turn she casts them, then vanish. I'd have to set things up to cast a field spell after she casts hers to cancel our her anchor, and I'd have to do it every single turn.
I beat them already, though. Apparently she runs out of healing anchors or something.

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You need to be in Japanese locale and have Direct X 9 from the very start. If you download or unpack the game without Japanese locale on, it won't work.

>> No.8970162

Alright I'll unpack it again then.

>> No.8970179

If that doesn't work, redownload it.

>> No.8970187

The explanation for why Genji hasn't been around lately is the best scene in the entire game.


>> No.8970241

It won't stay in the locale when I extract it...

>> No.8970255

No, no, no, your whole computer needs to be in Japanese locale.
No shortcuts.

>> No.8970262

Control Panel->Regional and Language Options->Admin->Change system local
That right? From the readme?

>> No.8970277


>> No.8970281

Yeah I did that. When I extract it automatically switches from the japanese locale to the english one.

>> No.8970291

It shouldn't do that.
...restart your computer and try downloading it again.

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>> No.8970314

Does it help to note that I downloaded the prepatched version at the start of this thread?

>> No.8970989

>need to be in Japanese locale when unpacking

What a load of bull. Please, stop spreading this kind of shit. You need to only be in Japanese locale when you want to run it. Or use a not-shitty unpacking program. (i.e. 7zip)
The only thing the locale changes is, how non-Unicode values are interpreted. They are wrongly interpreted in a not Japanese locale, but "right" in the Japanese one. Your unpacker however should not change the actual values.

I also happen to actually unpack it in US-locale (which I used for another game which needed it) and then run in Japanese locale. After making sure it really doesn't work outside without changing locales of course.


My guess is, you have changed something, but not the locale. You don't SEE in what locale you are, so you can't really see if it would "change" either. Except you go back to the screen where you can change it of course. Make a screenshot from where you are changing things. That's really the number one mistake-source, people doing this somehow wrong.

>> No.8971087


Embarrassingly that's what I (someone else) did. Twice.

Just the price you pay when you change settings impatiently...

First the "Region for displaying dates/etc" then the "Region Location of computer" then finally, with five seconds of paying attention (after ten minutes of "why won't this thing even start?") the "System Region".

Le sigh.

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What is so special about the GoS remake?
Is it just GoS with DoD graphics?
I am not sure if I want to replay if it is just a graphic update.
I might as well just play DoD.

>> No.8971622

the best scene is when Nitori presents her drill to Iku.

That came out wrong.

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This is what I changed like it said in the readme. I also went to the location and switched to Japan. Was that what I was supposed to do?

>> No.8971681

Nope, the biggest change is going to be the addition of an easy mode. It's also apparently going to raise the drop rates, make crafting easier, give us minimaps, make leveling up easier, and remove that thing about losing your items if you die, but I don't know if those things are exclusive to easy mode or not. They sure look like they would make the game a lot easier, though.
Have you tried extracting the game with 7zip?
By the way, the first time I started the game up after installing 2.07, it took some time to boot up. Have you tried waiting a bit, if your problem is just a black screen?

>> No.8971690

So, any news on what souzin210x.exe changes?

>> No.8971698

I just checked their website.
Not even any mention of any graphic update and stuff.
No screenshot as well. They only mention something about an UI update.
Are they really gonna sell it for 1500 by just adding easy modo?

Is the artist for DoD the same guy that did WaHH?

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Looking pretty good there, Remi. It seems like the soundtrack will have the new tracks from the expansion as well.
Also, something I can't quite understand happened on Strawberry Bose's twitter... looks like some kind of Q&A session? Their account there is http://twitter.com/#!/ikabosechan , in case someone's interested.

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File: 599 KB, 850x1219, sample_3755ea59e29de56c1efc8ed02e2c7abe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Is the artist for DoD the same guy that did WaHH?
No idea. I know him from these Moetan pictures.

>> No.8971741

Nope, just a bunch of people saying stuff they would like to see in the game, like Patchouli becoming Machouli and Alice coming back. Hooray for reading random stuff in Japanese.

>> No.8971779

When I open the application it just doesn't open. I hit it it gives the loading symbol and nothing happens. I have tried running it as administrator as well.

>> No.8972124

Bampu pantsu.­­­­

>> No.8972345


Only two things:

Don't craft every item you see, most of them will get obsolete soon and you'll run out of materials (and will have to grind them later).

There is exactly one single thing that is missable, a "Blue magic" spell but it's near the end of the game.

>> No.8972396

Where are the keys for the silver chests in stages 11 (Yokai mountain) and 13 (Sea of Abstruse clouds)? I've been all over and I can't seem to find them.

>> No.8972403


Youkai mountain is right at the start, near the warp point under some trees.

13... erm it's somewhere in the maze, not too far away from the start I believe.

>> No.8972414

Well, that's how it worked for me, and that's how it worked for a lot of people.
Needing to be in Japanese locale from the start, I mean.

>> No.8972454


The "not in the right locale" does actually start a "black screen" for a short while. (a half second or so.. it's easily visible)
If it doesn't start at all, it's a different thing. Direct x maybe.

>> No.8972826


The key is near the warp point? If you meant the chests, I know where those are. It's the keys I'm looking for.

>> No.8975257

/jp/ tips on inner eientei? I keep dying alot. If it isn't time stop it's poison or virtue killing my patchouli who's my main damage dealer with her AoE dark.

>> No.8975316

Use Sanae's RES buff every battle.

>> No.8975345

Thanks. How do I deal with Virtue without having to field BOTH bya and patch? Because as far as I can tell Reimu is nigh useless right now and I only have 2 dark magic spells.

>> No.8975353

you NEED sakuya's 2h sword, it has slayers effects.

>> No.8975400

Run like hell.
I don't remember Reimu being very good there, or Aya being good at all.
Mokou sure is, though. Craft her silence or great confusion fist.

>> No.8975423


I'm on stage 16 and I still haven't made Sakuya a 2h sword. She doesn't need it, she does just as well if not better with Murder spec maxed and a dagger in her hand, or one of the death axes. However for bosses she isn't as effective, but Youmu is more than sufficient to take her place in boss fights.

>> No.8975449

So I'm new to this game, and after finally beating Yuyuko she just 1hit kos my entire team. What am I supposed to be using for this fight? I went with Alice, Reimu, Sakuya, Sanae, and Marisa in Hakurei fomation

>> No.8975476

get one character
max res equips
byakuren res buffs
cross fingers

>> No.8975487

Though I doubt you're at a high enough level, you could use mokou's auto-raise

>> No.8975522


I'm fairly certain you also should have an accessory from a chest by now that gives you high resistance to death. Just pop that on one of your characters if you have it.


Reimu can use Omnidirectional Demon Binding Circle and block it. Alice may also be able to cover one of your allies using Puppet Shield-London Doll but I never tried it for myself. And lastly, Mokou might be able to resurrect everyone with her 3 bomb re-raise commander ability, but I also haven't tested it.

>> No.8975526

But I don't have either.

>> No.8975538

Have Reimu or Alice block it.

>> No.8975547

>go with the omnidirectional sealing circle of reimu
use sanae's wind of protection
>use death resistant equips
equips that raise res in general

>> No.8975561

I'll go with sealing circle then. I was using wind of protection, and alice was using the death resist accessory, but she still died.

>> No.8975966

I can't find the boss for Aya, Sanae, and Nitori's quest anywhere. Help.

>> No.8976461 [SPOILER] 
File: 406 KB, 641x479, holy shit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was sorta sceptical about Reisen's brokenness when I first saw her. She can't be that great, right? Need status effects on enemies in order to do decent damage is pretty annoying, right?
Nevermind. I actually shouted "HOLY SHIT!" when this happened.

>> No.8976493

How the hell does that door Akyuu doesn't let you open not lead to a bonus dungeon and super boss?

>> No.8976762

to be fair, Nazrin has absolutely no defences to begin with.
Still, her crazy slayers allow her to do good damage even to 999 PDEF enemies...

>> No.8980038

Boring news, the official name for the re-release is 東方蒼神縁起 週末 and not 東方蒼神縁起残暑 週末. Maybe it was too long. Or maybe it won't have LGS content, which I doubt.

Also, new development blog for DoDM: http://maroku.hatenablog.com/

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File: 141 KB, 670x516, asdf.gggg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does this area serve any purpose?

Who else really likes the netherworld?

>> No.8980119

I LOVE The Netherworld. One of the best dungeons.
I think that's where you found a key.

>> No.8980144

How exactly do you get a dungeon to completely respawn? I'm trying to farm an item drop from a particular stage but I can't get anything to reappear by repetitively leaving and entering the dungeon.

>> No.8980151

Enter different dungeons? I dunno how the respawn system works.

>> No.8980150

That's about it. In the post-game, accepting a quest respawns everything, I think, but until then...

>> No.8980311


What do you mean, a key? There are many stages with keys.

>> No.8980328

You find a key in that little area he posted.

>> No.8980395


Oh, okay. I think the grammar of his response confused me a bit. Or I'm an idiot. I probably got that key without even noticing.

>> No.8981700

using a healing circle and exiting dungeons frequently. How fast it respawns, I'm not sure, but I think it depends on the time passing between the actions above. I can grind a bit in a stage, visit the local healing circle, grind more, go to heal again, and most enemies are back

and as >>8980150 mentioned, grabbing a quest brings everyone back

>> No.8981716


There are always x monsters who do not exist in the game, more or less at least. So, if you want things to exist in the dungeon you are, you need to go kill a lot in different dungeons.

To get a full respawn you need to kill quite a bit actually. I usually use stage2, because it also gives nice pex. But that's not enough. So adding the last 2 or so screens of stage3 (gives less pex) and/or stage1 (also less pex.. stage2 is really good for pex) are usually necessary.

>> No.8981722


Oh and, if you kill enough in one dungeon and leave, some things will obviously have respawned as well. Simply because you killed more than the game wants to "not exist".
Kind of annoying if you want to leave to save items or go heal and suddenly you get your enemies back. But there those shortcuts some into play. (Like in the forest of magic 2, using the first warp skips a lot of the stage after you activated the respective switch, so you don't care about things respawning in the first half of the dungeon.

>> No.8981922

I was lead to believe that during the post-game, crafting materials flowed like water.
Well...I'm not seeing it. What am I missing?

>> No.8981980

what do you mean? There are quests for getting materials, and they're reliable enough

>> No.8983076

Is Sanae's Yamata no Orochi worth making? I tried it out but the multi-strike wasn't working for her 25 point Snake ability. Does it only work for certain attacks?

>> No.8983142

It only works for her normal attack.
I found it sort of useful when I didn't want to use skills, especially against those Rainbows in stage 20.

>> No.8983766

Yeah, I can get plenty of character and advanced materials, but without any basic stuff like iron and bamboo, what's the use?

>> No.8983865

as http://en.touhouwiki.net/wiki/The_Genius_of_Sappheiros/Walkthrough/Miscellaneous_quests says, some of the quests have a fair chance to drop additional materials, including the basic ones. They are still not as easy to farm as the specific ones, so you have a point. I think the best you can do is just plow through the early stages and see what you can find.

>> No.8983902
File: 169 KB, 657x517, Stage18.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck this stage Spilting your party into three groups is a pain in the ass

>> No.8983962

So, last boss upcoming. Let's see how many tries I need.

Stage21 was... well. Making a party for all the normal monsters is already a pain.

Battles are very long: Alice
Mind Flayer : Sanae
Neutral Breath "Snakes": Aya
Those light enemies: Byakuren (Dark Sword)

So, 4 characters who can't attack? Escaping is good, too. And I don't know if I was lucky or not, but I encountered two twinhead dragons. Yeah, escaping is good.
That said, my drop-luck is just not nice. I got a strength-ring, that's all. And I did beat down some mini-boss enemies. A pity. But better than nothing. Need a second one of those anyway... whenever I farm there later on in post-game.

>> No.8984095


You can technically clear this entire stage with just one group, but you still need to split up into three for the bosses. All you need to do is make one optimal group for one route at a time, clear all the mobs in the area, then go back, and do it again for another area. This will allow your other groups to advance forward without having to fight.

>> No.8984602


Nice battle, first try win. However.. I obviously knew already about... what you need to know about. (Time-Limit, the land nulling, and weaknesses, as well as Minus)

Honestly, the boss was actually relatively easy that way. I didn't even need to dish out my heavy backup plans. (Nitori Commander spells, little legion..) The last form never charged up. I don't think I ever saw a vortex either. The whole time Sanae's HP+ was active. But given I always covered Youmu...

Planned for a lot worse things to happen which didn't happen. Fight was still great.
I mean I was a bit lucky with Minus always hitting Alice (with anti petrify and -75% Mys) or Youmu.. who Alice always covered. I even used the "Wall of Faith" formation.. and I don't know if it was even useful at all. The boss mostly used physical hits, I think.

So now I'd say, the last boss is really not too hard. Sure, it's not easy, but hey, it's the last boss. My hands got sweaty and all, but that's how it's nice.

One thing is still overpowered as fuck: Youmu. Her 3-Hit last spell... I only saw one hit, because it killed the boss. But that was 30000(!) damage. Probably a crit. But it was with the ACC/Crit+ stance, so.. how much HP does the last form have? Geez, Youmu, up to 90000damage with one attack? Beast.

>> No.8984877

....Updated DoD to its newest version and... the heck is up with the shop? Ugh...

Pashcal Moon Reflecting Satellite Slash is ridiculously powerful, so if Youmu was buffed and in Manussya, she'd easily does crazy damage.

>> No.8985507

Is it even possible to kill Chihiro (the party B boss in Underlake Temple) without Sanae? I'm using Satori, Nitori, and Alice and giving them a ton of resistance gear but she still always manages to inflict death on her second Octopus Maelstrom. She even managed to blind Alice even though she had a Star resist to blind accessory...

>> No.8985555
File: 494 KB, 640x480, 120412_capture006.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Left side:
Nitori (with a transcendent-slaying gun), Sanae, Youmu, Patchouli (physical/magical mixed) / Satori (whatever)

Right side:
Alice, Byakuren, Reimu, Patchouli (pure magic) / Satori (pure magic)

Sakuya, Mokou, Marisa, Aya (sword)

On the left side, Nitori takes care of the Mind Flayers and Sanae keeps everyone alive without statuses, while Youmu and Patchouli/Satori deal with everything else. On the right side, Alice keeps everyone alive with Parrar while Reimu, Byakuren and Satori or Patchouli destroy things with magic. On the middle, you nuke everything (with 25 points in Aya's sword growth tree so she can slay Lamias).
The only dangerous part of the dungeon is the middle, basically if everyone gets charmed by a happy Lamia, you are going to die, so try to nuke them first.

My latest party dealt with it pretty well.
Alice, Sakuya (humanoid/transcendent slaying sword), Mokou, Youmu (Doujigiri), Sanae, obviously on Poison Shield with Aya as the commander. If anything that looks like a squid comes up, it's Private Square time with Aya's help, and the pictured thing happens. Same for any troublesome thing. Mokou is there to nuke everything that doesn't die in a PS, Alice is there to spam Little Legion, Sanae buffs everyone's attack and Youmu nukes anything that didn't die to Sakuya and Mokou. I even killed some minibosses with this as well.

>> No.8985560

>She even managed to blind Alice even though she had a Star resist to blind accessory...
Oh boy all the times Alice died while wearing Yuyuko's band.
Fuck you, RNG. Fuck you.

>> No.8986358

This guide I'm reading from the wiki says you can dispel Kagami's elemental barrier on the three sisters fight. How the hell?

>> No.8986376

Oh yeah, you know those variety and permanent cure spells your healers have? You can cast them on enemies too.

>> No.8986430
File: 64 KB, 369x355, Okuushock.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I have no words.

>> No.8986442

Press...V, I think, to switch what party you're targeting.

>> No.8987631


You can obviously use Reimu to cancle status effects in one turn, but you also could take Sanae with you. RES+ does NOT completely protect you though. Keep that in mind. But I think the boss gives you a warning after turn1 if she wants to use another Maelstrom.

Best way to deal with the three sisters is actually a 2-person party including Mokou and whomever you don't need for the first battle. Kick Meiling enough to get the Devil Circle formation and use that. Mokou's Volcanos are powerful enough. I personally teamed Aya up with her.. but anything works.
Doing that is a bit of a gamble, but you win or lose fast so it's not a problem. In exchange you have 5people in battle2 and 3. As far as I remember Nitori's Rage Eight with the right element was pretty good in the second one. Don't use Alice. You need her in battle 3. She made that one a piece of cake for me.

>> No.8988275

Tip for anyone taking screenshots: Alt+PrintScreen is your friend.

>> No.8989165

Holy shit.

>> No.8989338

here's one more. You can use Byakuren to enchant the enemy with a weapon element and defend against it to reduce physical damage.

>> No.8989356
File: 13 KB, 250x187, inconceivable2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8989465
File: 206 KB, 449x197, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think there's some weird thing going with the shop in DoD, because this just happened. Again.

Also, those GoS revelations... wow. Just...wow.

>> No.8989623

So I'm starting to develop a decent skill library for Satori around stage 12 and I'm wondering what the best way to spec her for magical and physical builds are.

Magic I clearly wanna throw shit into third eye and learned skills, but a physical build is tougher since I wanna spread out my points between Spear, Third Eye and Learned Skills. Even with what I've tried, breath skills do almost no damage, although she does okay with spear stuff.

What's the word on this bird?

>> No.8989631

Doesn't this not work because element damage, when nulled on a physical attack, doesn't nullify the base patk? Like elements only add damage to physical attacks, one of the reasons why Nitori's so good.

I remember reading this on the wiki for sure. You'd really only end up making the enemy stronger and then reducing it to its base damage, right?

>> No.8989707

point me to that wiki entry. I'm certain that e.g. attacking water-strong enemies with Sakuya's final sword results in reduced damage (even with Sakuya's resistance-reducing skills). Not to the extent of entirely reducing the damage, but I was capable of halving the enemies attack power via Mystery Spectrum.

>> No.8989736


Only elemental weapons and native spells work that way. Byakuren's enchant works kind of different. They transform damage. You can try it. Enchant an ally with an element and try attacking an enemy nulling that element. The damage will be 0.

>> No.8989754


Of course damage would be reduced. But it's still just the added Water-Damage which is reduced. Elemental weapons will strictly deal additional damage. Just like many techs, like Mokou's volcano, Nitori's elemental skills and so on.

>> No.8990083

I just finished stage 19 and I'm seeing a bunch of new items I can make that require character specific mats that I don't have yet (i.e. Giant Snakeskin, Golden Tray, etc). Does this mean the lower tier character specific mats won't be used for anything else from this point onward? I basically saved up as many character specific mats as I could, and I now have 8-10 of each type. So can I finally make the highest tiered weapons & armor that require the lower tiered character mats and not worry about needing them in the future?

>> No.8990087


No. There'll be more things you need them for. And, in post-game, you can make those "new" character items by combining several of the "old" ones. Making stuff you don't need is a bad idea. Especially because stuff costs more than just character items and you'll need a lot anyway.

>> No.8990094


How much should I save then? Like I said I still have like 8-10 of each type of character specific item. Is that still not enough for me to be able to make everyone their highest tiered weapon and not have to worry about being low on supplies later?

>> No.8990108
File: 990 KB, 1400x1400, 21afd3d8fec775fa4d01066df9a22294.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you need LOTS. 6 basic items (that's how I will call the character material) turn into one 1 refined item.
To e.g. craft a character's ultimate personal weapon, you need respectively 3 refined items. That is 18 regular items.
There are also special armors, some good, some pretty mediocre, and they need 2 refined items for the first tier and another 3 refined items for its upgrade(which will most likely be the strongest armor available for the character, like Nitori's suit).

to sum up: if you want both the ultimate weapon and the ultimate armor for a character, you will need 8 refined items, ergo 40 basic items.

So yeah.

At least you can farm those quite easily, and you find at least one refined item of every type in the final dungeon...

>> No.8990115

48, I can't into math....

>> No.8990119


So I can at least farm the basic items back easier later on? If that's the case wouldn't it not be that big of a deal to use them now?

>> No.8990136

depends on how much you like grinding. There is this annoying quest rotation which pretty much prevents you from repeating one quest constantly without doing any other ones... but! You can "fail" the quest (usually by bringing along more characters than allowed, easy win) and have still a 20% chance for a drop. Perhaps that's faster.

Some quests are laughably easy, like Remilia's, while others like Cirno or Byakuren can be hyper annoying, just because it's somewhat hard to find the objective encounter.

>> No.8990164


If you want something, make it. One or two weapons don't mean much. The Kusanagi is also very much worth it, if you make it relatively early. (Great for the last boss of the main-game as well)

That said, if you think, you can go without stuff, go without it. Again, it's not just the character items you'd spend. Trapezohedron for example is used in a lot of things. (2 for one upgrade of those "code"weapons you get.. some of which you might want. Upgrades for all those stat raising accessories. And so on..) And basic material is obviously also always needed.
But all that doesn't mean you shouldn't make anything. I myself made exactly three things in the whole maingame. The trapezohedron weapons for Mokou, Aya and Nitori. All of them are useful for some situations. Though none of them are necessary.

>> No.8990174


Oh yeah, I meant, I made three character things. I made some other things aside as well. (Upgrades for patk/matk/str/int accessories, Kusanagi, some shields, the +5bomb accessory.. yeah)

>> No.8990183


>Mokou, Aya and Nitori

Those were the exact characters that I was really worried were significantly under-preforming without their character weapons. Sakuya as well to less of a degree, but only because Murder spec with a knife still seems to work well.

>> No.8990190
File: 400 KB, 656x518, 10POT.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

now that I've mentioned Cirno... what exactly is her use? She's certainly the oddest touhou in your team.

>> No.8990356


Just got her a while ago. Well, she freezes stuff. But not much else.


Aya works well with a death-axe, or axe in general. A fan is needed if you want to fight against heavy breath users. Might as well use a decent one. (Although she will never attack in those fights..)
Mokou can also use axes, but with her personal weapon she can get double attacks. I wanted that for stage 19's boss.
Nitori: She does very well with a good Spear. That won't give her rage8 though. Nice on paper, that attack is actually not that good. It has VERY low ACC which fucks it pretty good..
Sakuya: Swords.. Knifes.. doesn't matter. But a 2h sword is "stronger".. though still not needed. I never used her as a heavy damage dealer. That was Mokou's and/or Youmu's job. You can't have too many damage dealer anyway.

>> No.8990775

Could anybody confirm what GoS 2.10 does?
I can't use the patch, modified files.

>> No.8990836

Satori's physical builds seem to be pretty crappy, even with her stronger skills like Vacuum Wave and Acala Sword. I found her magic to be much more useful, she gets close to Marisa levels of damage with enough things backing her up.
>But a 2h sword is "stronger".. though still not needed.
It's not only stronger, but its growth tree reduces the enemy slash resistance by two levels and all of the 2h swords carry a slayer effect. In the end, we're talking about the "getting something close to 3000 damage per normal attack" type of stronger, if she hits something she has slayer on.
Nobody knows. Seriously.

>> No.8990913

When trying to run this game through AppLocale, I get a "program has stopped working" error. When I try to run it without AppLocale, it doesn't launch at all.

Anyone know what the problem might be?

>> No.8990965

Is it natural that most of my party die in 2-3 attacks if the enemy gets a chance? I'm currently up to the forest of magic.

>> No.8991017

Nitori has nice synergy with the other mountain dwellers due to Rage Eight's low accuracy. Sanae with her ACC buff or Aya's guaranteed hit skill increase its usefulness greatly. There's also the fact if you build Nitori for -cooldown, Rage Eight has a cooldown of 1 turn and that makes it fairly spammable though her MP isn't high enough for doing it all the time, it's pretty useful for boss battles still though.

Especially Chihiro. Nitori fucks up Chihiro with Rage 8.

>> No.8991020

Oh, very normal. That's how things go in Gensokyo.

>> No.8991035

If they aren't Alice then yes. Yes it is. Later in the game it will become more like 1 to 2 attacks with the exception of Mokou.

>> No.8991040

Thanks, I didn't know if it was normal or If I was just investing my Power like shit.

Now I need to find out how I can get materials so I can make weapons that don't suck. (Most of my stuff is practice/character weapons)

>> No.8991043

How long did you have to grind to be able to take that many hits? I'm envious of your dedication.

>> No.8991054

You'll find better stuff if you just thoroughly explore all the areas. Materials are scarce and there's no reason to waste them on the weak beginner weapons(I personally got a new broom for Marisa, but that's it).

>> No.8991108


I don't remember Divine Temple being so damn hard the first time I played this game!

Who should I always have in my party for it? Alice obviously, and probably Sanae. How many characters will I be allowed to "carry" in the party there? By "carry" I mean how many characters can I get away with putting in the party that have non-vital roles, and can soak up XP?

>> No.8991875
File: 401 KB, 652x514, party.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just got up to the Earth Palace joint on the quest for Satori, holy fucking mindflayers christ.

Also, how's my party?

>> No.8991914

>I just got up to the Earth Palace joint on the quest for Satori, holy fucking mindflayers christ.

>> No.8991930

If mindflayers cause you trouble put Sanae on the field and buff RES.

Also this>>8991914, you ain't seen nothing yet.

>> No.8991939

I remember I either had to have aya spamming that "go first" move or sanae buffing res to survive

I'll be there soon myself, in the former hell now.

>> No.8991960

Not far into the game. Curious though, which characters have you guys found the most useful?

>> No.8991987

on the /rs/ Gos English.part4.rar download isnt working.
what do?

>> No.8992003

can someone please make a mirror or reupload or somethin?

>> No.8992146


No one knows what might be wrong?

>> No.8992326

It's gonna make a world of difference having either Sanae or Alice in your party at one time, although both is kind of unnecessary. Sakuya can be pretty broken if you use her right. Nitori can be surprisingly destructive. Youmu is the ultimate in boss slaying.

They all have a place and something only they can do, so just fuck around.

>> No.8992386

Im having problems downloading it too.
Whats up with part 4?

>> No.8993021

include Aya for the breathing enemies. Alternatively Reimu.
If all you want is XP, then remain in the first chamber on the left, with the Backfires and so

>> No.8993764


Eh, you don't need Alice. That part is still pretty easy without her. I wouldn't recommend that in stage21 though. Stage20 however is completely usable for farming purposes. No matter which part. (Though the last 4 rooms, with that "eye-puzzle", are rather bad because you get less exp)

That said, I used my normal Party of Mokou, Kusanagi Reimu, death Aya, Sanae and Marisa. Yes, that's far from an optimal party, so you can easily see why stage20 isn't really.. hard. Especially Aya us near useless, because status effects and instant death barely work there. Most likely because her IND isn't high enough anymore, even with +75 through accessories.
I afterwards used it to train an Alice, Byakuren, Sakuya, Nitori, Patchy party. They were lagging behind and cleared all the rooms as well. No problem either.

>> No.8993829
File: 48 KB, 259x200, golly.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My Alice, Sakuya and Nitori are still all level one, I'm in the room just before Satori, When I get Satori, what is the best way to grind up levels for them?

I'd assume it'd be something like:
With all level 1 members in party + 1 high level with a Final spell equipped.
1.Magic Circle.
2.Get into a battle.
3.Final Spell.
4.Repeat from step 1.

>> No.8993901

Oooh dear.
Well...put Satori in the commander slot and leave her there for your upcoming grind and the next stage. Don't bother trying to do anything with her until you can sink 25 points into her learning tree.
Otherwise, try what you said. Don't grind in the palace, though. Turn around and kill stuff in hell or the forest.

And get used to those girl's skills and stuff. Sakuya, Nitori, and especially Alice are all very important characters. This is not the kind of game where you can just use one party throughout; you should try to mix things up regularly.
Don't let party members fall behind in levels. When you get a new (level 1) character, let her sit in the commander slot for the next stage or two. If you don't have a new Touhou, put whoever's the furthest behind, though you can get away with a lower level Aya.

>> No.8993909

That was a horribly put-together post. Time for bed.

>> No.8994028

>This is not the kind of game where you can just use one party throughout

Oh you can. Though you'll need everyone a few times anyway. Having options for boss fights is also nice. I mean you never need Alice in random encounters until stage21. But for several bosses she is quite useful. So even if you don't use her, having her on a solid level is always good. This holds true for more or less everyone. Maybe Satori could be skipped. I personally never used her anyway. (Except as commander and in the three-bosses fight.. in which her role was "nothing") But.. eh. 12characters. So I just made two parties for random encounters. Works well.

>> No.8994294

>Kusanagi Reimu

the only part of the game where I do this is in her quest

>> No.8994382


Each party has someone who uses it. And Aya uses axes (a death axe usually), Mokou axes or by now her personal weapon.. so Reimu remains. And her spells are shit anyway. (for me at least) She can do alright with Dragon Fang Strike.
In the other party Sakuya uses the Kusanagi. She can Dragon Fang Strike a bit better, but has less MP and can't heal people or use a barrier.
And in boss fights Youmu uses it.

Well, given that I'm in the post-game now, things changed a bit. You get a very good Kusanagi wielder right at the beginning after all. So still giving it Reimu would be weird. She needs to hard support anyway. And given that I don't have a different mage I can even use her spells a bit. They deal fine damage with all the magic rising accessories she usually doesn't get to wear.

>> No.8994431

>Sakuya& Dragon Fang Strike
dude? What about Jack the Ripper?

>> No.8994560


No. Dragon Fang Strike has higher ACC, and a slayer effect. It costs the same amount of MP and deals as much damage as 2hits from Jack the Ripper.
Jack the Ripper is only worth it, if you don't have Dragon Fang Strike. Or you really like gambling. But even with the maxed respective growth tree, she still likes to hit only once with that skill... so yeah. Before I get fucked up because of that, I use Dragon Fang Strike. Reliable very good damage.

>> No.8994776

yeah, I suppose it's more reliable... then again, you need to pump a full 25 points in the swords tree... I'm not too good at doing the math, but I would still rather have them in the 4 primary trees... oh, and the accuracy is not a problem while in Private Square anyway. Mysterious Jack, motherfucker. (drains MP like crazy, but Sakuya is supposed to be THE burst damage touhou for tight situations)

>> No.8994986


It's fine and works well with a Kusanagi. Higher elemental strength and slayer effects are in the tree as well and the Dragon Fang Strike is obviously especially good against any dragon (double slayer).
It doesn't mean you can't use any of Sakuya's other skills, that's why you can customize characters to your own liking.

Something else.. I really dislike how axes develop. My most powerful axe has such low accuracy that its little power advantage is absolutely useless. With the bonus from the axe tree, Mokou would have 82ACC with that axe. (Skullsmasher) Way way too low.

>> No.8995230
File: 188 KB, 983x596, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't use applocal, change your system local to Japanese and restart your computer. See pic. Do this before you extract.

...also make sure you have directx 9 (http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=35))

...the links in the OP work fine??

>> No.8995429

Why on earth would you not use Two-Handed Sword Sakuya? She BREAKS enemies,

>> No.8995465


I only started using her two-hand sword now that I'm at Divine Temple, near the end of the first part of the game. The only reason I didn't use it for so long is that she was very effective with daggers and murder spec, and almost always OHKO'd trash mobs, or at least effectively took them out of the fight with another status ailment. Every mob now though seems to have a ridiculous amount of RES and immunities so I'm barely landing any status effects on anything anymore. Even my 202 IND Byakuren misses some of her spells, so you can imagine how useless Aya feels to me now that her death axe rarely ever works.

>> No.8995467

Who are the playable characters, other than the ones shown in the screenshot? Are all 2hus available for use? Is there a protagonist?

>> No.8995472

>Is there a protagonist?
>Are all 2hus available for use?
>Who are the playable characters, other than the ones shown in the screenshot?

>> No.8995743
File: 606 KB, 800x600, meanwhile at toshokan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

everytime I see that pool in stage 2...

>> No.8996400

This is stupid. Litho's quest, which is apparently the best quest to farm, has gotten me NO items after doing it half a dozen time.
You fucks lied to me.

>> No.8996448

I'm fairly certain you're guaranteed a few items by beating it, or am I remembering wrong?

>> No.8996450

So, I'd assume nobody knows how that fancy drop-rate axe works?
I think the pex spear works "on hit", meaning everything killed with physical attacks from the character wielding it will give the "bonus".
I'd assume it's the same with the drop-rate axe? I never felt a difference when I used it.. and now I have the second version. Well, maybe it's just an 0.01% increase or shit like that..

>> No.8996494

sometimes I get up to 3 drops, one of them being a Lizard Tail. If you feel unlucky, do the other quests.

those boost weapons should work merely by putting them on any character, even the commander. The commander is who I dump all my xp accessories like Lucky Hat on. Giant Melon Sword is cool, it's a Melon Sword which can actually kick ass. Give it to a berserked Yuugi, melon mayhem.

>> No.8996553

You're definitely remembering wrong.
If you beat it with just Lithos like you're supposed to, you'll get a lizard tail. Which I don't need.

>> No.8996561


Yeah, exp works on commanders. But weapons should work completely different. Exp boni are awarded after the battle. The drop-rate (or pex) boni would apply whenever an enemy is killed. Which is why I believe, you need to kill things with those weapons.
Testing this is obviously hard... although I guess the pex-lance could be tested. Guess I'll try that soonish. Though I first need to get Satori for her breaths back. Or I could use Aya I guess.

>> No.8996573

Then I'm not remembering it wrong. That is an item, whether you need it or not is irrelevant, because you said it has ``gotten me NO items.''

>> No.8996574

it's hard to kill things with the gamer axe - I still have inexplicably more drops than in battles without it.
Then again, I STILL don't have the motherfucking bloomers until today, 100+ dead space elephants later. If you don't want to feel my pain, just use the patch...

>> No.8996592

Fine; I've gotten no USEFUL items. As in, all the character specific materials I'm getting are completely useless because I have NO iron, bamboo, or rocks to craft with.

>> No.8996596

Yes, actually, I am.

>> No.8996599

Wonderful. I'm not.

>> No.8996603


The patch doesn't help there. It only boosts droprate of basic material a little bit. And droprate is very situational anyway, I never ever felt like anything significant changed with the axe. Sometimes I was very lucky, sometimes I get nothing. You don't want to know how many Gigantes I killed for the Giant Armor. I never got it... those stupid 2% chances. The drop-rate patch should've raised those as well.
You can guess my joy when I found out, that some "incident level x" monsters do also drop things. For example that rare level 2 encounter Godly Catfist, which drops the Head Priest's Charm. Oh the joy. I hope I can at least encounter them later on. I completed the level 2 quests already. And even if I didn't.. they are so rare.. always alone.. and probably have a 2% drop-chance as well.

>> No.8996632

>Godly Catfist

Oh, you wiki. Catfish. I found it weird, but yeah, a wiki error. It's not a fist, it's a fish.

>> No.8996635

yeah, luck is a bitch. I killed a mere 11 Gigantes almost by accident and the Armor is in my collection since forever.
Then again, perhaps I won't need those bloomers too much thanks to Regalia...

>> No.8996938

>And her spells are shit anyway.
Possibly because you don't have any gohei.
With enough points in her light-boosting tree and a nice gohei, she can wreck shit with her needles and amulets. Her bombs (other than Fantasy Heaven) are pretty shitty though, and for the Light element you really REALLY don't want to have to rely on Byakuren.
In every quest that has multiple enemies, all but one have a 10% chance to drop a random material, and one of them has the usual 20%/1% for the material for the character's quest. So yeah, don't count on getting that too often. I guess Remilia's quest is better for farming because Garbangols can spam Cry and never stop spawning, so you can farm them forever.
Pretty sure the power points lance works like that indeed. For maximum efficiency, give it to Satori, and spam your area physical skills (including and especially breaths) with her on stages 1 to 3.
There's a section in stage 22, after Yuugi, in which you can find the Incident monsters.

>> No.8997483

It is very cool playing this game with a controller. Anyone else got one for it?

>> No.8997487

So when I try to run the japanese installer since I can't get the one linked at the start of this thread to work I keep getting a setup.000 error... Anyone know a way to fix this? I already did all the locale stuff so that shouldn't be the issue.

>> No.8997539

What on earth good is Aya now that everything in Divine Temple and onward has 50+ RES and her status ailments hardly ever work? Even with the Executioner and 120 IND she isn't doing much.

>> No.8997563

Support and yukkuri hunting.

>> No.8997579

I use one too, it gives a nice old rpg feeling.
Also i need it because i play in my bed.

>> No.8997582

Aya sucks. She's fast and not much else, and what's she best at (making you go first) she can do from the commander slot.

>> No.8997787

Quick bump. Having problem with Eirin and Co boss fight. Any tips?

>> No.8997893


>> No.8997894

If you got Byakuren early, have her control Kaguya and the battle becomes cake. If you didn't, bring Satori along and have her use Lunatic Voice to berserk Kaguya.
Have everyone else beat on Eirin; she needs to go down first or she'll resurrect Kaguya when she dies. Marisa can slay both of them with 13 points in her first tree, and they're both lined up perfectly for a master spark. Nitori also slays both of them if she's got a gun.
Mokou is probably a better tank than Alice for this, if just because of the extra damage she brings to the table. Sanae is also great, as usual.

>> No.8998071

Saturn pad right here. Good times.

>> No.8998186

So I'm still having trouble getting anything to work... Anyone have some tips for me? I've done all the location stuff I think but I have to be doing something wrong...

>> No.8998196

Were you using japanese locale from the start?

>> No.8998205

What is considered the start? Downloading it or extracting it?

>> No.8998213


>> No.8998215

No I have not. Is that necessary?

>> No.8998228

Maybe. Try it.
Get direct x 9 too. Not 10, not 11, 9.

>> No.8998230
File: 1.75 MB, 400x300, goinfast.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I use a Logitech PS2-like pad for it, and I believe the only thing that could be more fitting would be a SNES-like pad. I don't have the money to buy one of those at the moment, though.
Going fast.
I find her much more useful with a sword than with anything else when you want some damage, except for when she's EVA tanking, because some of her fans are pretty good in that area.
Reflecting breaths is only useful for a few fights, and since you need to be prepared to tackle those I believe it's not too smart to keep her in your team "just in case".
If you don't want to disable Kaguya, I believe that using Sakuya's Colosseo World could be a nice idea. Just be careful with the damage you take.

>> No.8998236

I have one that came with a direct x 9 download but it won't work for some reason... Can I just google it for a download that will work? Or do I need to do something specific?

>> No.8998238

>Colosseo World
That won't help with Kaguya's really strong buffs.

>> No.8998241

That's why you dispel those with Reimu (with less than 7 points in Barriers), Sanae, or anyone that can use a rod.

>> No.8998294
File: 845 KB, 640x480, 川口さん293.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Every time I see this thread pass by the front page I feel like replaying the game while I wait for the expansion. Maybe when I'm done with Hadikise I'll play the game again with characters I never really used the first time.

>> No.8998721

how exactly can't you get the one in the OP to work? It's all ready to play

>> No.8998730

she can make a great tank against physical attackers. Goes hand in hand with Byakuren/Satori and Sanae though - debuffing the enemy ACC and buffing your EVA

>> No.8999227

Thanks. However the battle is bullshit to the max. Let me green text
>Party of Mokou, Sanae, Nitori, Marisa and Byakuren
>Kill Eirin
>Got Kaguya down to around 2k HP
>Suddenly 10k heal
>Got her HP down to 2k again
>10k heal again
>No more bombs and SP and mokou and Nitori are dead
>Unable to control Kaguya after Eirin died
Fuck this shit. Seriously how can I win this battle of attrition when only my mages are left w/ very low SP.

>> No.8999241

Alright, tested the pex spear and yes, it only works if you kill enemies with it. I haven't tested breaths because I don't have Satori yet.
The difference is even relatively significant. The short test I made with the second (stronger) spear resulted in over twice the pex.

This makes it VERY likely that the droprate-axe works exactly the same. So, anyone who thought just having it does something.. no. Most likely not. This also makes the axe a lot less useful. Sadly. Though I guess you could farm the first few stages with it and breaths, provided breaths work. Don't know how much material you'd get. I might just give it a try after I got Satori back.. whenever that will be.
Although you could always give one of the heavy attackers (Mokou, Youmu..) the axe when you are killing specific things. You tend to farm just one enemy-type of an encounter anyway.

>> No.8999324


Eh, Satori.. axe.. but who else has physical hit-all attacks, cheap as well as elemental? Mokou needs a bomb, Nitori doesn't hit everything, possibly not even with using a bomb. Oh well.

>> No.8999395

Help /jp/. When am I suppose to get Reisen? I already defeated Kaguya and Eirin.

>> No.8999400


>> No.8999443

Fuuuuu god damn it.

>> No.8999457


Heh, the next boss fight for me. Eirin and Reisen. Looking forward to kill them mercilessly. I have Sanae now, I have Mokou, I have power and don't need to fear anything. Well. Not those two at least.

I sure feel powerful compared to a few hours of game-time ago. Reimu being on 24/7 barrier duty, Nitori easily one-shotting my only two party-members... but after I got Mokou, the party really became godlike. Sanae couldn't act, Aya got one miserable action. Fun times.
I wonder how the balancing of the post-game develops. It starts pretty nasty, then becomes relatively easy after getting Mokou back.. and then?

Also, does anyone actually know if I can farm those incident monsters somewhere later on? Some of them unfortunately drop equipment.

>> No.8999735

>There's a section in stage 22, after Yuugi, in which you can find the Incident monsters.
All of them, conveniently separated by incident level as well.

>> No.8999781


Ah, sorry, didn't catch that. Nice. Then I don't give a shit until after I have everyone.
By then I'll probably have decided how much longer I want to play this game.

I already know about some "bonus dungeon" later on, but it kind of sounded like you can't save inside. And that's just bull. It's not even about getting wiped, it's about the game crashing. It can happen.
I always hate it if some j-rpgs do this. Extra dungeons, you need several hours to get through and you CAN'T save. Aside of some people not wanting to play for 5hours in one sitting.. yeah, crashes.

>> No.8999875

People can get really weird/creative with this game. I just saw a video where someone buffed the Terminator Mk2 so that it would resist its own Vortex and not remove its debuffs.

>> No.8999878
File: 15 KB, 276x100, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What's your playtime? Also I haven't actually played this game for over 200 hours, it's just that high because I leave the game on a lot while I'm doing other things. Anyone else do this?

>> No.9000647

I thought of the same, but I was afraid of not being able to debuffi it when Attack down wears off. Perhaps it's OK when you're fast enough to defeat it in 7 turns?
232 hours here. This game is clearly meant to spend a lot time in it, rushing is no fun at all

>> No.9000682
File: 35 KB, 362x104, time.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I avoid leaving the game running in the background. I personally like DoD more, but there isn't really much to do in DoD once you beat it. I completed DoD's main story in about 80 hours, the rest of it was just gathering other Touhou Shikigami and trying to get some Yukkuri. Only managed to get the Hagure, and the rest are elusive as all hell (ironically since Hagure has the lowest recruit rate out of all of them). Same thing for GoS, not much to do once you clear it...

>> No.9000820

Hell if I know. What do you click to play it? Maybe I'm missing something important somehow.

>> No.9000858

the 東方蒼神縁起.exe. What else is there?

>> No.9000868

Yeah when I run that nothing happens at all.

>> No.9000892

that's odd, are the Packages intact? 722 MB together? (the ones including the translation)

>> No.9000906

Lists my packages folder as 877 MB when I checked.

>> No.9000908

It is 722 without backup included.

>> No.9001085

Since I don't seem to be getting an answer I'll try to ask questions to solve my problem.
Do you just double click the .exe or do you run it as administrator? Or do you do something totally different that I missed?

>> No.9001094


-japanese locale
-direct x 9

This is the only stuff you need. Nothing else.
HOWEVER. If you want to run it from vista/7 out of the program files folder, then you need to run it as administrator. Don't know if it would run otherwise, but it wouldn't be able to save. Most likely. My version saves within its folder, not how programs are supposed to do under vista/7.

>> No.9001107

Alright I have the locale done. I even downloaded it all again while under the locale just in case. Should I just google any old direct x9 download and go with it? I'm not sure I can even downgrade from whatever direct x I have now.

>> No.9001153

Never mind it seems to be working now... Guess it didn't like the folder location or something. Anyways your post prompted me to try moving it so thanks a ton.

>> No.9001165


You do not need to "downgrade". Go to MS site and get the newest 9er direct x.

Something like this. It exists in parallel to your 10 or 11 version. I had to do this for some other game at some time. Don't remember for which one..
You can execute the dxdiag program to make sure. My still tells me I have 11. But sometimes you need the files for dx 9.

>> No.9001750

Given that it has 0 RES, I don't think you'd have any trouble debuffing its ATK again. There's a lot of strategies though, I've seen people dodge tank it with Aya and ACC debuffs for example.

>> No.9002000
File: 894 KB, 1200x800, 14390592.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just a quick question: Does this game require Japanese locale, or can I throw this on my USB drive and play this at work when bored?

>> No.9002093
File: 37 KB, 356x103, time.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If I let the game run too long while I do other things I press f12 to reset.

I lost my old save for GoS. I think it was at 500+ hours. My DoD save has everything completed so far. All shikigami, all items made(minus ori/ada), all item drops. I'm ready for the expansion.

>> No.9002097

I'm beginning to suspect funny is going on here. Litho's quest kedemas still aren't dropping anything. At all. And I've lost count of how many times I've taken the quest. There's no way there's a 72% chance to get something, ANYTHING off of these guys.
Do the drop rates go down if you aren't doing the quest properly? Was this quest effected by a patch recently? The youkai encyclopedia says that I've only killed 12 of these kedemas. Could that have something to do with it?

>> No.9002641

Skim this whole thread. Now.

>> No.9002649

>at work when bored
Yet I'm unable to find a job even though I'm willing to work my ass off.

>> No.9003643

Are you guys all using gamepads? If not, how were you able to remap the keys?

>> No.9004523

Just got Reisen. How the hell should I skill her. Everything sounds so nice.
Bonus slayer damage? Sure. Awesome.
More slayers? Awesome.
More IND? Awesome, no slayer otherwise anyway.
Less CD, no "bad dispelling" and such? Awesome.

And her personal weapon tree looks great as well. Aside of they points I'd like to spend in the sword tree should I give her the Kusanagi. (Seems to go well with her)
Oh geez... I guess you could forget about all her status attacks and use a different character for that, so that she only needs to abuse her slayers? Hm.. I kind of doubt those effects would work well anyway. Aya, even with over 120IND, couldn't do much in stage20+21, so why would Reisen ever do something. Maybe another of those "on paper it sounds good" character, while in fact you only use race-slayer and rarely the slayer effects of her skills.

>> No.9005387

What's the easiest way to farm for iron before Gorgon Barrier? I need like 8 of it for a Kusanagi.

>> No.9005405

> another of those "on paper it sounds good" character
very very wrong....
you don't use her to inflict effects (except perhaps berserk), those are weak anyway compared to Satori's and Byakuren's.
You use her to nuke the shit out of everything with the skill slayers.

>> No.9007361

I killed the centaurs in Genbu Swamp.
I also traded in almost all of my bamboo and rocks and stuff in for extra iron, but that was when I was under the impression that I could easily get more in the expansion. So you probably don't want to do that.

>> No.9009830


Actually you could look into the bestiary. Look in which stage there are the most enemies dropping iron. Then you go there and search a good room where most of them do spawn. (Yeah, different rooms, different possible encounters)

I'll give you a hint this time: Eientei. At least one room has usually at least one iron dropping enemy per encounter. If you run away, if you don't get something, you can get Iron there relatively easily.

>> No.9009844

Up to the Youma/Yuyuko fight, what party should I have? Youmu either one shots my melee fighters (Sakuya/Aya) or I run out of MP/HP trying to get past Yuyuko's stupid evasion rate.

>> No.9009976

I can't exactly remember how I beat her, but did you try using Sanae to buff up EVA or something?

>> No.9009978

Oh yeah, and Yuyuko uses some spell on death that inflicts Death, so don't forget to try and guard against that.

>> No.9010024

You're not neglecting Alice, are you?
By the way, Aya has a spell card that ensures your party will hit with physical moves in the turn it's used, as well as something that makes her ignore perfect dodge with 20 points in Land War, and Nitori's gun growth tree makes her ignore perfect flee as well with 20 points in it. Abuse those.

>> No.9010120
File: 383 KB, 652x514, Form.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My Aya only has guaranteed head-start at the moment, I guess I should grind up some levels for here and Alice?

I've just been using Mokou (lv.20, 200HP) to tank in Hinotori Skydance formation, as she has a ton of HP. I've no idea how to use Alice's abilities in combat efficiently really.

>> No.9010130

You might not be doing anything to recalculate RNG.

If you fight the kedamas from the same save, do the same things, and everything goes the exact same way. Then the drops will go exactly the same as well.

>> No.9010315


Don't worry about Alice. You don't need her. She becomes useful in her late twenties. Before.. you don't even need to bother. Little Legion is simply one of the best and most useful skills in the game. Marionette Parrar isn't bad of course, but it's just one little part of her. (Though it doesn't mean you absolutely have to use Alice in the maingame. There are only a few bosses and stage21 where you really should use her, but that's all.)

Lots of possibilities. Look at your characters and see what you can do. However, having everyone around the same level is best. A range of 5-10 levels is usually fine of course. Just be sure to have some sort of death protection. You get something at the beginning of the stage. Coupled with Sanae's RES+ it can work. But doesn't have to. It's still the easiest way to deal with it. At this point at least. A bit later you'd probably just use Alice and little legion. Alice likes dieing. Maybe.

>> No.9010327


Hitting f12 doesn't "reset" RNG. However completely resetting the game does. So if you always completely reset the game and do the exact same thing... yeah. But if that is the problem.. eh. But yeah, those things drop something quite often.
I just got a giant snakeskin from that battle. But I couldn't get to repeat it. Sucks. No idea what I remembered wrong. But well.. 1 is still 1.

>> No.9010330

as long as the enemy is unable to dispel, Alice + XuFu Dimension (and other regenerating shit) + London Doll makes one hell of a combo

>> No.9010419
File: 74 KB, 440x598, fatlute.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Holy hell Eientei really was good for farming material. This is my loot from less than one hour.

>> No.9010687


Eintei or Heart of Eintei? Also who was using your Gamer Fan? Commander, or someone who was actually killing?

>> No.9010694

I was in the east portion of the first part.
No gaming fan.

>> No.9010766


You need to kill with the droprate axe. Anything else won't do anything at all. Not that the droprate increases THAT significantly... but yeah. Just like with the pex spear.
So if you are farming, kill the enemy with whoever has that axe. Although the first one becomes quickly so weak that that's a problem. The second one isn't the best, but at least decent. People can deal some damage with it.

>> No.9011013


What level were you when you did it? I just ran through there with my level 60 group and didn't find a single drop after clearing the whole place.

>> No.9011039

High 70.

>> No.9011046

It's the IRON rats, I'd guess. I remember them having a higher than average iron drop rate.
Are there other enemies like that for other materials, I wonder? I would guess those bamboo enemies drop lots of bamboo, but...

Does the killing character just need the axe equipped to get the bonus, or does she need to actually use it? Would Patchy sweeping stuff away with magic get the bonus, or would I be better off using ? element attacks with someone else?

>> No.9011056

Yes I went after the encounter with 3 rats and an Inaba and only finished the fight if the rats dropped stuff.
I had an encounter where I got 2 iron and a magic medal too, although I guess that's just dumb luck.

>> No.9011176

>Does the killing character just need the axe equipped to get the bonus, or does she need to actually use it?

Physical attacks, and killing blow. It's best on someone like Mokou who can deal a ton of damage to a single or all targets. Depending on how you want to farm.

Also in the west side of Eientei is the actual room I spoke of. It features 4 different types of enemies who can drop Iron.
First the sword rabbits, then the little kill rabbits, the iron mice/rats/whatever and those alligators. For me the alligators dropped the most, which might've just been the case because they are quite common.
Great room for "run away if nothing drops" farming.

Finding such places is obviously half the.. uh.. fun. I guess.

>> No.9011238

Which room?

>> No.9011258

I love it when the wiki is either outright wrong or just doesn't tell you extremely important stuff.
How am I going to beat Alice and Marisa? Straw Doll Kamikaze just slays my whole party.

>> No.9011271

>needs the wiki

>> No.9011275

Stop using a wiki or reading these threads for advice. You're just taking all the fun out of this game by using either of those.

>> No.9011283

I know, I know. I usually don't.

>> No.9011448


The wiki is pretty funny. With Mokou it tells you to watch out for status effects.. even though she is most likely just one-shotting you. And with other bosses it tells you to watch out, even though you can pretty easily one-turn or two-turn kill them.
Everything depends on setup in this game. The wiki just proves that. If you can't survive something you'll need to adapt. More HP (Sanae), maybe a barrier (Reimu) or if all else fails then Mokou's raise-buff or camouflage from Nitori. Or how about some debuffs, permanents or quick effects. You can try a lot. (For example, you shouldn't underestimate Mokou's volcano burning the enemy. Her fist-tree gives a doubled chance or something like that, so add some IND and look if it works. Or Cirno's freezing.)

>> No.9011570

During character quests, I've noticed that the room the boss is located in changes whenever I use the Hakurei Shrine healing circle. Does it do this with other healing circles as well?

>> No.9011739

Why is Sakuya's best sword so unlike the rest of hers?
Water immunity? Freezing? Where's the slayer effects? And why ice? Why not...time? Make it look like a stylized clock hand and inflict stop.

>> No.9011964 [DELETED] 

I can't seem to find Satori's quest boss.

>> No.9012164
File: 90 KB, 370x650, 10-tidus-a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

who doesn't want a sword like that?

>> No.9012220

God damn it, nothing I do against these two works.
Silence Marisa? Nope, blazing star rips me to shreds.
Stat downs? Nope, too resistant to get them up in time.
Tank? With who?
And no matter what I do, I have to do it fast and without fail, or I'll be knocked to far off balance and die, AND I have to do all this while getting Sanae's HP and defense buffs up before Alice one-shots my entire party with straw doll kamikaze, which I haven't found any pattern to at all. And why the fuck are Alice's kicks so strong, and why the FUCK do they BOTH get two actions per turn?
Hardest boss so far, by a huge margin.

>> No.9012358

Forget resistant, Alice seems outright immune to debuffs. Byakuren spent most of that last fight throwing debuffs at Alice; not a single one hit.
They also enrage after a dozen or so turns and spam ridiculously strong attacks. FUN.

Also...do elemental accessories stack? Like the Zeus and Stormhead Amulets?

>> No.9013077

Litho's quest is a bust, material wise, so I tried Remilia's instead. The blue robots summon buddies, and they've all got a 10% chance to drop something, right?
Wrong. I don't know when this happened, but Remilia's quest monsters don't drop anything, besides maybe a the fresh blood from the squid thing.
Why anyone thought it was a good idea to make grinding more difficult in this game is beyond me.

>> No.9013410

Do enemies drop stage specific items like sunflower seeds, or are those only in chests?

>> No.9013439
File: 144 KB, 648x507, sanflour.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They do.

>> No.9013655

I honestly don't remember them to be so terrible, I had much more trouble with the Scarlets. (if you disregard any boss pre-exp)

Lithos is the most resilient here, no doubt.
Perhaps use a formation which ups the defence of everyone, like Tenshi's?
or do it like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bc-9x8zxmb4 , only with buffing Sakuya's acc

>> No.9015321


If you don't get anything hit f12, don't restart the whole game. Then you WILL get something. I got myself a ton of shit there. Although you get really potentially anything. I got several character materials, all the Giant Snakeskins I'll ever need and currently collect all the Millenium Shells. Aside of a bit of gold and basic material. Though farming basic material in that encounter.. not sure if I'd want that. It's great if you need a whole lot of different stuff. After all you even get potentially the second tier character items. Any.

>> No.9017997
File: 6 KB, 112x112, 3411.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

One last bump.

>> No.9018073

Well, here are a few quick questions for you:

What determines when an enemy respawns? Real time? Changing areas? I'd prefer to train on the enemies in the current area I'm supposed to be clearing, but sometimes it just seems to take forever for them to show up again.

What is each character's role/what's the best way to use them? The wiki doesn't really seem to cover it all that well. I seem to recall hearing that Alice is a great tank, but I'm not sure if I should switch her out for Mokou, since she seems to be doing a decent job of it so far. Granted, I'm not very far into the game.

>> No.9018263
File: 120 KB, 639x478, okuu's face.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I started answering that second question, then realized I was being incredibly long winded and wrote to much. Now I don't know if I should keep going or not.

>> No.9018265

That's for >>9018073

>> No.9018364

Actually I would like a few tips for Byakuren myself...

>> No.9018418

Byakuren's got tons of spells that buff you and debuff them, and she's your best bet for petrifying, charming, or controlling the enemy. The trouble is, most of her spells only effect one target. This makes her pretty lacking for random enemies, and she can't protect your whole party like Sanae can, though her buffs are generally stronger than hers.
What Byakuren IS good at is boss battles. She can get some powerful stat downs on the boss, and can enchant a physical attacker with the boss's weakness while also buffing their attack. These things add up to enormous damage; Byakuren paired with Youmu or Sakuya can sometimes handle all the offense for a boss on their own.
Byakuren can also heal, but not that well; her stronger heals cost a bomb and have long cooldowns, and her weaker ones are pretty weak and narrow. She can do it in a pinch, but you'll need a dedicated healer like Sanae or Reimu if you're taking damage.
Lastly, Byakuren has some damage spells, but they're pretty weak. You're much better off using her to buff and debuff.

>> No.9018423

I must just need more IND then. Her debuffs just aren't working very often for me. Anyways thanks for the tips.

>> No.9018437

She's got a buff for that.
Honestly, you can do just fine with her buffing your main attacker; the debuffs just help.

>> No.9018473

should i install drop/learning mod?

>> No.9018503


>> No.9018506

Why are you even asking us?

>> No.9018516
File: 195 KB, 419x600, fb_bose07.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Or just wait for this to come out.

>> No.9018775


It makes Satori less annoying and gives you some more basic material. You still won't get enough of it. Not even close. But it helps.
Also, it doesn't affect anything else, so don't listen to that bitter sage-anon there. All those nice 2% equipment drops are, for example, still 2% drops. Same goes for those way too rare character items and simply everything which isn't basic material.

Prepare to farm. A lot. The patch won't change that. Luckily? Sadly? Well... in my opinion sadly. There is so much grind in this game.. reducing that somewhat wouldn't hurt. Doubling all chances would still result in dozens of hours of farming stuff.

Also this thread has apparently reached its limit again. Almost surprisingly so.

>> No.9018797

damn, i think i will pass on this one then
shame though but i hate grinding

>> No.9018862


You can beat the normal game without much grinding. But... enemies drop a lot of fine things. And not exactly often. And you can make a lot of fine things. Though that's mostly post game.

>> No.9018987

You only NEED to grind for those materials if you want to make most of the equipment you can for all of your characters, which isn't really advisable because character-specific materials have chances that max at like 1% for the entire pre-expansion game. You can do fine with the weapons you find from chests or enemies and crafting character-specific ones every now and then, though.
By the way, the basic materials boosted by the patch hang around the 5% drop rate, and are boosted to around 10% with the patch.

>> No.9019153


If it's any consolation, I love wall-'o-text posts and am pretty predisposed to making them myself in situations like that. Also >>9018418 was very helpful. I'd love more in-depth character summaries like that.

Though I remembered one more question I had after posting: What's the general strategy for clearing the random encounters? I try to use spells as minimally as possible for MP conservation, but I feel like I may be doing something wrong. I had to fundamentally change my normal gameplay style for Labyrinth of Touhou and I'm kind of expecting this to be the same, but I don't think I've quite gotten in the proper groove yet.

>> No.9019601

That Flan + Remi fight. God. I don't have Alice, so man. But it kind of worked out. I used Reisen as the biggest damage dealer. Not sure how many slayers you could have, but she has her growth slayer against those two, the Kusanagi slayer and the skill slayer. Do all those stack? With the patk + light enchant and maybe the variety-enhance (if it was still up) she killed Flan with 53000 damage from her Last Spell. So was it a triple-slayer? I mean she has a +2 resistance against slash (Kusanagi) but a -2 resistance against light. But dunno, it's a ton.

But man those two. Flan alone did 600damage attacks, which hit everyone. And that's ohko without the HP buff. Also multiple actions. Also Remilia, who can ohko everyone with a 1500 attack. Which won't do much as long as you lower her ACC... hoho

>> No.9019749

>andom encounters
some Anons in here argue that there is an ideal party (ergo including at least Sanae and Alice) for those. But that means of course that some touhous will most likely be neglected in terms of XP, which is problematic later on. Those MP regenerating methods I just found a giant bother and not worth it, as the most important resource is bombs and they never drop when you need them, except for Mokou because she's cool. I tried to use everyone equally in order to stay longer inside dungeons... and there are moments where you actually get LOST in them, I had it happen to me in stage 26: tons of drops, almost no bombs left, and I couldn't find the exit amongst tons of dangerous mobs...

>general strategy
at first, I would nuke everything with the strongest bombs. Afterwards you can take a good look at the enemy data in your Record and devise further strategy.

Or, if that is too annoying for you, just continuing to nuke, running outside to heal, returning to nuke some more guys (who can't be juked) and so on. I admit, that's what I did most the time. Ras Algol Maenads, nuff said

>> No.9019791

How do I learn Reflect from those cock sucking dog things (Shisa)? All they EVER do when I charm them is hit themselves to try and break it. And even if they do decide to cast reflect its so retardedly fast that Byakuren even with 244 spd and 50% magic casting speed still can't get charm off before they cast it.

>> No.9019820

when charmed, an enemy/touhou can only autoattack - in the turns after the charming, if you "interrupt" it, the skill is still used (this why learning those kind of spells is a damn bitch)

I don't remember how I did it, but perhaps Sonic Stream can help? Or casting Byakuren's Speed buff on herself? Reflect Wall has incredible casting speed.
>リフレクトウォール 300
Hot damn. I suppose that's the casting speed there.

>> No.9019822

Can you cast it when you control them?
Use Aya if you want to catch them on the turn they use it.

>> No.9019867


Speed up is exactly what I needed, thanks. Finally managed to learn it after about an hour... I don't know how much more of this I can take. Now off to go learn Leaf Shield from an enemy encounter that I've never seen before...

>> No.9019984


Then don't do it. It's not like you need Satori. It's enough needed time to get all the great equipment for your characters. No reason to spend even more time, so that Satori doesn't suck. You will most likely never use those skills anyway, and even if you do.. there'd definitely be another way to do things.

If you don't want her to be totally useless, just give her some of those super strong spells late in the expansion. Or just some healing. Though if you wait that long it's questionable if you'd ever really use her, even with some great stuff.

I know it sounds great... over 9000.. I mean 100 different enemy skills to learn. But in the end, most of these would just be.. there, in the list and never or rarely used.

>> No.9020067

sadly yes.... I can't really call Satori a Blue Mage, because those are always capable of whipping out all their spells when they're in a bind. GoS doesn't let you do that, making you choose a mere 6 skills. I know it's for the challenge, but it is a damn shame. Unless you want catch 'em all, it is sort of unnecessary.

Satori in DoD can recruit enemy as shikigami, right? Is that balanced by now? I heard that Star Platinum monster was OP was motherfuck

>> No.9020069

Satori reminds me of Gau. Even though Gau was one of your best with a few specific rages, I always got every rage.

>> No.9020079

I meant in more normal playthroughs, I tried for every rage. Challenge runs were more specific, general runs were more complete.

>> No.9022053

I don't understand. How's that work?

>> No.9022125

>What's the general strategy for clearing the random encounters? I try to use spells as minimally as possible for MP conservation, but I feel like I may be doing something wrong.
I did that in my first playthrough as well, but after the 2.07 patch I realized how useful it is to be able to change your party whenever you want to. Thus, I started being more reckless with my MP consumption, and started changing my party members who were out of juice for others with similar functions during dungeons, and all was okay.
Another nice option is giving a staff and 25 points in the staff tree to all of your magic users (other than Marisa), because then they recover 3 MP per turn (unlike what the description says). It's especially good for Satori, who only needs 4 MP for her basic elemental spells, which are about as strong if not stronger than Marisa's ones with a nice build.
Actually, you don't need every skill to be useful with her - just the basic elemental single-target spells, along with the support spells she learns with high chance, are enough. If you give her 20 points in her Learning tree and 16 points in her Third Eye tree (and maybe stack a few +INT or +MATK accessories on her), she will be dealing damage comparable to Marisa with those spells. It's beautiful. She's also a better Dark user than Byakuren, can use multiple elements at the same time and has the best healing skills in the game, too, so please don't neglect her just because learning stuff sucks in this game.

>> No.9022128

Not really. You can recruit monster shikigami after getting Satori (by beating any tower boss), but you don't need her equipped to do that (which is a good thing, because GOD DAMN SHE SUCKS).
Also, Star Platinum got heavily nerfed (or fixed) after people found out about his passive ability. It was not supposed to let you attack twice, but to make multihit skills roll higher more often. He actually has pretty nice synergy with Hatate and a sword equipped.

>Field too long

>> No.9022220

So what IS the best way to get the basic materials? And I don't just mean iron.

>> No.9022504
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What should I invest Marisa's growth points into? Astronomy or Lasers?

I'm doing over most of my characters to try and maximize efficiency so I don't always end up have to use multi-target attacks on single enemies.