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based asanagi

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gross her hairs caught in her butt

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tsum ass

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That must feel really weird. Having hair in between your butt-cheeks like that, and resting on your vagina.

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Now imagine what her hair must smell like.

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I want to faceplant onto her butt.

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o_O what??

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Do you want to know a secret?

I have an erection.

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I want to put my nose right up against her anus and take a sniff. The hair can stay too.

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I want to kidnap and leave you tied up in my basement.

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i didnt want to know that :(

whyyy... id starve to death :(and be unhappy

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I would feed with the best meals and give you plenty of loving everyday (:

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Why jp so autistic?

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It's only so you don't run away. Don't worry, I'll feed you plenty of protein.

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loving you mean like hugs
you can feed me and hugs without tying me up baka

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Do you think you can feed someone semen for a living?

Would they survive?

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i cant run very fast anyway
as long as you are nice ill stay with you for a while but i gottta go home some day

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Be careful little girl... It's a trap...!

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Wait do you mean that little girl has a penis?
That's hawt.

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i'll give you hugs and much more

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anyone else think dntf**kwitmeormyfriends-chan is the best poster on jp ?

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thats great

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Goddamn you're adorable.

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see, you don't have to be scared
just relax

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oh no its probably uhh someone else not me lol >_<

well i do need to go home some day im just saying wwwww

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imnot scared of anything

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Do you want to try caressing my elephant?

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You would if you saw my genitals. But don't you worry I won't let you experience such a horror.

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Just saw that on my pixiv sub list. Thats nice. Now how about something better and more fapworthy, eh?

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I have a new fetish.

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why is the nose a different colour

well dont say it then >_>;; dummy

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*le upvote*

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Girls laying on their beds with their backsides pointing up?

I think you'd find that is quite a common fetish.

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with hair covering their asses.

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