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Now that alot of new informations about alot of touhous have been reveiled do you still like your favourite touhou or is her canon personality so different from what you expected that you decided to abadon touhou?
Or are just just gonna live in denial and keep your own gensokyo?

Personally I'm very happy about the way Koishi turned out to be, a carefree wandering girl with a sad past.
I have always imagined her to be like this

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Is there anyway to read without buying? I'm poor as hell.

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I was expecting a Momiji profile but all ZUN gave me was one line about her in the interview.

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My touhou is unknown/unknown so no.

Either way, I am of the belief that each interpretation of a character is it's own character, regardless of the fact that other characters hold the same name; I could draw some random generic anime girl and call her Kogasa Tatara and that would change nothing. ZUN's Kogasa would still be ZUN's Kogasa, and my Kogasa would be my Kogasa.

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... that make me sad

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>canon personality
I don't really care about the minor aspects of that, but I would love it if Seiga (I don't have a definite favorite, but Seiga one of my favorites from TD) would get attached to me and follow me around everywhere.

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my favorite touhou was in the previous books so i already know all i need to know and i'm prefectly fine with it.

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And a still-to-be-translated newspaper article.

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Kanako is the best and will always be the best.

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Pretty much exactly the same as it was before the book honestly.

I'm the one who keeps dumping Love & Peace intermittently since the time it was released.

Byakuren is shady as fuck.

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Oh great, here we go.

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wait, i'm having a hard time understading your post

is your favorite touhou Byakuren?

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I'm positive towards all touhous. If I'd have to pick a true favorite it would be Marisa, but we already know what she's like.

I enjoy magicians in general.

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>peace and love
>shady as fuck

4chan is an 18+ board.

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In other words, you choose denial?

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I think I shouldn't complain. I know how is it when you try to do something that other people may dislike.

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Everything went pretty much as expected.
But there's still a few things to be translated.

Maybe a few details or nuances that surprised me, but not really in a negative way.

Except for one thing; Nazrin apparently doesn't live at the Myouren Temple. She's not my favorite, I'm talking generally here, but that was a bit saddening.

I'm still not sure how to handle that, but I will be fine, either way.

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Koishi is actually even better than how I've imagined her.

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Yuugi is still the way I imagined her to be to yes.

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Only not as monstrously buff but that's cool.

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I don't get how people can conclude that monster Koishi is canon though.
There is not really any new information from it.

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Because ZUN was so inconclusive about Okuu I am free to keep WHATEVER version of her that I want.


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Not really.
Zun doesn't seem to care about your waifu. She's the only last boss to not have basically 100% coverage from the games covered.

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Kanako is apparently a dashing businesswoman, which is new to me, but I like it.

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Satisfactory. Although I was hoping for bloomers.

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Him not caring about her so far has worked in my favor. I hope he continues to not care about her.

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Touhou is pretty unique in that it's actually big news when characters are assigned some personality traits. Touhou characters are empty shells of character design that anybody just assigns their personal favorite personality to.

It's interesting how anime and VN protagonists are often panned for not having any personality, yet the Touhou franchise is hugely popular mainly for their personality-less characters.

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Anime and VN characters have whole episodes/routes where they can be fleshed out, so it feels disappointing when nothing comes out in the end.

Touhous barely get a stage (or two if they're important/lucky) worth of dialog.

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My favorite Touhou has just gotten objectively awesome. I'm not yet sure how to cope with that.

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How can you say you love your waifu if you don't even accept her rebellious rocker self?

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where can i buy/read?

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After reading what is translated of SoPM, I'm actually glad it didn't include casts from older games. The depiction of some characters are not of my liking.

Evil Kisume is definitively a big NO NO FUCK YOU.

Well, Black_Tewi.jpg (Denial) is it, then.

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Most stayed the same with a few habits thrown in.

Nitori is antisocial to the point of despising humans.

Kisume is a head-ripping monstruosity who try to rip yours on sight.

Yamame has a high chance of giving you a deadly disease you if you are anywhere near her.

Byakuren is even more of an extremist.

Seiga uses humans to drive off her boredom and then forgets about them a while later, also everyone hates her and she isn't with Miko.

Reimu actually wants conflicts to be resolved peacefully without resorting to violence, though this had already been hinted with her draft implementation and the tea parties.

Both Reimu and Marisa went to the underground in SA.

When the hell is Okuu's profile going to be translated?

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She's exactly the way I imagined her.

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No, I'm pretty happy with the rebellious rocker self. Hey, I knew she has a rebellious rocker self when nobody else did. I never actually expected ZUN to expand on that single line, but in my heart, she's always been like this.

I just don't quite know what to do now that she's popular. In-story popular, that is. I have always imagined her as a common, working class youkai. God damn, I'm such a hipster.

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>Nitori is antisocial to the point of despising humans.
How does that work considering what she said in MoF about the kappa being friends of humans?

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It was.

The link to the translation was posted in an Okuu thread that's dead now, but pretty much all it said was "She's a hell crow. She's the dumbest person in the underground which is why Kanako used her."

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Illness acts as spice for yamame.
Mental illness is spicy.

Take note, those wishing to be fine cuisine.

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I think she was talking about kappa in general.
And that personally she isn't a big fan of humans.

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She doesn't despise humans, she is just passive-aggresive and have a superiority complex

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Can someone tell me Patchouli's?

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The eye colors are wrong on that image.

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Raymoo is still my favorite

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Same here.

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It does not.

Likewise, Yamame's lack of control of her disease directly contradicts her in-game description.

It starts working when you consider where Akyuu got her info from. Marisa already accused Nitori of xenophobia at the end of SA (quite correctly given the circumstances, really) - humans probably got included in it by an unwarranted generalization. Likewise, Yamame infects the PC after getting attacked - this gives us a 100% infection rate - and we're another faulty generalization away from turning her into a microbe factory.

Basically, another case of unreliable narration, aka LOL Akyuu.

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>Byakuren is even more of an extremist


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on the thumbnail it looks like cum is pouring out of her pussy
i can't be the only one who thought this

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After reading the completely translated profile for Nitori, I shall say she was being pretty much hypocrite so the heroine(s) went easy on her like some Anon suggested a while ago.

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You look at to much porn.

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Also, as far as I remember, Hina could control her misfortune leak, no? Everybody feares her for no reason.
Am I wrong?

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>Any human or youkai around her will run into misfortune. However, she herself never has this problem. It only affects those around her. Hina does her best to make sure that misfortune does not befall humans once again.

So no, no sentient control. "Make sure" probably means "does not go near humans".

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Aw shit

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