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Tewi belly

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>Tewi belly

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This Tewi isn't pregnant idiot

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I would move in like I'm giving her a kiss, press my lips on her belly, and then blow as hard as I can. BVVRRRRRRRRT

Good times would be had.

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im saving this amazing thread from page 15

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God, stop it you pedo erotic bunny. Being so sexy is against the law!

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best 2hu

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I would too. So many tummies, I want to blow on them all.

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The white rabbit of good fortune.

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Tewi feet!

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Would you still like Tewi if her hair was long?

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That pic looks like reisen and byakuren fucked and had a child.

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She doesn't seem loli enough in that image.

I also think short hair is trademark to mischievous characters.

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Oh, to be fast and cute enough to pull that song off nicely.

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Her tail was vibrating at the end.... fascinating.

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I wonder if earth rabbits obey her by choice

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Rabbits are filthy creatures, anyone who's had one as a pet knows that they're very unsanitary animals that all have consistently bad personalities.

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She'll chew your furniture

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Is this doujin worth reading?

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If you like atmospheric doujins, sure. It's not long.

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the hell is an "atmospheric doujin"?

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I assume it's a doujin that is immersive?

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Two rabbits are better than one.

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hope you enjoy this as much as I did


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Why is Tewi laughing?

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I get it as opposed to the black cat of ill omen right?

ha it's funny because it true

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She looks like Bugs Bunny going "what's up, doc?"

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Alright, why haven't I seen a Bugs Bunny allusion fanart of Tewi asking Eirin "What's up doc?"
It seems like something so obvious that it should exist somewhere.