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Would you pay to see a concert like this if it came to your city?

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They would have to pay me to watch that garbage

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I wouldn't pay even a rouble for this shit

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I would pay to see Miku live.

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id like to see the idolmstters like that

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Looking forward to the day when they start selling these holograms for home use.

Lifesize futa miku dancing and swinging her large meatbat around next to my pc will be awsome.

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I would hate to have the seat all the way in the back

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Only if they gave me free glowsticks

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Or it would suck to have this seat

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arent they all pretty big? like at least 2 metres high or more?

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Just imagening all the possible lewd things are making my head spin. The future will be amazing

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seems like it. look how big Megurine Luka is compared to that drum

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uhh.. they wouldnt make it like that... please dont think about those things

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yeah i thought tupac looked big at his concert too
i guess its hard to make normal sized ones
also its easier to make bigger ones since more can seee too

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Ringo is an ugly whore
Just Like You

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User made content and mods.

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My favorite

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Ringo is best penguindrum.

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yes she is.. she has a hard life

it woudlnt be canon though just like that filthy page...

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Fuck yes I would op, anta Baka?!

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Who cares about canon, i will have dancing milky holmes flaunting their huge cocks while sucking each other off.

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How can software have a canon?

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no... dont do that please

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huh.. well i dont think miku would do any of those things and i think the creators woudl agree

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Fuck off Fukune

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Why are you posting with such a lwqd character?

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Why would you post that boring slut instead of the perfection that is Himari?

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File: 116 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs-STINX]_Papa_no_Iukoto_o_Kikinasai!_-_03_(MX_1280x720_x264_AAC).mkv_snapshot_11.46_[2012.02.02_06.34.59].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

she isnt lewd.. she just loves her sensei

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What's the title for this Miku Live concert?

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Please kill yourself!

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>anta Baka!?

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Los Angeles in 2011. Press got free tickets. Fuck paying for stuff.

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god damn, it would be amazing to make a model and have it used at one of those concerts.

i'm glad they finally stopped using those shitty sega models and started using the amateur MMD ones. i wish this was sarcasm.

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Maybe if I had a cold or something. I've heard many a time the smell is to die for.

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I want /a/ to leave

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Epic /a/ meme.

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The vocaloid concert is only a small part of a bigger concert.

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