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What did they do to my Peter Parker?

Who the fuck is this normalfag?

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bump for otaku culture
otakus are nerds

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The second dude looks like a nerd.

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He is from facebook film.

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>new spiderman movie with new peter parker
>new spiderman series(?) with peter parker dying
>spiderman is now black

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Am I the only one that read this as a manga?

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don't like the new Spider-man? Well then you're a dirty African-American hating anti-semite.

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What the fuck dude?

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Frog man, Fave character

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What? Don't you know about this?

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No, I don't.
What happened?

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Just so you know, that's a shoop.

He jokes about being black but he isn't black in the comic that's from. Nigger Spider is from another comic.

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bring back spiderswag

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>Who the fuck is this normalfag?

Which one would you rather look like?

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It's alternative timeline. Peter died, this kid thought he'd take over. Comic's apparently good.

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It's decent
Though I do have a hard time reading the dialogue's sometimes

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ugh what a normal.. i hate normals

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Please die normal

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> What did they do to my Peter Parker?

> Who the fuck is this Japanese?

there... now it's /jp/ related

Meanwhile, Toby was more a cliche of what nerds are like. This new guy is more like what some actual nerds are like. Think of it as Big Bang Theory's Sheldon and Leonard vs Community's Abed and Troy

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im not a normal nerd

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who else think dntf**kwitmeormyfriends-chan is the best poster on jp ?

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>>8956634 What the fuck dude?

duh.. Spider-man is black.

Also.. Obama is Superman.

get with the times, man!

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i think i am

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Quit being a normal

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Oh and Obama is huge into the Air Treks scene

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im not IM NOT IM JUST LIEK YOU please stop this...

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Ok you're not a normal

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Would be pretty neat if i could play as Obama in Okami

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I wish Marvel would release the Ikegami manga in the US.

Then again, it is a bit.. mature. The Peter character stops a group of thugs from raping the love interest.

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He becomes a girl in air gear too.

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clearly they should have made Peter into a weeaboo and Gwen could have been his 2D waifu!

What's wrong with American Hollywood!?

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I know I'm a lot late for this, but why did you switch from Ayase to the Milky Holmes'?

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>>8956797 He becomes a girl in air gear too.
Fuck. I think I remember hearing that. Never actually read that far.

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Peter Parker became pretty normalfag-ish after Steve Dikto stoped working on it

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MH is obviously superior.

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Make it happen

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ill put pictures of whatever i want really hehe right now i wanna post milky holmes

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post pictures of your dickpussy

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>This new guy is more like what some actual nerds are like. Think of it as Big Bang Theory's Sheldon
>What some actual nerds are like

I realize you're a namefag troll but this is just too much for me to handle at the moment.

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Finish reading the sentence you fucking autist.

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about to stuff that mouth pussy of your with a cock aren't ya mate?

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I don't watch the Community, but I know of TBBT.

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about to stuff that mouth pussy of yours with a kawaii cock aren't ya mate?

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Love me some OH GREAT! but I can't take AG seriously and I know i'm not supposed to but WTH? it also pisses me off that stupid shit like that is the reason a legit manga by him ( Tenjou Tenge ) cut the axe early and a rushed ending...

I got a lame TT ending for this shit?

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Pretty sure he's supposed to be Hispanic.

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Left Peter park
1.has a girlfriend
2.has a job
3.looks handsome

Right Peter Parker
1.has a girlfriend
2.has a job
3.looks handsome

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