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Back before Formspring sold out

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I miss minami ke
I miss kannagi.
I miss lucky stars

Just rewatching the shows isnt the same.
It just makes me feel worse.
I want to go back in time

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I'm a penis.

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There's going to be a new season of Minami Ke.

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Who is the girl in top left or asian guy in the middle?

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Mio and Daigo Umehara.

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How the hell is that Mio? Her eyes looked blue to me, but fanart changes shit and so many anime girls with that hairstyle.

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Hmm... guess a bit of reply and a bump wont hurt a bit once in a while...

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Fuck you. I don't even know why I laughed so hard. I haven't laughed in a long time either.


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why is there a helghast trooper

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