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Fufu~Good evening, brats. Your mother says I'm too rough on you, but I'm here to let you know that you're all a bunch of pathetic losers. I mean, you're sitting here on an imageboard when you should be sleeping and preparing for a productive day tomorrow. I always knew you were lazy little shits. Oh well, I suppose it can't be helped-just try not to be too much of a burden on your parents when you kill yourselves.

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Shut up, baka OP!

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I wouldn't put too much stock in what someone who spends the majority of their time sleeping has to say.

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Suck my cock, dude

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>sleeping != lazy

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You little brats. When I'm awake, I do things that are a million times more important than anything you do. When you get to be thousands of years old, you can spend a little more time sleeping too.

Now shut up and give granny a footrub-you could at least make yourself useful in that regard!

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I agree 100 percent OP

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Useful things, like messing with a local shrinemaiden, yes.

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I would not touch your decrepit body if I was paid. You might wither into dust if I pushed too hard.

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Oh, I forgot to mention-I can rip portals in the fabric of the universe.

What can you pathetic NEETlings do? Why don't you go practice your silly little coding languages so you can write a program that let's you not be such a pathetic little shit~

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I'm not entirely sure how to feel about someone who compares shikigami to computers/programs calling coding languages pieces of shit.

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I kind of enjoy this when Rachel does it.

Yukari's just a buzzkill.

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Will you let me lick your armpits?

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I don't care about what you think though, thankfully, little boy.

Back to trying to get your weewee to pop out of your foreskin~

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Thankfully I don't care what toy think either. Life goes on.

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Thankfully I don't care what you think either. Life goes on.

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A child molester who gets off to little vampire girls -would- say that, after all.

Oh, and Rachel is a weakling, not to mention a worthless little shit.

Maybe one day you'll learn to appreciate a real woman, but first, you'll have to figure out how to use the little vienna sausage dangling between your legs.

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If your so great, why are you spending time posting on a Otaku Board in the middle of the night trying to bully people over the internet?

Internet tough guy detected.

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Eh, I'll still take you up on that offer if I can rub it bare.

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Yeah, well, I fucked your shikigami.

You're not invited to the wedding.

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Oh, please don't bully my little NEETiepoos! They're doing their best in their own way!

Please don't take what oba-san says to heart, boys! She's just grumpy because she hasn't had her fix of ambien yet tonight! She means only the best~

If she hurt your feelings, come cuddle with mommy and I'll kiss you all better!

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you sure do like talking about small penises.

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Abuse me more, Yukari-sama!

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>your parents had you circumcised at birth taking away any chance to ever know the full sensation of masturbation and sex.

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Because with gap powers, I can punch holes in the fabric of space and time, and do whatever I want, whenever I want, without limits, you pathetic bald shit. I'm not only typing at this board of pathetic losers, I'm also being worshiped for discovering electricity in an alternate history! These are just things I like to do between naps while I'm bored.


Little boy, rubbing your tiny wiener up and down against a cat cannot be considered fornicating with my servants.

Besides, if that was true, your little itty bitty penis would have been bitten off and left at my doorstep as a sign of submission!


Fufu~ Well, I don't hate little tiny shrimp wieners, sometimes.

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Someone of power showing signs of weakness sounds odd. What mischief is this.

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Are you saying Yukari isn't both sleeping and posting at the same time?

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Chen wanted me to share this self-portrait of hers with you all.

I'll let you decide if that message is from Chen or myself~

It's from Chen, she hates pathetic nerds

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I'm going to guess its from you, the level of skill is a clear indication.

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Hey Yukari, I've got an idea.

How about you shut the hell up you saggy titted grandma. No one cares about what comes out of that crypt-of-cocks you call mouth.

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Are you going to stand around just criticizing me or are you going to put me use? Tell me what I have to do to better myself in order to get super powers like other Touhou's or something useful. And don't tell me you damn can't do something like that; if you can dick around in alternative histories, you can figure out a way to get me some sort of power and make me productive.

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You got me~

Here's her REAL portrait.

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You amuse me, I will forgive your earlier insult and instead take it as entertainment.

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I've got an even better idea-how about I open a portal into your rectum, and then another into your mouth, that way you'll get to truly taste the shit that you like to talk so very much~


Why would I do anything for some pathetic dork that won't even work to better themselves? You're not even worth my time. In fact, thank me for bothering to post a response, and then apologize for wasting a few seconds of my infinite and unlimited free time.

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I'm sure there's an infinite number of other more entertaining than playing the flame game with other bored people.

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Go right ahead old hag....that is, if you've got the guts.

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Ha ! I wonder what someone with such high standards is doing here, taunting the little boys, even tough i'm already guessing that you just enjoy showing your -chubby curves- to them.

Now now, your body is getting old and won't be able to withstand the youth expectations. I can give you directions if you want to find a good onsen, even though it won't really be helpful to you.

.... この ばば。

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plz rape me yukari

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Chubby curves?

Boy, I'll have you know, I am the envy of Gensokyo. Here's a picture of me in my school uniform, which -still- fits to this very day perfectly!

A hidden onsen? You pathetic dorkling, do you really think any portion of this universe is unexplored by me?

I'm exploring an infinite amount of realities, you foolish human. This is just the one of them in which your weak little consciousness happens to dwell.

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Well then thank you for being so considerate as to entertain me in this way.

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Looks like shit.

0/10 would not bang.

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Why are you going through all these great lengths to talk to us, communicate with us and use up all your powers like this? I think deep down on the inside, your not as bad as you seem and you love us all. So Tsundere.

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Please continue making fun of my small phimotic penis.

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>use up all your powers

Oh my, brat! Do you really think I could possibly use up my powers? I can make gaps appear in gaps which appear in gaps, which are all just tiny gaps around the gap I'm using to enter your dimension and make fun of you! Entropy means nothing to me, foolish mortal.

Though, I will admit, that sometimes, just a little bit, I do have a bit of fun with you silly human scum.

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Aw, that's so sweet! I didn't know youkai could feel, how should I say, fond attachment?

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Now now. We're already aware that you can use some of your powers to fake being young, but please, have some dignity. It fits perfectly, yes, with trickery on your side.
If you really were that stylish, you would have answered something along the line : "the beauty of a lady".

Still... an old lady acting like a young one? *sigh*
So you ended up doing the same things as the mortal ones. Over one thousand years and you still haven't learn anything. How sad.

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I'm crazy and wacky.

I could kill you if I wanted. Then use your body as my own.

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See? You do care deep down there somewhere. You just need to learn how to direct your feeling better or find something that brings you more pleasure in life.

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Out of loli yukari images for now, too tired to look up more

sweet dreams Yukari/RP-er

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Chen requested that I show you another picture she drew-I do believe she has been drinking.


Silence, dorks.


If you want to call that tiny baby pinky hidden between the folds of your belly a penis, then, by all means, it is pathetic.


My, my~A little loser such as yourself could not possibly understand a great being like me. That picture has no trickery in it, mortal. I can look however I wish.

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yukari a shit

a cretaceous colon crucified caveman

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Say again? Using your powers to morph your body and look however you want IS trickery, old lady.

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Hey, Yukari...did this ever actually happen?

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No, you stupid little brat.

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I'm still willing to rub your feet, Miss~

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Ok, good. I just wanted to be sure.

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Kiss my ass you ugly worn leather shoe.

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Can I suck your dick?

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So do you just always have some sort of gap defense up? What if you're taken by surprise?

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I -am- a gap, peasant.


Go on then, boy. Make sure to work between the toes.


Even if I had such a lewd appendage, why would I be willing to let your dirty, pathetic mouth wrap around my hot, throbbing meat?

Do you really think I'd let you swallow my fertile, thick load, too? I bet you do, your disgusting pervert! I bet you're thinking about working your mouth all over my healthy theoretical girlprick right now! Stop that!

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Ok, but what if someone sneaks some drug into your drink or doe something while you're asleep?

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Yukari-sama I am your biggest fan!! I worship you! Please let me fondle your amazing breast!

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I am invincible, you stupid boy. I can sleep in a pocket dimension cut off from all of reality, anyway. Not to mention, if I get killed in one dimension, I could just pop out of a gap from a different dimension and act like nothing ever happened.


Keep your dirty hands to yourself, you pathetic worm. How dare you even ask me!

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Oh, I see. That's pretty handy.
Are there any other people who can use border/gap powers?

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My reason for remaining alive is Touhou Jazz. I can thank African-Americans for this.

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Aw, come on Yukari-sama...don't be like that.

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ur mom when she spreads her legs

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So there are multiple Yukaris?
Have you ever lost track of any?

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There are infinite yukaris and we all share the same mind. You could call me "God" if it would make things simpler for your little pea brain.

>> No.8954668

No. There is no singular god.
There is always a greater power.

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Go away, you smell.

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It's another Yukari, because we are infinite, nerd.

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That's bullshit and we both know it.

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The truth is frustrating to hear, I know, dorks~

>> No.8954694


Don't talk to her like that!

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Careful, morsel.

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I rather a chen. Sexy cat.

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Such terrible thread!

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Do you all feel the same feelings? I smell porn potential.

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Our feelings are numerous and complex-we all feel different things and the share them through the gap network instantly. It's like being everywhere and everyone at once and choosing which of an infinite string of emotions you want to feel at that given second.

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fuck you Yukari

Id love to Ryona your ass and chain you to my wall for a couple months, bitch.


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If I ever see you in person, you're getting raped.

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So this is how you act once someone bests you. You retreat to a different time zone. Your threads stay behind, though. I felt the faint stench of old vegetables while browsing the catalog and lo and behold, I found it's source!

Where's Ran?

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oh grandma, grandma, is it time for your foot massage again?

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Why is granny so fat?

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Please insult me more, Yukari-sama~

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Why is this so abnormally hot...?