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Hey /jp/, who is your favorite out of all not so popular Touhous?

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Rin Satsuki...is my favorite touhou

and mima fans think they have it bad

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It depends, is Koakuma THAT popular ?

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Either Ichirin or Orange.

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Who would you consider to be not popular?

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Definitely gonna have to go with wriggle nightbug.

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What place was Iku in the last popularity poll?

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I just checked and the one who is my favorite cause we share the same name is below "Moon Rabbits" "Crows" and other stupid things. Atleast better than "Large toad"

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ZUN really should make a game about the less popular characters.

Many of them deserve more love.

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Dunno if she would count as not so popular, but after what ZUN said...

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My favorite is Yuugi who was only #50 on the polls but she still seems fairly popular.

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whoops, #58, read the wrong one.

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Now that I think about it, Iku's life sounds really amazing.

Floating amongst the clouds with no worries or limits. Drifting where winds take you. Drinking with celestials and angels when she feels like it. Partying in heaven when bored.

That actually sounds better than being limited to small area that is Gensokyo.

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There is never enough Wriggle.

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I only seem to like (relatively?) unpopular Touhous.
I'm not even trying, it just ends up that way?

But if it's characters who are unpopular despite their roles, I guess Ichirin.

I mean I can see why non-game characters are unpopular for example, but Ichirin is a stage 3 boss, those are usually popular.

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I always thought Momiji wasn't very popular but it seems I'm wrong.
So I'll go with Hatate, Kyouko and Shou.

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For you, my good sir.

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I don't like this. Total dick move

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I believe hatato comes in second place.

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If Hina counts as popular, then my favorite is Yamame.

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I like you.

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My favorite Touhou is one of the ``not so popular'' ones.

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That Nightbug chap.

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-Kind; doesn't murder people, regardless of your interpretation of Gensokyo
-Her appearance is a perfect balance of absurdity: silly but not too ridiculous
-A theme so good, even IOSYS couldn't fuck it up

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I fucking love Yuugi.

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These two

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Letty, I want to sleep on her cold tits.

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That makes two of us.

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Tewi, someone posted mystia already and even though I don't like her (yet) I gotta admit her design is growing on me she's cute a fuck

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Keine-sensei, of course.

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haha! this is great!

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Eiki, if she counts. Then Iku, Yamame, and Yuugi after her, in approximately that order.

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This guy has good taste.
Shiki is my number one, if she counts. If not, then Iku, Hina and Kogasa in that order.

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I like blue reimu more than red reimu

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Some of them really suffer from not being in one of the main games.

I really hope Iku and Eiki will return as bosses in one of the future games.

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Yamame. I love spider girls.
And Eiki and the Aki sisters, though I forgot their names

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