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Hello, /jp/! How are you doing today?

This is a wonderful day, but every day is wonderful since we're still alive. I was greeted by the warm smile of the sun this afternoon and as it peaked through my windows and woke me up and then I knew that I had lived another day.

It's such a wonderful feeling to wake up. We're awake, we're alive, and we can do whatever we want, but I think I'll spend today with you, /jp/, because I love you.

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Motherfucking Komeiji Koishi comes to save the day.


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I could make a long post now about how I feel but instead I'll just outright say that today sucked.
At least you posted Koishi which slightly brightnened up my mood

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It's /jp/ related as long as I use a 2hu image.

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I love you too. I wanted to watch the sun rise today since I woke up around midnight, but a combination of black-out curtains and being engrossed in the VN I was playing made me lose track of time.

Now I'm just waiting to go back to bed, maybe I'll try to see it again. Maybe.

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Awww you are soo nice OP! i love you too~

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I realized today that almost all famous Japanese women look exactly the same to me and the only way I can tell them apart is by how fucked up their teeth are.

Is it because of the facial surgery or the make-up? I can tell regular Asian people apart, but the idols look so similar. The only way I can separate them is by remembering things like, "That one has the fucked up snaggletooth and the other one has a big space between her front teeth."

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Kunpai bitch.

The weather here was pretty shit, but overall, I love you to.

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great, now I NEED to watch the video again

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How do I fix my sleep schedule and internal clock?

The sun is an old friend that I do not get a chance to spend much time with. I see him when I go to sleep at 8:00AM and I see him when he is about to go to sleep at 5:00PM, which is when I wake up, but the sun sleeps during most of the day.

I wish I could at least keep the moon company, but many times the clouds are thick and keep us from seeing each other.

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that's because all the idols have make up to the n-th degree and are manufactured to hell and back. they're almost like plastic dolls. they're made that way because they're all trying to appeal to the same ideal of beauty.

i bet if you met real japanese women in the street they wouldn't be indistinguishable. sure, a lot of them would be ugly too.

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I woke up today feeling really energetic and cheerful. It usually takes me an hour or two to feel like this. After going out to water my herbs and seeing how my basil fell off the wall and down ~4 feet I ended up moving them closer to the ground, which happens to be in full sunlight. If they start to die I'll move them somewhere else. Luckily the grocery store nearby sells basil plants...

I also found my neighbor's basketball in my backyard so I threw it back over. I threw it to their front yard and it bounced off their house somewhere, and when I went out front to look for it I couldn't find it.

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Terrible thread and it's /jp/ - portal to Gensokyo Culture. Please don't make such threads.

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Today, I woke up feeling like absolute fucking shit. I'm on college finals and dear fuck they're really taking a toll on me. I've been doing nothing but coffee and cigarette to stay awake.

That was when it hit me: I can choose between sleeping in, skipping breakfast and feel a little bit less shitty the afternoon, or eat breakfast and feel less shitty in the morning.

However, at my internship place there's a vending machine that sells ham and cheese croissants, so if I ever needed to eat something I could just fetch it from the machine.

So I decided to sleep in a little bit.

And looks like I did the right thing, because I don't feel as spectacularly shitty as other days.

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I started my day off with a nice cup of poppy tea. I'll take a quick moment to thank my friends for this, it's because of their growth that I have the pleasure of being able to make such a wonderful drink.

Thank you, my friends. Please continue to grow well in my garden.

Bliss and happiness followed me throughout the rest of the day. I enjoyed playing several new games that I acquired these last few days and I got to play quite a bit of Little Busters.

My only complaint for the day is minor constipation. I have not used the restroom in about two days and I feel a little weighed down. I may treat myself to some prune juice later today and see if that aids their exit.

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you have to stay up for a whole day. next time, don't go to sleep at 8am like you usually do, but stay up through the entire day and into the evening. then around 10pm or so go to sleep. it'll be a tough day, and really hard to stay awake, but after you do it once you've already fixed your sleep schedule.

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Feeling Kimochi and kirameki in my hearto.

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Basically this. You don't have to do it all in one day though, if it proves to be exceedingly difficult. You can just go to bed a few hours later every day until you're about where you want to be. The important thing is sticking to that bed-time for it to really sink in, though.

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Thanks OP, I am feeling better now.