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i played embodiment for the first time today (my FIRST time playing a touhou game). i made it to level 5 on easy modo before running out of continues. any advice for a noob? i JUST learned holding shift makes dodging bullets easier. what's "skip"? also, how does grazing work?

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Dodge the bullets.
Shoot the girl to defeat her.

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Obvious troll is obvious.

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Obvious troll is painfully obvious.

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nope, not trolling, just a noob... but i could see how you could come to that conclusion... i sincerely have never played any touhou games, but i lurk here a lot and you guys talk about it nonstop

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Looks like you forgot your sage. Let me help you.

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There's an "invisible" box surrounding your character. Every time a bullet touches that box, you "grazed" that bullet.
"Skip"? I don't know what is that.
For advice, don't lose lives before Sakuya, and even then you can lose only two, and then none until Remilia appears and rapes you.
Play Perfect Cherry Blossom instead, or Imperishable Night. Both are easier than EoSD.

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Embodiment might be hard if you're first starting out. It's pretty tricky since it's missing a lot of features in the later games to help you out. Although some say this will spoil you when you actually play it, but it didn't cause me trouble. I think you should start with Perfect Cherry Blossom or Imperishable Night first. I started with PCB first personally, IN seemed a bit harder I'd say.

Also, prepare to be called newfag, cancer, summerfag, etc.

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Skip is for skipping the dialog...

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don't play in easy

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i noticed sometimes when i move to the top of the screen i collect all the powerups, and when i die i always launch a bomb right away to get my powerups back. i'm sure there's otehr tricks... "skip" is mapped to button 3 if you check in the controls section, but i'm not sure what that does or what "button 3" is.

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>i made it to level 5 on easy modo before running out of continues.

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I've never beaten a Touhou game before but I'd never stoop low enough to play on easy modo.

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>easy modo

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what do the little microchip looking things do?

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Touhou is fucking easy for an STG on normal and only a little difficult on lunatic.

You should just quit and leave if you can't even 1cc easy.

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This should help.

I recommend starting with normal, though. You won't learn much from easy.

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well first time thought i'm just learning *how* the game works. i've never played a manic shooter; closest thing was Raiden II at the arcade, which is an entirely different game

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ok i just beat it on hard. is it worth playing on "insane" or should i move to the next game?

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Did you use continues?

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yeah; two i think. special ending for no continues?

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