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Ara ara~did my little NEETiepoo have a rough day? Come cuddle with mommy and let her soothe your troubles away~

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Yes mama. You're so warm~

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Are you serious? Mom, is that really you?

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Sry toots I've got Tamamo to hang with.

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You are being lewd, I'm not comfortable with that.

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There, there, darling~
I'm sorry if Mommy scared you-she just wanted to make you feel nice and warm!

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Too fat.

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Oh sweetie, I know you're going through your rebellious stage, but please don't say such mean things to mommy!

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This thread is making me uncomfortable.

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Well... You're not looking fat now...

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mama ran, this feels wonderful

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My parents are having an argument. I wanted to do stuff with them today, but I'm going to have to put it off and now I'm frustrated.

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See darling, don't you feel better saying nice things to mommy? Mommy loves you.

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I... I love you too, mama Ran...

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I'm glad it feels nice, NEETiepoo! Mommy just wants to make you feel good~

Ara Ara~ I'm sorry to hear that darling! But even mommies and daddies aren't perfect and get upset sometimes.

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I'd rather go snuggle with little sister Chen

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Mama ran, I'm scared. I have to g-get a job or I'll starve to death and I know when I do I'll have to leave /jp/..I can't bear to leave this place, it is my only home!

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Can I touch your fluffy tail?

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Hello kids,It's your young, sexy grandma Yukari!


But does Chen want to cuddle with you? I doubt it.


We all have to grow up someday, brat! If you don't get a job, you don't deserve to eat!

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You're so mean, grandma Yukari..you're pretty like mama Ran but you aren't nearly as kind..

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Go away! You smell like old vegetables!

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She has good intentions.

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I know..I love her too, but she isn't very comforting. I almost feel bad for grandma because so many people are mean to her even though she means well.

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It's nice of you to say your grandma is pretty, but why should grandma be nice to a loser like you? You have to earn respect before grandma does anything for you!


You smell like a virgin, you little snot!

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What's that? Too scared of me becoming a wizard more powerful than you, hag?

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Can I cockslap you, obachan?

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Suck my cock, granny.

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grandma, that attitude is making me feel horny

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Are you implying that your penis is big enough to slap me with, boy?


Oh please, you know that 30-year-old-virgin-wizard thing is just an internet story to make losers like you feel better about themselves! If you really want to be a powerful sorcerer like your grandma, you have to work hard!


Y-your grandmother can't do something lewd like that!

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Of course, sweetie! Go ahead and cuddle with as many as mommy's tails as you want!

Oh, Momma Yukari, don't be so hard on my little darlings-they are trying their best everyday! We must support and love them!

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I'm working hard on keeping myself a virgin so that the REAL STORY with lots of EYE-WITNESS EVIDENCE to support it comes true.

It's... It's not easy keeping my lust at bay with a family like ours.

I'm talking about mama Ran, of course! What? You really thought meant you? All that make-up can't disguise the old! And I bet you thought this was a lewd story, too! Rotten on the outside and the inside too!

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Keep the role-playing to the fumo-threads, onegai~

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I see the way you look at me, junior. You think grandma hasn't noticed that lump in your pants whenever she bends over to pick something up?


You shouldn't tell your granny if the way she talks excites you or not-that's just rude and inappropriate! Go stand in the corner! I would give you a hard spanking to teach you, but I'm afraid that might just make things worse.

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go fuck yourself, onegaishimashu

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Do you have any sweets, that you can share with us?

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>You think grandma hasn't noticed that lump in your pants whenever she bends over to pick something up?

They do say old age makes people senile! Or maybe you've got cataracts. That would explain why you think you're so sexy.

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but I want to, couldn't hold it any longer so I just said it, talk more inappropriate, I love it

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I think I have some werther's candies in a pocket dimension somewhere around here...


Shut your mouth, brat. My vision is 20/20, and I know a boner when I see one!

I don't mean to be lewd, but look at how good your grandma still looks in her school uniform!

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It's your fault and you know it, because you do it on purpose, stupid sexy obachan

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You don't look good at all! I'm only drooling because I'm thinking of what I want for dinner!

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20/20 vision, huh? Then what does this board say? And you haven't seen a boner in decades!

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You goddamn brats are making me tired! Grandma needs a foot rub! And make it slow and medium-strong! make sure you work between the toes.

And don't you say my feet stink! They don't!


I do not.


You sure like fighting with your grandma. You know, they say that boys tease the girls they have crushes on! Don't expect any chocolate from me on Valentine's day though, kid!


D-don't look at your granny like that...

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Aren't you a little to old for those clothes?

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Guys, don't pick on grandma. She is a nice lady.

But footrubs give me boners and now I feel lewd and bad for thinking of grandma like that.

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I'm only arguing with you so you go away. You're the one who sticks to me like hot glue. Don't you think you sit too close for someone who despises me so much, old timer? There's no way I'm giving you a foot rub! I think it's obvious where the old vegetable smell comes from, now that you took out your shoes!

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c-can i l-lick them too?

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I almost forgot. And don't expect anything from me on white day, either!

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I'd love to rub them, I'll rub them as much as you want, however you want. Can I lick them aswell?

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Reported for roleplaying faggotry.

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You must be a fun person at parties.

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G-geez I didn't know kids liked giving footrubs so much these days! I don't like the idea of fueling you brats' sick little fantasies, but granny really needs her arches massaged! No licking! And no sniffing, either! You should be ashamed of thinking of your grandma like that!


I think they call this little act among kids "Tsun-dere" or something. Are you sure you don't just want a big hug and kiss from your grandma? Back in the day, your granny was a real go-getter, and she liked the feisty boys who played tough!

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In his defense, why would a /jp/er go to a party?

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Hypothetically, of course.

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There's no way I'm kissing you!! Don't be ridiculous! I'm not falling for your tricks!

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I want a kiss grandma!

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Thanks, I'll do my best. Can I get a hug and a kiss aswell? I love grandma.

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By the way, Chen made these cookies for you brats.

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Thats awesome, Chen.

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The middle one looks just like you granny!

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That's neat, I'd love the grandma one but I couldn't eat it ;_;

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Yeah, what with being bald and all.

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G-grandma? Where are you? I'm feeling lonely

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She has gone to bed. The elderly need there rest.

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Hah! Good riddance, I say!


I... I wonder when she'll wake up...

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b-b-b-but I want to talk with grandma more ;_;

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Why not stay and have a chat with mommy?

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You should clean your ears. That's a frighteningly big chunk of earwax you have there.

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Goodness! That's just the inner hair of mommy's ear. Touch it, and see for yourself. It is very soft and fluffy.

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That is... Really fluffy...

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I guess I could, mama ran is sweet and fluffy, may I touch fluffy tail?

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Of course! You can snuggle up and take a nap in mommy's big, fluffy tails.

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You shouldn't believe everything people write.

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>Ran 3D

I've seen quite a few screamer in my time, but this takes the cake. Good job.

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Can i rest my head on your lap?

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How does it feel to be a faggot newfriend?

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I want to nibble ran's ears

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stop that right now

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Everyone wants to do that.

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keep that faggot vernacular in facebook/reddit/tumblr

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After you learn to capitalize and punctuate.
No, actually, not even then. Fuck you.

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What I wouldn't do just to have a fondle of Rans mofu.

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doesn't yukari have a thing about being called old so she would not refer to herself as grandma? probably aunt or big sister or some shit instead.

>> No.8943581

i dont do that for worthless people

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secondary fanon bs

who is the artist for OP ran that is by fat the best Ran ever, i'm afraid you've activated my MOAR card.

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In time, you shall know no fear.

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Dearmybrothers. http://danbooru.donmai.us/post/index?page=1&tags=dearmybrothers

He mostly has a Ran-sama fetish but does art of other Touhous aswell.

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Is this guy demon wizard?
What kind of magic has he cast upon these images.
My body feels like it's melting, relaxing, and my heart aching looking at how he draws faces.

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You are just a super soft-hearted faggot inside.

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You're not alone, anon.

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Why would a demon need to practice human magicks?

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Maybe. But I can't let anyone know..
that these are the types of pictures i need to look at in order to sleep at night.

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Could you wrap me in the sweet embrace of your tails, mother?

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I fell asleep while reading this thread, and had a dream I was walking next to a big river and walked into Rans tails.
After we fell down I was on my bed on top of Ran humping her bare crotch while my face was on her shoulders and hands on her hair, which didn't seem to have those big ears. The softest of hair, only in a dream could you feel that.
I had to do the final few strokes of jerking myself off after waking up though. wish it would have been a wet dream.

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I don't know what's going on itt.

>> No.8944469

stop it you otakus

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You brats are still up? Granny had to take a nap-it's not easy keeping healthy when your thousands of years old.

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go to sleep already, old hag

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Grandma why do you hit mama ran that is not nice and it makes her tails less fluffy

>> No.8945035

Granny is gross.
Flabby butt and stomach, chunky thighs, your boobs are saggy too.

Aren't you embarrassed to go out in public?

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You brats are still up? Granny had to take a nap-it's not easy keeping healthy when you're thousands of years old.

I swear, Ran, you spoil these children-that's why they always turn out to be such big, oafish losers.

>> No.8945031

You just enjoy raping weak men don't you, Yukari-sama?
I'd soooo get revenge for them on you.....

>> No.8945049

I'd be tempted if you weren't posting shitty Ran pictures.

>> No.8945052


What? The Ran pictures in this thread are great, you asshomo.

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Watch your tongue.

>> No.8945101


Get a load of this faggot

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I don't hit her, boy. You're imagining things agian. Go play with your little dolls!


M-my butt, stomach and thighs are all very tight and supple! And my breasts do not sag whatsoever, you filthy brat! It's too bad a little boy like you can't differentiate between an attractive, full-bodied woman and a little girl! What are you gonna do after this anyway, go watch your little girl cartoons? Bah!

>> No.8945122

It's hard to tell if you're lying about your old body. My hands are finely tuned and experienced you know.
I volunteer myself to be a suppleness tester for your body. My body will be my tool, now prepare yourself for an extensive checkup.

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>M-my butt, stomach and thighs are all very tight and supple! And my breasts do not sag whatsoever

Oh really?
Then why don't you show us to prove it?

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Nice try, junior, but your grandma has been around the woods long enough to know when someone is trying to rape her!

Oh, and experienced? Hah! Maybe in swinging around your own rod when grandma and mommy aren't around, but I'd be shocked if you've fondled anything soft that wasn't a rolled up blanket you were thrusting into!


>> No.8945148

Why are you so scared of my penis? What a loser granny, scared of a little game of hide the wiener.

>> No.8945152

Grandma Yukari, what happened to grandpa?

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Oh, Yukari-sama! Please be nicer to our little NEETs, they've had a hard day and need affection to prepare to take on the challenges of tomorrow!

Would anyone like to practice kissing with Mommy?

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>Little did Anon know as he was actually his own grandpa through the use of gap fuckery

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I need to practice. Lots of practice, I've never actually kissed before...
And mama's lips look so soft, and your body so warm. I'm sure kissing you would be the best kissing in the world.

I'm actually having one of the worst days of my life, but kissing mama would make it tolerable.

>> No.8945217

Goddamn it mama, don't make me pin you to the ground and pork your aged cunt with my massive cock again.

>> No.8945233


Don't talk to mama like that!

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Ara ara~ Mommy will have to give you lots of extra special attention tonight, then~! Come lay next to mommy, we'll get started, until you're the best kisser a mother could ever want!


Ara ara~! I see someone is just a bit feisty and lewd tonight! Don't worry, Mommy still loves you!


It's okay darling, thank you for sticking up to momma, but sometimes boys just get all excited all of a sudden!

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Boy, I could never be scared of a little vienna-sausage wee-wee like that! You haven't grown a centimeter since you fell out of one of my portals as a newborn!


Uhh...Why don't you go play with your little sister Chen?

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Guys, stop roleplaying like this is amusing in any way.

>> No.8945253


>stop liking what I don't like guys!

>> No.8945274

I'm sorry you like roleplaying on imageboards. I'm sure if you search enough, you'll find one more appropriate than /jp/.

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no ims orrsrroy that i flike fuckin ur mom

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Ran is a super powerful fox deity who finds herself subservient to an even more powerful demon. She respects her boss' strength and dutifully swats away brats who aren't worthy to face her master. She flips her shit if you fuck with her underlings because they're also property of The Boss.

What is this "mama Ran" shit?

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>My autism cannot be penetrated by his mama ran shit-ran is powerful like my autism abilities-beware The Dark King of Autism

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>autism autism autism autismically autism.
>am I winning internet arguments yet?

Is this NEET mentality? Do those sad caricatures of human beings actually exist? I always thought they were allegories.

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Get the fuck out Yuugi, you're just drunk as always.