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In honor of her brutal ways, it's time for a Kisume thread. Evil and cute Kisume are both welcomed, as is anything in between.

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But it's Zelda not Kisume.

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It's Kisume and end of story.

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Where is the bucket?

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She must give amazing head.

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you dont even know who that head belongs to

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I'm not falling for your trap, demonic bucket.

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It's Kisume own head, ZUN said it don't bother him about it.

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Maybe things like that line about Kisume will make all the faggots realize that youkai are cruel man eating monsters.

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oh boy watch out guys we got a grimdarkfag up in this thread, shit's gettin' serious now.

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You'll regret it

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ZUN said it himself faggot. Youkai attack, eat, and despise humans. That's why Byakuren defends them.. Miko is the only one who realises what's what.

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Your first and foremost mistake is thinking all youkai have the same singular desire and they they are cruel. He ALSO said it him self that she doesn't even know what she's doing. Its no different from any animal's hunting habits, if you're going to call any race evil, look no further than your own. Its already known some youkai are the human eating sort, but never get to because the average human resident of gensokyo is a match for them.

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>He ALSO said it him self that she doesn't even know what she's doing. Its no different from any animal's hunting habits

So Youkai are feral animals with some higher-order thinking, enough to rationalize that their prey is "bad"?

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They eat people from outside of Gensokyo.

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Shut up.
He is trying to shit up the thread, and you are giving him attention.

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Let me say this again, he already stated that kisume doesn't realize what she's doing, argument over, we've been over this countless times before.

At that need be said is said, I'm done now.

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Cute Kisume isn't canon. Stop posting fanon garbage.

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Kisume is still cute, your point is invalid, go find some already off-topic thread to spam.

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>He ALSO said it him self that she doesn't even know what she's doing.

He actually said that HE doesn't know what she's doing.

...oh, I see. The same person who did that horrible Kyouko/Mystia article translation fucked this one up, too. Which is silly, since it was apparently fine before.

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so if a man eating animal is going around eating people, humans should just happily ignore it
it's not evil so we should let it kill us

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Because it isn't doing any killing, he says she would, but you can see she isn't doing a particularly good job of it.

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Brutally cute, then.

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Would you just die already?

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So like... is kisume part of the bucket or what?

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kisume is the bucket

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But she comes out of the bucket right? if I put her in another room and had sex with the bucket would she feel it? Or would I be putting splinters in myself for no reason?

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