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I saw a fragment of a japanese documentary about the place Higan is based on. It looked quite amazing.

Anyone know what that place is called?

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So anyways, why are her tits always so big?

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Found it, it's called Osorezan.


I remember NHK World had a short documentary about it where you could see it surrounded by those red flowers.

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She is very tall in canon. Tall women are rarely flat

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But that's wrong.

She wears very tall geta and carries a big scythe, that's why she seems tall and imposing.

She's not actually tall.

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But her description says that she IS tall and imposing.

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>Her tall geta and enormous sickle give her an imposing stature.

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This is most likely the reason for her boobs.

Same happened to Yuyuko.

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i'm only 173cm

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By tall maybe she is like 182cm?

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If Yuugi is that height, i can at least believe it. I see Komachi is around 170 something

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Komachi is pretty cool

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Komachi is a pretty cool gal, she has a big scythe, a cool boat, and likes to take it easy

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And hunt hermits.

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That's not cool though.

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Can you hunt hermits?

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But Komachi is not the type of shinigami that hunts hermits! Or at least I think so. Last I checked, the shinigami that come to hunt hermits are the ones from hell, and komachi is the type of shinigami that deals with the Sanzu river transportation.

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You mean dueling. With honorable terms.

If she was really hunting hermits she would ambush her in sleep. Or on toilet.

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I wouldn't be so sure about that.

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I loved playing her in Soku.

Then they made those stupid changes and she's no longer enjoyable...

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I can't decide who I love more.
The lazy, hedonistic Komachi
The cool, playful, big sis Komachi
or the badass don't-fuck-with-me Komachi

I guess it would have to be the one with the biggest tits.

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All of those can be true depending on her mood.

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There really are a lot of characters like this in Touhou. Lets try to think of all the characters with nice tits who can switch between being playful with adorable quirks to being a frightening badass.

Byakuren? (wouldn't really call her playful)

Hmm, seeing a lot of milfs in this list...

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Komachi is not a milf, not a loli or a student =/= milf.

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Huh, never thought of Kanako as playful myself.

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That's true. To everyone she seems pretty serious and conniving. I just get distracted with non-canon interactions between her and Suwako.

Also need to add Meiling to the list. She fits the description.

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Nobody likes Meiling though

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Fuck you I like both! And not because they are tall redheads with huge tits! I like them for their....their.... poor work ethic and tendency to sleep on the job?


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I always thought she was one of the more popular characters.

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I'd say Meiling is in the same boat as Okuu, more or less. The only ones I can see being on that >>8942434
list are Yukari, Yuyuko, and possibly Yuugi. Maybe Eirin, but she's more like Hijirin.

Unrelated, I hate that gay wavy shit Komachi's scythe does. She's still cool, but Elly is superior.

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Yeah I thought about Eirin, but she is too stoic like Byakuren.

So for the "cool playful big sister with large breasts who can be a scary badass" list we have Komachi, Yukari, Yuyuko, Okuu, Yuugi, and Meiling.

I might be tempted to add Yuuka, but she is portrayed in so many its hard to tell.

Seiga? Though she seems less sisterly and more slut. Also not sure about being a badass.

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Those are some horrible proportions...

But I also love both of them.

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Yuuka always seemed more like the polite and classy type to me. She just has extreme anger management issues.

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I also like both because I can relate to being lazy and having a poor work ethic.

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Yeah to me Yuuka has always seemed like a very refined jar containing nitroglycerin inside. Seems lovely on the outside, but if you tip it over you'll die horribly.

So less "big sis" and more "classy single woman from down the street who is probably super kinky being closed doors."

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This thread needs more Komachi

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A natural beauty

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Komatits indeed.

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Eh, I was about to post that one. Oh well

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Read the global rules.

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Posting 3d flowers. Lovely.
https://www.google.ru/search?q=彼岸花 > pictures

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Lycoris Radiata, common name spider lily. The Spider lily is commonly associated with death in Japanese culture, for what reasons I'm not quite sure off hand. Really beautiful flowers I must say. I used to have some at my old house along with my Cleomes

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Okuu is flat though.

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But all the fan works. There is no way they could be wrong!

What did that new release from ZUN say or show? I haven't seen it yet.

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Its bulb is poisonous so it was planted in graveyards to keep burrowing animals from eating corpses.

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I guess that's one way to get to the root of the problem

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(ysy)s Okuu has the biggest tits for no apparent reason other than just because.

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wtf am I looking at? dear gods...

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see >>8942114

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Well still, that could be before she leveled up in power and gained breasts.

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What are you implying with this picture?

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[touhou] has [body part]

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See how round her blouse bulges out in a circle around the eye? There are some breasts under there.

I mean they aren't this big, but they are certainly there.

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Almost all touhous are canon flat. Doesn't mean we cant enjoy the big tit fan art. Just as long as you remember its not canon sadly.

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Imply what you want with this canon picture.
But where's the atom of her left leg?

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Canon based on who's art? ZUN's? He just can't draw tits.

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I find this way of thinking really stupid

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Well its true, ZUN's art is horrible. He pretty much forms the template of the character, and lets all the fans flesh them out.

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