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How do you know that you don't want a relationship if you've never been in one?

If you have been in a relationship before then aren't you too normal to be on /jp/?

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I haven't tasted my shit but I still know I don't want to eat it.

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I have been in a relationship and I learned from the experience. To be honest I think "kissless virgins" have no right to whine. You hate women for being whores or whatever, yet you have never been in a relationship? And you're upset about it? What?

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Delete your thread and get out.

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I fucked around with a girl in 6th grade. That's it.

In my mid-twenties now, am I still too normal for this place?

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I was in an online relationship with a girl, most terrible thing ever.

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I've been in relationship and it was nice. Too apathetic and depressed nowadays to care about anything though

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Why don't you kill yourself, there's no negative feedback about it so it must feel good, go try.

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What sensory experience have you had with people that makes you dislike the idea of a relationship?

You smell your poop and the scent keeps you from eating it. Do you have a problem with the way humans smell?

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If you had odorless shit, would you eat it?

I wouldn't put it past you, you fucking idiot.

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I wonder if that guy ever gets bored of wanking.

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ive been asked out three times in real life and said no each time :)
its too much stress seriously.. youd have to worry about them cheating on you.. just take it easy...!!!!

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Do people in Yorkshire say t'?
Like "I'm going to t'shops to pick up t'paper"?

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>online relationship

That's not a real relationship.

It's like blind folding yourself and playing a video game and then saying you played a video game.

Online relationships are almost entirely through text, you can't touch them, you can barely talk to them, it's all in text so they are able to selectively show you the parts of their personality that they want, and neither party will ever feel that the person is entirely 'real' when they have only ever spoken with them over the internet so it's more likely that they will treat you like shit and not feel bad about it. Same reason you can blow off an NPC's head and not even blink, but probably couldn't aim a gun at someone in real life.

People are just nicer outside of the internet.

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Look how childish you are, /jp/.

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I've had 2 and they just weren't for me. It's just not that great at all. It's not like I can't make friends, in fact I used to have a few, it's just that I don't want to. Is this too hard for you to comprehend Mr. Normalfag?

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I forgot to mention I eventually met her in person where she broke my heart.

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Does he live in Yorkshire?

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I'd like a non-physical relationship with someone who shares my personality traits. Not just a friendship though. Basically the emotional intimacy of a romantic relationship but without the lewdness and four worms rubbing together.

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The same reason I know I don't want to stick my hand in a fire, despite not having ever done so.

"A Wise Man Learns by the Mistakes of Others, a Fool by His Own"

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It's more like, "Am goin' t' shop t' pick up' paper". And yes, whole words have been elided.

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And Tokiko thought ey lived in Nottingham.

Anonymous does what Tokikon't.

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I was a normal, but in the closet nerd growing up. When I finally graduated high school I turned truNEET for like 4 years.

I had normal relationships growing up, but once I cut off interaction with the world outside of my room, I became very self conscious and obsessed with things.

I eventually ended up having an online relationship with a trap for almost a full year, we even got on voice chat and talked dirty to eachother while we masturbated and that was very first "true love". Luckily, that was years ago so I'm over it.

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Never met a female that wasn't a harpy. I live in the projects though.

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It still all goes back to the core problem with online relationships. Even if you meet in person, up until that point the entire relationship is almost totally imaginary. Most of the time all you will ever do is send text based messages, there's no way to tell tone or facial expression or touch them or anything that makes socialization feel real. You fill in the blanks with your mind and both people end up creating these idealized personas in their head of what the other person is like.

Eventually you meet in real life and reality sinks in, you realize this person isn't nearly as amazing as they seemed when you were basically imagining them the whole time, and the relationship inevitably crumbles. Either that or they're crazy. I don't know why, but girls on the internet just seem to have a few screws loose. Something about the internet and online dating attracts crazy chicks.

Expectations are just so unrealistically high in any online relationship. They're bad news. Terrible way to date.

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How horrifying, I live in Yorkshire too, doushiyou?

I live in an area where they don't miss out quite as many letters when they go to the shop though, so I should be safe. Or at least I don't think they do, It's been a while since I talked to anyone outside.

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My nephew kept trying to touch the stove when I told him not to. Eventually I let him. Naturally he burst into tears and he will never touch the stove ever again, and he's learned to listen to me more.

Fuck this modern NEVER DO ANYTHING bullshite. It's not a good way of learning. Don't go out and kill yourself, but sometimes experiencing something is useful, even if it's just to confirm you do dislike that thing.

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I actually respect /jp/ers who have been in relationships more. Too many people try to out-do each other. "Oh I knew I wasn't a normalfag when I was 8, and I became a shut-in at the age of 12." So what? Go outside, you might like it.

Now people who have BEEN normalfags then rejected it for something better, those are people I can get behind.

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You got me at the crazy part, she was absolutely crazy.
It was so nice to be able to hold her hands and hug

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rofl yeah some do mostly working people or chavs
i dont though my accent is pretty posh sounding tbh
people who have a heavy yorkshire accent really.. ugh its not good.. where i live most people are posh sounding..
i used to have friends withan accent and i would use an accent with them for some reason

my ip address goes to nottingham but i dont live there i think thats just where my isp is or something lol

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Was she an evil flying almond?

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if you read that thread you will see loads of jpers live in yorkshire
so weird huh

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If you have been in at least one or two relationships and you know that you hate the whole thing then it's perfectly fine to be a truNEET.

If you have never been in any relationship at all and you still say that you hate people, you hate relationships, and you never want anything to do with them then you're probably just a coward. Avoiding what you're scared of by hiding behind sweeping generalizations and stereotypes.

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Speak with a Yorkshire accent you fucking faggot. I hate it when people live in an area and they actively try to avoid the accent. Perhaps you're ashamed of the area or don't want to be associated with the lower classes, but don't talk in RP when you live in fucking Middlesbrough or wherever.

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Isn't that a dog's breed...?

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This. I have been in a successful, loving relationship with an attractive person. I have had sex. But ultimately, I hated it. If I met an alternate-universe me where I am a kissless virgin and he sat there whining on /r9k/ about how he hates woman and doesn't want to be a normalfag, I would punch him in the face. Ignorant faggot.

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no, just a dirty lying whore.

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but no one around me has an accent either ?
only the poor district in my town has people with an accent and even then its barely noticable

im not going to put on an accent i dont have just to sound poor?
you are pretty stupid (no offense)

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Funny, I grew up in middlesbrough and no one had a really strong yorkshire accent there. It's not a case of actively trying to avoid it.

If you want Middlesbrough lower class, they'd speak like a chav - not a classic, strong yorkshire accent.

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Is it true that british people really eat spotted dicks and say wheelie bins instead of trashcans?

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Isn't that a dog's breed...?

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I thought it was a type of pudding.

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But a wheelie bin isn't the same thing as a trashcan, that would be a dustbin.

And spotted dick with custard is delicious.

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>If you want Middlesbrough lower class, they'd speak like a chav - not a classic, strong yorkshire accent.
yea pretty much the same where i live too :)

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We don't have trash cans, wheelie bins are different. Namely, they're not cans and they have wheels.

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Isn't that a dog's breed...? wwww

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We have the same thing though. It looks identical and it has wheels, but we call them trashcans. We also call the other kind of trashcan a trashcan though, the ones that are cans and don't have wheels.

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it is

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a wheelie bin is for a bin that is on wheels its liek a wheel barrow but a giant bin.. everyone has a brown lidded bin that you are meant to put eco waste in like grass and stuff i think

ive never had spotted dick because i hate raisens

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>Not even aiming for trips
>Off-by 1
The NSJ is going to leave this post alone now just to laugh at me


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Anyone want an /jp/ meetup? NW England master race only.

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It is. But not in the sweet sense. We have a very broad idea of what counts as a "pudding", pic related.

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I don't want a relationship because I don't have the will or desire to get one, and I don't get sad because I don't have one. I'm also too complicated to be with someone at this moment.

>Implying someone would want me.

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I have so much trouble imagining English /jp/ posters.

I just can't fathom it. When I picture an English person I picture this incredibly suave and witty guy with dashing good looks and always has a sarcastic comment to say with everything.

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I would, if I could get the money.

BakaBT had a meetup in York. I considered going, but chickened out.

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>I'm also too complicated

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Weird. I picture disgusting, idiotic Chavs and filthy islam immigrants

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People look like this in Yorkshire. They're all over 50 and wear flat caps and talk about going to t'pub to get t'pint down themsen.

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Get back 2 eating crumpets filthy Englishans

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But that is /jp/, minus the shitposters and neofriends.

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As an English /jp/ poster, you couldn't be further from the truth.

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I know exactly what you mean. That's why I just want a lewd /jp/er to stick his cock in me on a regular basis, with no strings or drama attached.

I think /jp/ has turned me bisexual to be honest.

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>Not in the sweet sense

You've never had yorkshire puddings with strawberry jam? You're missing out anon.

Well, we've got the sarcasm nailed down at least.

Also, shame on you people promoting meetups, that better be ironic shitposting at work.

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You can go be normalfag somewhere else

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I like foreign stereotypes of us because they're always off the mark, or they miss how varied England really is. For such a small place, we have a ton of different accents, classes, social groups, etc. Makes me wonder what other non-American countries are like compared to how I view them.

American stereotypes seem to be pretty spot-on though. I travelled America and the media had prepared me for every type of person I met. It was uncanny, and kind of refreshing.

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I always pictured english people as ugly inbred island monkeys with shitty skin, disgusting accent, who spend all day drinking beer, eating greasy food and watching soccer on the telly.

Or maybe these were the americans. Whatever, no difference.

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It's as ironic as your mom's cock lust.

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Well done guys, you managed to turn an /r9k/ thread into a /soc/ thread in under 100 posts. Be proud of yourself neo-neo-/jp/ers!

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>You've never had yorkshire puddings with strawberry jam?

What the fuck is wrong with you?

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South Brasil is like Yurop


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Where can I find more of this trap?

>> No.8931605

I am not even sure whether I am on >>>/soc/ or >>>/r9k/.

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take your hurt butt back to

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Fuck off, Yama. South is shit.

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North East England > East Midlands > North West England > Yorkshire and the Humber > West Midlands > South West England > East of England > South East England > Greater London.

>> No.8931617

Madjelly flathead subhuman from the northern wastelands detected.

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suck le dick brosky

back 2 ur normalfag beachs

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When I was fourteen there was a slut who seemed to take interest in me. Out of bordeom and "why not?" I humored her and went on a date. I fingered her in the public library in a chair there on the first date, and never spoke to her again. She taught me that sluts are bad, and I never want to be in a relationship with a a girl even somewhat like her again.

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I'm not sure, my friend.

Anyone live in this area? I want a /jp/ boyfriend ;_;

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Sup Northeastern subhuman

>> No.8931623

Denmark > Any England

>> No.8931625

How could we want a relationship when normal interactions to those 3dpd annoys us in the 1st place?

You won't buy a dog as a pet if you are afraid of it, don't you?

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omg bro epic u fukn told us : )) hope we can get up to this kinda epic trolling at teh meetup :P

>> No.8931630

>You won't buy a dog as a pet if you are afraid of it, don't you?
Fuck no. Dogs are so shitty compared to cats.

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this thread gave me cancer
I hope you are happy OP

and so does my blood-line ends

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>afraid of it

And this is the problem. If you avoid everything that you're scared of then you're going to miss a lot of opportunities to be happy.

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It's an old, and admittedly odd way of eating them. My great grandmother used to enjoy eating surplus ones from sunday dinner like that.

You're clearly too young to appreciate and take advantage of prior generations wisdom.

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Aren't you the guy that has a girlfriend in Japan?
Oh wait, you're just a loser that bullshits on /jp/ when he worship some sluts.

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go back to your FREEZER fucking subhuman

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