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I want to try and make a short 2000 words VN. It will be utter shit but I just want to train.
I need ideas for such a short VN.
Please post a short concept so I can steal it. No matter how ridiculous. In fact, I want something groundbreaking.
It won't have routes or dating sim elements. Maybe different endings.

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wth @ pic
did she explode?

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They're all pretentious. Maybe One Week is not, but I won't use it either.
Also they're already written, I just want the concept, not the entire story.
I'm looking for something like punching people into venetian doors.

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>I'm looking for something like punching people into venetian doors.

I loved that copypasta.

Do you like computers?

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>Do you like computers?
I like computers.
What do you have in mind?

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Write a story set in 2600 when some sort of apocalyptic event caused technology to regress. People live in slums and trade diskettes filled with ANSI porn. Bandwidth has become the standard currency.

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The sky is falling.

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I want to build a VN engine, what I'm most curious is how do you do the layout of stories? Flowcharts?

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oh shit, how did she get the bloodstains out of her clothes

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lol wtf? the japs read from bottom to up? o,0

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>Bandwidth has become the standard currency.

not the one you're replying to, but bandwidth wouldn't make a good currency because only ISPs would have it. It'd make for a good despotism if you can think of a way for internet usage to be a necessity, but you're going to need to find something else for a currency

unless when you said bandwidth you meant storage space.

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Well obviously it would have to be in some other form, either physical or electronic.

Perhaps the local government/thugs control the pipeline, and internet usage is so necessary that bandwidth cards are the biggest commodity. Maybe work in some preachy dialogue on how we care about the internet too much.

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The fly fishing assassins, masters of the deadly art of murder with a fishing pole.

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Ok, I've already begun, but keep the ideas coming they may still fit right in.
I'm doing the art with my shitty paint skills.

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A VN about a little girl in medieval europe.
The only thing that keeps her going in these cruel times are her faith in god, and one day when she goes to pray in a forest a angel appears in front of her and rapes her

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A female angel, right?

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Yeah why not.
You might aswell let her get raped by god himself who is a women then

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different endings with 2000 words total?
might as well be a story about some guy choosing between jelly or peanut butter for breakfast

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Already past the 1000 words mark.
It's going to be hard to keep this under 2000 ;_;

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Write one about sucking cock.

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The script is finished. It really is some horrible shit.
But I have to start somewhere.
Now it's time to cook up some bad art. This will make you eyes bleed guaranteed. DA shit tier quality.

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Cant wait.

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This shit better get stickied when it's done.

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P-please wait warmly!

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Oh god my thighs are burning with excrement.

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All character sprites completed. Quality character design right here!
Time to code. Will make download and filter the backgrounds in a moment too.
Please play it when it's ready.

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It's taking me a bit longer than expected... is anyone going to play it? the thread is very quiet.

Okay, here's something: if you respond with a title, I'll make it the official title for the VN. First one to respond with a title wwins.

please respond

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"Rita Please Respond"

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Is the OP image from a VN?

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I'm just bored enough to play it.

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Hidoi... why "Rita"?

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Yep I'm just refreshing the thread hourly. Can't wait. This kind of stuff is my favorite.

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I love the /jp/ who is creative!

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I am so sorry. I underestimated the time it would take me to actually put all the resources into a script.
It's my first time using Ren'Py after all.
I don't think I'm going to be able to stay up much more time. My eyes are closing on its own. I promise I'll try to finish it tomorrow.
I wanted to release it today no matter what ;_;
But it's impossible...
As a gift, I'll put in an omake. Please wait for it.

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The story is set 10 years in the future.
You meet a girl.
You have sex with said girl.
She turns out to be a robot.

This sounds shit,
but your writing and character creating skills are what really matter.
The plot being simple is a good idea for a VN.

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Well I'll look forward to it then. Good luck.

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It wold have been easier with novelty.

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So, where is it? Don't tell me you sleep more than 13 hours a day?

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Rita will never respond, the project will never be released.

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No; don't give up. This is the project that will pierce the heavens.
I'll wait for you forever Rita!!!

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You are the heroine. In a rape oriented nukige. You watch as the evil pervert tries to blackmail you.

How would you handle it?

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Blush, ahegao, "iiiiyaaaaa kimochiiiiii."

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Report it to the police. I am a pure little girl, it is impossible he has anything at all that will ever have enough leverage to work as blackmail against me.

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Working on it again, sorry for the wait.
Let's script!

You won't have to wait forever!

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Looks complicated! editing a text file is easier

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The fight is harder than expected, but I'm not giving up. I'm learning a lot about the process; I have the first scenes working already.
It should go way smoother now that I understand how ren'py works. I decided on NVL mode and support for it is limited.
I thought creating the actual content would be harder and more time consuming, but I overstimated my ability to wrap code around them fast enough.
Wait for it please...

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If you're low on energy, I can help if you'd like. Suckle on my dick anon. Feed.

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58% completed. Time to sleep, this is tiring...

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I'm definitely willing to wait. I'll keep monitoring the thread.

We're cheering for you!

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OP, my loins have been waiting warmly for some time now. But I will be patient and hold it in, for you.

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I should be doing my reps, but instead I'm staring at this page with my finger on f5. Please OP deliver me from the agony of waiting!

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I'm cheering for you OP!
Have been watching the thread since yesterday, I seriously commend you for having the effort and courage to do this and post about it on /jp/. We all know we need some delicious OC...

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W-wow. It's pretty cool seeing it taking shape, even though it's going to be shit.
It has music now.

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I have to leave for a bit. It cannot be helped. Anon, can I count on you to bump this thread while I'm away?

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I'll be waiting for you.

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Somewhat on topic, what happened to that /jp/ mansion VN someone was making sometime last year? The story was about some /jp/ers who applied on /jp/ to become little girls and live in a mansion together, a couple of chapters were released but I've not seen anything since. Hopefully someone knows what I'm on about.

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Been reading that VN long ago, it was kinda good.

Sadly no more info about it...

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I think I may have overhyped myself on this. Like I'm really excited.

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On an unrelated note:
That girl got sliced through like a hot knife through butter!
What novel is that from? looks like a good read.

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Keep in mind that it will be shit, just that...

someone please bump till OP arrive!

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Youmu, how did you get so big?

>> No.8942134

corn bread

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Sement injection in the ass.

>> No.8942245

A mix between ``semen'' and ``cement''?

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so soft (´・ω・)

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Anon, you... you kept bumping my thread. I'm so glad...

As anon has said, it will be shit! also, very short...
but I'll finish it.
Working on it again now.

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Glad to hear that, I'm supporting you anon!

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It's not so much that I want to play a decent VN. There are plenty of those.

I'm just excited to see what you've made. I love amateur drawings and projects.

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Time to sleep.
I didn't have much time today so it's only at 72%.
I can't wait to wake up and keep working on it.

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Do you still have a copy lying around your computer that you can upload?

Also bump for awesome OP

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How was it called, /jp/ mansion?

Can't find it, sorry.

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It was actually called /jp/ manor I just realised, sorry.
Here it is -
It was only 3 chapters long, and (hopefully) everything is included in that .rar
I just checked the archives and it seemed the guy making it dropped it after 3 chapters despite being unfinished because he felt too much pressure to write something decent. Ah well.

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>I just want to train
I feel you, brother.

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Time to work on this crap

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Thanks so much man
Downloading now and it should be fine but will report back once I get it running

Good morning OP! You can do it!
>OP does his best and is now preparing. >Please watch warmly until it is ready.

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I have to leave again. I wish I could stay here all day coding this thing ;_;
I'm making steady progress though. I have figured out most effects and I'm adding the backgrounds and music as I code the script. I'm a bit sick of reading the same parts over and over, but it cannot be helpde.
I'll be able to give a solid estimation on the release date tonight, stay tuned!

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Looking forward to it. Don't let the man keep you down.

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I have to go to sleep immediately today.
I'm sorry for taking so long.
I will try my best to finish before saturday. See you tomorrow

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Wait wait wait wait! Good luck.

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>>Asking /jp/ and not just browsing /tg/ to see what crazy things they shit out on a regular basis

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Who are you quoting, sperglord?

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It's that time of the day again!! 2000 words seemed so little, but adding all the "kinetic" elements is really increasing the size of the script, it's already at almost 3500.

I don't browse other boards... I only want ideas from /jp/

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Why is he holding his saxophone wrong?

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>It will be utter shit but I just want to train.
If you just want to practice writing, why don't you just write instead of worrying about the VN parts? Until you develop the writing capability from years of practice, there's really no point in putting all that effort into making a VN out of it.

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OP reminded me that I need to start writing again.

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Picked it up again! let's code code code

I don't want to be a writer. I have no pretentions, and I want to make a VN right now, with /jp/, not years in the future.

I'm learning a lot so I'm happy. And it's fun.

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How much is left OP? (estimated percent maybe?)

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An anti-social, unattached sort of guy who thinks he's brimming with talent even though his grades suck and all he does is waste time. In reality, he has a terribly high IQ, but hinders himself in the various philosophies he creates in his mind. One day, he decides to do something about it.

Run with this. I guess.

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Is this your self-insert or something?

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I think it's hovering 80%. I am making these calcultations by how many words are left without code, adding the "art" and the actual writing as huge % chunks too.
I intend to give it a huge push tomorrow (not mmuch time left today), so it's going to be finished either friday night or saturday at most.
IN FACT if I somehow fuck up and don't have it finished by Sunday 00:00, I will wrap it and release it anyway, no matter the state of it.
It's very short anyway. .

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Stories were meant to copy people, right?

>> No.8952766

>One day, he decides to do something about it.
Suicide: the VN

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I still want to know whether the OP image is from a VN or not.

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Ohayo again
Final lap!

>> No.8955133

Go OP!
I'm impressed you took on this project, can't wait to play it.

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Yes yes yes! This week of hard work will be worth it when you see out smiling faces.

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Fumo dating sim

>> No.8956292

Looking forward to this :3

>> No.8957290

Hahahaha. I'm not sure about the smiling part.
I'm finishing it, ready by tomorrow for sure.

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Time to sleep... I still have to finish some hard parts. The "endings" and some rough edges.

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