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hello my fellow NEET.
How many of you are up at this time? (4:09 EASTERN)
What do YOU do all night?

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Mindlessly refresh /jp/ and watch MADs on nico.

PSO2 is also in the mix right now.

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anybody do drugs?
I'm curious as to how a NEET would pass time. Back when I was NEET, I would abuse Robitussin, triple Cs and do E.
I'd hang out with my cousin and try to play touhu when we weren't partying.

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nothing of particular interest

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was on youtube
found a really nice song and firefox crashed
history cleared and i forgot name

i will find it again someday

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Browse /jp/, looks for video games to download (that I won't play for months), read up on random things I come across online. I finished Yume Nikki 3 nights ago after putting just under 589 hours into it over a long period of time.

Your life sounds absolutely horrible now and in the past.

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oh man, I had the same thing happen to me. It was a song in a mod for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. in one of the bars. I'll never find the song.

Listening to music and drawing.
I just wish my stuff was good.

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I did some stuff...

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well, I didn't lead a healthy life style but it was fun. Now I'm no longer NEET and I stopped using drugs. I now feel like a slave.

Such is life.

I'm still trying to figure out /jp/ so please forgive the apparent newness.

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before this turns into a blog, I wanna get back on track. I haven't had any sleep.
I'm just curious as to what people do late at night.
And the life of a NEET is just...alluring.

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I hope you know that youtube stores history of viewed videos.

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>I'm just curious as to what people do late at night.
Same thing people do in the day time just there's no people around so you can masturbate easier and such.

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i noticed like 2 mins after i posted!
but didnt want to make another post

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What song was it?

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Everyone leads different lifestyles, I just see no value in anything other than being a shut-in NEET Maybe if you keep up being normal you'll get used to it and it won't feel so slave-like.


Really a NEETs life can either be interesting or boring. Some are like me and learn new facts and practice useless skills along with typical /jp/ stuff. But then there are those who don't do much outside sleeping and /jp/. Not that they're worse, but they don't do as much so they live less 'eventful' lives.

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hey moetron, do you play any vidya games

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I'm up so late because I'm at work. Gotta have something to pay for me being NEET by day.

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Finishing up Bakuman since it's finally over.

Why the fuck does everyone yell so much?

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Yeah, I'm up late because I work nights. Gota get used to working nights EVERY OTHER WEEK since I get switched a lot.

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What jobs do you guys each have?

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So that's where those laughing whores are from.

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I just fart around the place.

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Nakai will get his revenge come Comiket.

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You know them rubber tubes that you run over randomly on the road? They count cars. I put those down. Dangerous work but its good pay. Still, as previously stated, I feel like a slave. I'd like to go back to doing drugs. I can't afford to be NEET anymore.


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You know those paper wrappers that you always see on straws? They protect your straw from germs. I put those on. Dangerous work but its good pay.

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You're a braver man than I

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You made me smile.
I'll think about that while I dodge traffic

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What happens if you get hit?
I assume you signed your rights to sue the company and get compensation for injuries away.

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no, its more along the lines of sue the idiot who hit me and the idiot partner who was supposed to have my back as I nail the tube on the ground.
Usually, when we do these things police block the traffic so IF they run the blockade and I get hit there's already a cop car behind him.
One day I will have enough saved to become NEET.

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I got drunk and played the first Red Orchestra while listening to Taiko drums. Good times.

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Oh yes, Red Orchestra. I forgot I owned that game. Good times, poker night is something special.

Well, this staying up has made me nauseated, I'm out.

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i was playing just cause when you said that but it wasnt v good

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I ate a bowl of cereal, browsed /jp/, played utawarerumono, and now I'm dong my anki reps.

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Good job. You have many? What decks do you have?

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I just got done playing Dodonpachi Daioujou and now I'm downloading House of the Dead 4.

I think I will play Binary Domain while I wait, because my connection is slow.

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one for remembering the kanji which I stopped keeping up with about 4 months after I finished it. My other one is for sentences, it had over 1200 cards in it but I deleted them all because I got depressed and didn't do any reps for a while and had about 600 cards due.

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That's too bad about the sentences deck. I have an RtK and a sentences one as well. I'm using core6k. I'm up to about 2000, but I stopped adding more as I felt that I wasn't learning readings as well as I should be. Considering starting RtK 2 or something. Was yours manually compiled, or were you using something pre-made?

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I downloaded the RtK deck and compiled my own sentence deck.

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